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NET WORTH: $25 Million

Brendan James Fraser: George of the Jungle.

Brendan James Fraser: George of the Jungle.

Brendan James Fraser is an American actor. He was born on 3 December 1968. He was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States of America. He played the role of Rick O’Connell in the first three parts of The Mummy series. He is also known for his roles in the movie, Encino man, George of the Jungle, Looney Tunes: Back in action, Journey to the centre of the earth and Inkheart. He has also appeared in the movies- Gods and the Monsters, The quiet American, Crash and Gimme Shelter.


The Mummy's Ricl O'Connell - Brendan Fraser

The Mummy’s Rick O’Connell – Brendan Fraser

Fraser has parents of Canadian descent. He has three older brothers- Kevin, Regan and Sean. His family moved to America when he was very young. The family lived in Eureka, California, Seattle, Ottawa and Switzerland. He used to attend the theatre as a teenager. He decided to scrap the idea of graduating and rather joined a production company.He first acted in the movie, America’s most wanted. He portrayed the role of the friend of the murder victim, Rodney Mark Peterson. He then appeared in the movie ‘School ties’ alongside Matt Damon. In 1994, he appeared in the movie ‘Airheads’ alongside Adam Sandler. He also appeared in the movies ‘The Scout’ and ‘With Honors’. Alongside Ashley Judd and Viggo Mortenson he appeared in the movie, The Passion of Darkly Noon. In 1997, he appeared in ‘Twilight of the Gold’s’.  His first commercial blockbuster was ‘George of the Jungle’. After that, he appeared in a few comedy movies such as Dudley do-right. He did a few dramatic films as well such as Gods and Monsters and The Quiet American. ‘Gods and Monsters’ was based on the life of James Whale. His biggest commercial success so far has been The Mummy. Both The Mummy and The Mummy Returns were a huge box office success. In 2004, he acted in the award winning movie, Crash. In 2006, he was inducted in the Walk of Fame of Canada. He is the first United States-born actor to receive the honor. He, after a 6 year break, appeared in the sequel of The Mummy- the Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Jet Li played the role of Emperor Han. In 2010, Brendan Fraser starred in the drama Extraordinary Measures. Fraser starred in a play, “Brick”, and it received excellent reviews from critics. He also acted in ‘Whole Lotta Sole’ which was directed by Terry George. He will now appear in the movie, The Legend of William Tell: 3D.


Brendan James Fraser with his ex-wife.

Brendan James Fraser with his ex-wife.

In 1993, Fraser met an actress named Afton Smith. He married her on 27 September 1998. The couple has 3 sons. Later, the couple decided to divorce. Fraser resides in Kent. Fraser appealed to the court, in 2013, to reduce his child-support alimony. His ex-wife accused him of hiding his financial assets. Brendan can speak French really well. He is also an amateur photographer.  He is a member of the board of directors for FilmAid International. He has used many Polaroids in movies and plays; One of them being on ‘Scrubs’.  In a book named ‘Collectors guide to Instant Cameras’, a reference to Fraser has been made.


Brendan James Fraser is an extremely famous and rich actor. He has garnered a net worth of $ 20 Million with important roles in the movies such as George of the Jungle, The Mummy e.t.c. He dropped out of college to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. It was indeed a commendable initiative. He is known for his brilliant acting skills. He acts in many plays and T.V. shows as well.


“Most people go, I wish for world peace. But chaos has a place in balancing out the light and the dark in the world. I don’t know if I would wish for world peace.”

“I’m starting to judge success by the time I have for myself, the time I spend with family and friends. My priorities aren’t amending; they’re shifting.”

“I guess darkness serves a purpose: to show us that there is redemption through chaos. I believe in that. I think that’s the basis of Greek mythology.”
“I mean, it was a mummy movie. It was a good film independent of its source. It that looks like Lawrence of Arabia on steroids in a lot of ways.”
“Why would you not eat cake?! Come on. It’s a harmless little piece of cake, an easily digested, mass consumable tasty thing, much like “Escape From Planet Earth.” Something everyone wants to see! You’ve gotta take the kids to see something! Perfect! I’ve got kids, they’re gonna laugh at it, they’re gonna think it’s the best thing ever. Would I take them to see “Stand Off”? Nah, I don’t think so. Not for them. I don’t think they’d understand the dialect, they might not understand that that is actually English that they’re speaking, though it’s in Irish.”


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