Elon Musk- Net Worth, Money and More

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Net worth -$ 6.7 billion

Career – Business man

Elon musk, a well-known famous business tycoon who is co- founder of Space x and PayPal. He is currently CEO and chief product architecture of tesla motors. He is also the chairmen of solar city. He is a prominent entrepreneur with remarkable innovative mind, he is an engineer.

Education and personal life

Elon musk is 42 years old, innovator who owns three giant ventures i.e, tesla motors , space x, and PayPal. Musk was born in Pretoria, south Africa in 1971. He was a miracle child of a south African engineer and Canadian mother whose was a model and nutrition. From childhood, Musk had a great intimacy for the computers, as he bought his first computer at the age of 10 and within a decade he mastered in programming and developed a game named ‘Blaster’ and hence he made his first deal by vending this game at the cost of $500.
Musk attended 2 years school at the queens university, Canada and afterwards he landed to the university of pennsylvanai where he acquired undergraduate degrees in physics and economics from the Wharton school. Then he moved to California in Stanford university to acquire doctorate degree in applied physics but never attended class and went to opt for his desired subjects i.e, internet, renewable energy and outer space.

Career and companies

• Initially in 1995 musk developed the idea of zip2 which was tool to see maps and directions and to establish web presence of media companies, Elon sold this company to Compaq for $350 million.
• Eventually he co-founded X.com which initiated online point of sale functionality for purchase of goods. In 2000 X.com got morphed into PAYPAL which proved as a leading global payment transfer provider. Hence the X.com got a brand name as a PayPal. In 2002 musk handed PayPal to the one of emerging online firm- E-bay and banked about $170 million.
• Simultaneously musk founded his third company in 2002 and named as space exploration technologies ,commonly known as SPACE X. His great interest in the outer space aided a lot to establish this, he is motto of starting Space X was to develop the highly advanced rockets and space crafts which can extend human life on earth.


SpaceX is a virgin galactic competitor. SpaceX’s first two rockets vehicles are Falcon 1 and Falcon 9 and first aircraft was Dragon. Falcon 1 was the first privately developed liquid fuel rocket to reach earth orbit. After the successful attachment of Dragon with international space station, SpaceX was awarded by NASA with $1.6 billion and also NASA is outsourcing his space craft operation to SpaceX.

• In the addition to his entrepreneurial business, musk invested in TESLA MOTORS, but latterly due to the crisis of 2008, musk decided to assume the leadership of the company and currently positioned as a CEO and product architecture of the company.


Tesla motors builds the highly luxuries electric cars. Musk was not the co founder of the company but he designed affordable electric cars for the conventional people. He currently escorts to design first premium electric sedan and model X. Tesla motor is partnered with Toyota and Daimler, through which they sell power trains to them.

• Besides all these companies, Musk also initiated the idea of SOLAR CITY and invested his funds into it hence, remains the largest shareholder and the chairmen of the company. The main aim behind the solar city was to minimize the air pollution and combat global warming.
Elon musk, an exceptional entrepreneur and amazing innovator got several times the title of “entrepreneur of the year”. Musk’s achievements in business and technology is been widely recognized.
• He has been ranked as 47th powerful people of the world.
• Also he is at 61st position in the list of top 400 people of Forbes magazine. And also Forbes listed musk as one most 20 powerful CEO’s.
• Musk is been positioned at 527 in list of billionaires of the world.
• Musk is been named as one of the most 75 influential people of the 21st century by Esquire magazine.
• Due to his contribution of SpaceX, in 2010, the world governing body of aeronautical space records awarded with a gold space medal for designing first privately rocket to reach earth orbit.
• In 2011, musk was awarded the $500,000 as Heinlein prize for advances in space commercialization.
• Musk was titled as ‘Innovator of the year for 2007’ by the R&D magazine for its remarkable contribution by tesla motor, solar city and SpaceX.
• Inc. magazine titled musk as a ‘Entrepreneur of the Year award for 2007’ for his work on Tesla and SpaceX.
• In 2010, musk was selected as a member of board of trustees of California Institute of technology.
• In 2011, musk was honored as legendary leader at the church chill club awards.
• In 2012, Musk was awarded with a Gold Medal by Royal Aeronautical Society’s highest award.

Hobbies and interest
Elon musk one of the most influencing innovator and entrepreneur, does not have much interest in housing or cars, he like to invest his funds on different ideas and business. He is said to be workaholic, he said that he can work for up to 100 hours per week with tesla motors and space x if needed.
Other than this musk’s SpaceX factory was used as filming location for iron man 2 movie and musk has cameo in that movie.
Musk owe a McLaren F1 sports car and a Czech made jet trainer aircraft Aero L39.

Musk is currently living in Bel air in the neighborhood of los angles, California.
Musk had two wife’s first one was, Justine musk with whom he married in 2000 and divorced in 2008. They met each other while studying in Queens’s university. Musk’s second wife was a British actress-Talulah Riley with whom he had four year relationship and sperated recently on 18th January,2012. Musk has 5 children, all boys. Musk elder sister Tosca musk is the owner of Musk entertainment and has produced various movies.

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