David Blaine Net Worth Money and More

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Net Worth: $12.1 million

Profession: American Magician, illusionist, stunt performer, film producer, film director, actor



David Blaine White was born on 4th April , 1973 at Brooklyn, New York, US. He was a magician, who creates illusions artistically. He is very famous as a street performer, since he has the ability to attract the crowd with his superb tricks of endurance. He has uplifted his name in the field of close-up magic too. He is not a ordinary showman who plays tricks with the children and they get happy, he is the one who have been to several places for performances and has broken various world records. His father, Patrice Maureen was with a mix descent of Puerto Rican and Italian whereas his mother, William Perez was with Russian Jewish descent. His mother use to teach children in schools whereas his father used to serve as a Vietnam War’s veteran. John Bukalo was his second father with whom his mother gets married when he was just 10 years old. Till 10 years his care taker was his mother only. His craze for becoming a magician got reaped in his mind when he was just four years old, when he saw a street magician performing magic in the subway. After his mother’s marriage with Bukalo, they switched to Little Falls situated in New Jersey. That one day magic show in the subway planted the lifetime seed in his mind of his passion towards learning the magic. He joined Passaic Valley Regional High School at Little falls. When Blaine turned to 17 years old then he switched to Manhattan in New York. Blaine was not a single child, he has one younger brother. Blaine gets married with his fiancé, Alizee Guinochet. The date 27th January of the year 2011 proved to be the most interesting, beautiful, and adventurous date for the Blaine, since on this date his fiancée Guinochet stood up with great labor in pregnancy and on the same day, one major part of New York got massively hit with a very strong snowstorm, where they were staying. This blizzard blocked all the roads and tracks of that city. Blaine in this weather conditions left with no other option, then to hire a snowplow which successfully dropped them to the hospital. And so Blaine was blessed by a baby girl, Dessa. Blaine was not an ordinary magic showman; he was a big stage performer and has performed before many great personalities like Bill Clinton (President), Hillary Clinton (Secretary of State), and George W. Bush (President). He also had a soft corner in his heart for the disabled children and ill people and had performed many shows across the world only for supporting the charity camps and burn units and children wards. Paul Newman was the one, for whom Blaine performed many times.


Street magic showman


In the year 1997, on May 19th Blaine got successful, in releasing his first show that is David Blaine: Street Magic on television. Blaine claimed that he does not need any brand ambassadors for increasing the popularity of his shows. He can make his show popular with his uncommon tricks and artistry. He wanted to bring back the interest of people in the magic again and wanted to increase the population of magic believers like it is used to be in the early centuries. His aim while performing the magic was not to concentrate on the magic he does, whereas his main focus was on turning the camera towards the people watching those tricks and gets amazed. He actually wanted to capture the audience’s feedback and show that to those audience who were watching his night show on the television. This simple strategy of him does great jobs and was found very creative and innovative idea, since this does great wonders in attracting the attention of the viewers. This show was just not a hall show, in this he use to move around at different places with his small crew with handy cameras in their hands and capturing the entertainment performances performed by Blaine while entertaining the pedestrians and capturing their expressions and reactions after watching his enduring tricks. Mojave Desert, Compton, Atlantic City, San Francisco, New York City and various other cities were his favorite spots for performing his shows. He loved to make people amazed and surprised with his simple magical tricks. Blaine once collected around one hundred thousand dollars in just one show. The uniqueness of this show was that, it continued for around 72 hours that is from Friday, 9 A.M. of January 15, 2010 till Saturday, 9 A.M. of January 18, 2010. This show was held at Times square and was performed by Blaine as “Magic for Haiti”.




He is a very rich personality. His leads a very luxurious and lavish lifestyle. His profession has made a lot of money for him. His estimated net worth is said to be $12.1 Billion. He has performed quite well in his career. He is considered to be world’s most renowned and well known magician. He is a multitalented personality. David is considered to be the highest paid magician in the world.

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