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Net Worth : $8 Million


Camron is an American rapper and actor with an estimated net worth of $ 8 million. Till date Camron has released six studio albums and five albums in collaboration with other big names . Two of his solo albums and one of his collaboration albums have been certified Gold and one of his solo album which was released in 2002 called ” come home with me” has been certified Platinum. Apart from this he has also appeared in over six films.


Early Life and career


Cameron Ezike Giles popularly known by his stage name Camron was born and raised in Harlem, New York. He went to Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics where he meet his long time friends Mesa and Jim Jones, of the Jones brothers. He was a promising basketball player however, he was unable to take advantage of scholarship offers due to his poor academic scores. He enrolled in a college in Texas without graduating from the high School but soon dropped out and returned to New York where he began selling drugs before he started rapping.
He began is career in music industry in the mid 90s rapping with Big L, Mase and his cousin in a group called ” children of the corn” however after his cousin died in a car accident in 1997, the group decided to part ways and the members continued solo career. After one year of his cousin’s death, in 1998 Camron was introduced to ” The Notorious Big” by Mesa. Biggie was very much impressed by Camron. He introduced Camron to his partner Lance who signed Camron to his label distributed by Epic Records. Camron’s debut album, “Confessions of Fire” was released in july 1998 which include singles such as “3-5-7″ and ” Horse Carriage” reached the R&B Top Ten and just missed out on reaching Top 40 list. The album achieved gold status and made its way to the Top 10 of Pop and R&B charts. Later in 1999, Big L was murdered. In 2000, Camron worked with music executive Tommy and released his second album Sports Drugs and Entertainment on Sony  Records. The album included successful singles like ” Let me know” and “what means the world to you”. The album reached the number 2 position on R&B and Hip-Hop charts and number 14 on billboard 200. In 2001, Camron signed with his childhood friend and now his new manager Damon Dash to Rock-A-Fella Records, parting ways with Sony Records. Camron reportedly signed $4.5 million record deal with Damon Dash and Rock-A-Fella and Jay z in form of a record advance. His third and most successful album, ” Come home with me” which was released in 2002 featuring Jay z, Beanie Sigel and Memphis Bleek as guests. the album included hit singles such as ” oh Boy” and ” Hey ma” . The album achieved Platinum status and became the stepping stone for  Camron group “The Diplomats” to sign with Rock-A-Fella. In 2003 Camron got together with other  members of his band to release the Diplomat’s debut  album called, ” Diplomatic Immunity” which was quickly certified Gold by RIAA. The album featured lead singles such as “dip set anthem” which is a remix to camron’s hit ” hey Ma” and street anthem ” I really mean it”. A year later the Diplomats released their second album ” Diplomatic Immunity 2″ though the second album was not a successful as their first album, it still managed get gold status. By this time Camron popularized the color pink. Camron was always seen wearing pink clothing and even bought an all pink Range Rover. In 2005 Camron officially joined the Warner Music Group under Asylum Records.. He began to work on his fifth studio album called, “Killa Season” which was released in 2006 featuring The heatmakerz, Charlmagne, Ty Fyffe and I.N.F.O. The same year Camron released his first film in which he wrote, directed and starred in “Killa season”. It sold over 112,000 units in the first week and debuted at number 2 on the charts, but failed to have the same strength as his two previous releases and failed to reach gold or platinum status. In 2007 after the release of “Killa Season”, Camron took a 3 year break from his music career as his mother suffered three strokes which left her paralyzed. He moved to Florida with her and stayed there until she had fully recovered. In 2009 Camron released his come back album ” Crime pays”. The album reached number 3 on the billboards 200 and sold over 150,000 units which was the lowest selling album for his career. In 2009 Camron formed his new label called “dip set West” and new group called ” The U.N”. During late 2009 and early 2010 Camron released a series of mix tapes. He also released an album with Vado entitled Camron & The UN. Camron then announced that he would be releasing a joint album with his new group. The album was named “Gunz n’ Butta”. In 2013 he released his next studio album ” Killa Season 2″. The album featured Dip set, Nicki Minaj, Wiz khalifa as guests. He also released a mixed tape called ” Ghetto Heaven Vol1″. Apart from his music career, Camron appeared in ” Paid in Full”, ” Killa Season” the movie.


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There had been rumors about a fight between Camron and Jay z, Camron took it to public with a track called ” You Gotta Love it” featuring Max B. In the song Camron takes jabs at Jay z’s age and his alleged stealing of “biting” lyrics and his girlfriend. Camron explained the fight began when Jay-z became the  CEO and president of Rock- A- Fella Records. But later in 2012 Camron stated that he doesn’t have any problem with Jay-z. In 2007, Camron and 50 Cent had a live argument on ” The Angie Martinez” show on Hot 97 radio. 50 Cent commented that major record labels would not work with artists of Koch Entertainment. Camron stated that Jim Jones outsold their albums and that his group ” The Diplomats” had a deal from several labels. Both rappers released songs with videos on you tube. 50 cent suggested that Camron is no longer able to leas “The diplomats” and that Jim Jones should take his place, to which Camron replied with “Curtis” and ” Curtis 2″ in which he makes fun of 50 cent’s appearance calling him a gorilla with rabbit teeth. This time Camron was not speaking to his fellow Diplomat members Julie Santana and Jim Jones, leading to speculation that the group had broken up. However, despite admitting that he did not want to contact Jim Jones, he said that he had no hard feelings towards him.  In late 2011, both appeared together on Wolfgang Gartner’s album Weekend in America, on the track “Circus Freaks.”


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Camron owns his tremendous wealth from his music as well as film career.
Camron reportedly charges over $75,000 to perform in U.s and over $150,000 to perform outside U.S.A plus luxurious hotel stay and Business class tickets.
Camron signed a record deal worth $4.5 million deal with Rock-A-Fella.
Apart from this Camron resides in a 12000 square feet home with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathroom in New York which has an estimated worth of $5 million. Camron loves to cruse in his pink Range Rover and his expensive luxurious rides includes a Jaguar and Maybach combined worth of over $300,000.


Quote : At the end of the day, nothing is guaranteed but, that’s what they asked us ten years ago, ten years ago you was like yo it’s going to be crazier than it is now.

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