Fergie Net Worth, Money and More

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NET WORTH: $30 Million

PROFESSION: Musician, Song writer, Actress, Television Host, Fashion Designer

This Black Eyed Peas female vocalist has many songs and awards shining brightly in her career. Everyone knows her as the owner of this amazing voice. She is that awesome female singer who could be a part of the Black Eyed Peas- a band that is so famous and amazing as well. After joining this band, Fergie’s career took a huge leap for the better. Fergie is the wife of the handsome and talented, Josh Duhamel.


Stacy Ann Ferguson, better known as Fergie Duhamel, was born in Hacienda Heights, California, in the year 1975, to the proud parents Theresa Ann and Jon Patrick Ferguson. She a a hard working and dedicated student. Even though she was a straight A student, she managed cheerleading as well. Fergie had a pretty normal childhood, an environment that encouraged her to bloom.


Fergie started working for the entertainment industry in the year 1984, when she started doing voiceover work for television cartoons It’s Flashbeagle and Charlie Brown and Snoopy’s Getting Married, Charlie Brown (1985). After this phase where she lent her voice to various cartoon characters, she became a part of a girl band called Wild Orchid. By 1992, even though the band really tried, but they couldn’t get a recording contract. This was changed when the band was signed with RCA Records in 1994. The band’s first single, “At Night I Pray”, made a debut on the Billboard charts in September 1996. Their second album, Oxygen, was a commercial failure. The band did not gather much success and Fergie quit in 2001.

When The Black Eyed Peas were recording their third album, Fergie was asked to try for the song Shut Up. She really gelled with the band members and her talent got her the gig. The album was titled Elephunk. Its song were a success, where some of them even reached the Top Ten in some European countries. This album was followed by another album titled Monkey Business. The song “Don’t Phunk With My Heart” even won them a Grammy!! The band’s album was very successful commercially. They toured around a lot. That was another source of major income.

In 2006, Duchess, Fergie’s Solo Debut Album was released. The album was a hit! It featured songs like Glamorous, London Bridge, Big Girls Don’t Cry and Finally. This album was nominated her for a Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. After a lot of further success and tours, Fergie returned to acting with the movie Poseidon, Grindhouse and Nine. In 2006, Fergie started hosting Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

In 2009, The Black Eyed Peas released their album The E.N.D. The album was number one. It was a plain and simple hit. Songs Boom Boom Pow, I Gotta Feeling, Meet Me Halfway, Imma Be and Rock That Body were all hits, making the band really successful.

Fergie launched her own scent called Outspoken, in 2010, Outspoken Intense in 2011, Vivia in 2012, and Outspoken Fresh in 2013. In 2014, it was confirmed that Fergie has started working on her second album. The album is expected to release in 2014.


Fergie tied the knot with the gorgeous Josh Duhamel in the year 2009. They have been blessed with a lovely son named Axl Jack Duhamel. The couple is religious and they also attend the Church. Fergie has been very open about her sexuality. She has confirmed her statement about being a bisexual during many interviews. When Fergie was around 18 years old, she developed a severe problem of substance abuse. She swear by hypnotherapy for overcoming crystal meth addiction.


– Brentwood House worth around $8 Million

– Hummer


–  She likes to wear boxer shorts to sleep.

– Her ancestors are Scottish and Irish.

– She is the voice of Hippo Girlfriend in Madagascar 2.

– She was in a cameo of Married with Children in 1994.

– She has part ownership in the Miami Dolphins.

– Her career started when she started appearing in commercials.


– “Men scream and go crazy in the gym. I am a silent workout partner, but when my adrenaline gets up, I talk trash.”

– “For me, I am not a jealous person. That’s just not my thing. You have to have trust in your relationship.”

– ” Dick Clark will be truly missed. We will carry on his legacy every New Year’s Eve.”

– “I love crying at romantic movies like ‘The Notebook’. I am always bawling.”

– “I love Nelly. He is such a great performer. He’s so hyper and so am I.”

– “I love diamond facials- they leave me glowing and refreshed.”

– ” Grades were important in our house. I was reading by two. My mom would sit there and read with me, read with me, read with me. It was wonderful.”

– “Guns are beautiful. But I don’t like what they do.”

– “I don’t want to have a song like ‘My Humps’ and it be sagging down, so I pay attention to that area. A lot.”

– “I know this sounds generic, but I am so happy to be home with my husband, my family and my dog.”

– “I was a child actor. I was this spaz kid diagnosed with ADHD, and I worked all the time.”

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