Eclipse – The super expensive € 800 Million Yacht and everything you will find inside

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NET WORTH: € 800 MILLION ($ 1.5 billion)



People say that the rich can buy anything in the world luxury apartments, super fast cars, expensive watches, clothes and bikes, private planes, insanely costly hotel suites and even they can own their own islands for holidaying but none of these will add to the celebrity and style quotient as the super luxury Yachts because you are not a true millionaire until you have your own private yacht to boast for which has all the comforts of home.  The Yachts are nowadays considered as a true display of power and wealth and are a must have for all the super rich folks out there who enjoy a lavish lifestyle. So if a simple Yacht could bring with it so much popularity consider what would happen if you happen to own the world’s most expensive Yacht, well that sounds good to hear and easily said than done because that would cost you a whopping  € 800 Million yeah..!! you read it right so let that sink in for a moment. Owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abromovich Eclipse is the most expensive and second largest Yacht in the world after Azzam.

Eclipse Yacht:


Eclipse is a megayacht and Roman Abromovich the Chelsea club owner is its master as said above. This classic was built by the German builders Blohm + Voss  at the Hamburg Shipyard, Germany, the  interior and exterior design was the brainchild of  Terence Disdale Design and the chief naval architect was Francis Design and the whole process was completed in 2010 and was delivered to Roman Abromovich on Dec 9th the same year. The Yacht’s total cost is quite interesting because initially the builders blindly signed the deal for €340 million (about $485 million) but the final cost turned out to be a whopping €800 million or $ 1.2 billion but some sources reported the final cost as high as $ 1.5 billion. Eclipse is Roman Abromovich’s 5th yacht as he also owns the gas turbine powered Sussurro luxury yacht, Luna Yacht, Titan Yacht, and also the yacht Le Grand Bleu, which he later his friend Eugene Shvidler in 2006.

Eclipse Yacht Maintenance:


Now that Eclipse is one of the world’s largest yachts so owing and maintaining it is obviously an expensive hobby, don’t agree? So listen just turn the key on of this super yacht and that will cost you $540 on fuel only to start the engine and if you want to go anywhere then that would additionally punch holes in your pocket. So to meet the daily maintenance charges and to give people the feel of this super yacht this was also put for rent which could be rented by paying a ‘minuscule’ sum of 2 million USD per week.

Eclipse Interior and everything that you will find inside:


Eclipse is a megayacht which is more than a luxury yacht and here is the reason why: this 163.5 metres (536 ft) long yacht initially carried the heavy title of being the largest yacht in the world only to be taken over by Azzam a year ago. The yachts construction spanned over 4 years and once finished nothing matched its uniqueness and class with an interior layout that can accommodate 36 guests in 18 staterooms of which 17 are VIP staterooms and 1 is a master bedroom. Eclipse can carry a total of 92 crew members of which almost 70 are needed just to operate the yacht. The design style, the beautiful furnishing along with the interior decor is a treat to eyes.  The master bedroom of the Yacht is 4,994 sq.feet in size and contains a huge movie screen for the guests providing immense leisure and entertainment to them. With a cruising speed of 20 knots and a maximum speed of 21.5 knots this super yacht can travel a total of 6000nm when its 10Lakh liter capacity fuel tank it full. With a gross weight of 13500 tonnes this custom model Yacht also has the latest stabilization system which results in a smoother ride.  This Yacht also boasts of bulletproof windows and armor plating keeping in mind the security concerns of the owner, this protects the Yacht from the pirates and the yacht have its own German built missile defense system and is also equipped with robust intruder detection systems. Eclipse Yacht is also said to have an anti-paparazzi shields with lasers to block camera lenses to prevent professional photographers to take pictures and this yacht also includes a mini-submarine that is capable submerging to 50 meters below water in emergency conditions. The amenities of this yacht also include 2 helipads, 24 guest cabins, three launch boats, at anchor stabilizers, Gym and spa centers, 2 sea water swimming pool with a depth of 10m , lift, Wi-Fi connections, Jacuzzi, dance floor and beach club. Roman Abromovich also added beautiful art collections of various famous galleries from around the world solely for this Yacht.

Size does matter:


Roman Abromovich might have never thought that the size of his super yacht would be a problem to him until the moment came when he tried to moor his super yacht the Eclipse but was beaten by the Saudi Prince Al-Waleed who parked his 265 feet long Kingdom KR5 yacht in the only parking space available in the ‘Millionaire’s Quay’ in Antibes, in the French Riviera, and Roman Abromovich was told that his Eclipse was “far too big” to squeeze into the parking space.

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