George Foreman- Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth: $250 Million



George Edward Foreman was born on January 10, 1949 in Marshall, Texas, United States. He was later nicknamed as ‘Big George’. He is a retired American professional boxer and a two-time World Heavyweight Champion. Besides this, he is also a Gold medalist in 1968 Olympics. Moreover, he is an author and a successful entrepreneur. George was an ordained Christian Minister because he had a religious epiphany. In boxing career he had total of 81 fights in which he won 76. The international boxing research organization ranked George as eighth greatest heavyweight man till the time. Not only this,   y the Ring magazine he got the title of one of the 25 greatest fighters of the past 80 years. He is a successful entrepreneur and sold $100 million units of the George Foreman Grill, is an indoor, electrically heated grill manufactured by Spectrum Brands. George has 12 children, five sons and 7 daughters. His five sons are George Jr, George ||| (‘Monk’), George |V (‘Big Wheel’), George V (“Red’), and George V| (‘Little Joey’). He got seven daughters in which two are from his marriage named Natalia and Leola. Three daughters are form his other relationships named Michi, Freeda, and georgette. And he adopted two daughters, one in 2009, Brandie Lilja and other one on 2012, Courtney Isaac.

Early life


George was born in Marshall, Texas and grew in the Fifth Ward, Houston, Texas. He has six siblings. His biological father was Leroy Moorehead but was raised by J.D. Foreman whom his mother was married when he was a child. At the very young age, he was interested in football and later on got involved in boxing. Also, he won gold medal in 1968 Mexico City Olympic games in 1968. He attended school till the age of fifteen. Later on he joined Job Corps and Boxing.

Professional Career


Earlier, in the year 1969, he fought 13 fights in which he 11 of them. He lose two times against Clay Hodges and Max Briggs. In the year 1970, he had 12 fights and won 11 of them by knockout. He continuously got the title of heavy weight. Among the opponents he defeated Gregario Peralta, shuddered the world when he defeated George Chuvalo due to technical knockout. During the summer of 1974, he travelled to Zaire, to defeat Mohammed Ali but was not successful. Later in the year 1975, which is called is first comeback defeated Mohammed Ali. This year was called ‘the Fight of The year’. The year 1977 bought a drastic change in his life. He got ill in his dressing room and felt suffocation and exhaustion. He plead to god to help hm. He said that he actually felt god and became a born-again Christian. He share this experience in the television in and- interview on ‘The 700 Club’ and ‘Trinity Broadcasting Network’ show. He made second comeback in the year 1987. He shocked the world for his second comeback almost after the 10 years and fight in the ring when his body was totally out of the shape. He weighed 267lb (121 kg) at that time. Later on he sold his name and face for the advertising of various products on TV. He took a final retirement in 1999.



George after his retirement said that his success was only because if healthy eating. Russell Hobbs Inc joined and sold over 100 Million units of fat reducing grill in just 15 years. George never announced clearly, how much he earned from the endorsed. It is known only that Salton Inc paid him $137 million in the year 1999. It is estimated that he grabbed around $200 million from this entrepreneurship decision.

Amateur accomplishments


He won his amateur fight by a fist round knockout on January 26, 19678 in the parks Diamond Belt Tournament. In the junior division he won the San Francisco Examiner’s Golden Gloves Tournament on February 1967. In the same year he won the Las Vegas golden Gloves in the senior division. On February 1968, he won the San Francisco Examiner’s Senior Tile for knocking out L.C. Brown. In the next month, he won the National AAU Heavyweight title in Toledo. September 1968, was a mark in his calendar, he won his second decision over Otis Evans vs. Henry Crump of Philadelphia. He has an amateur record of 22-4. His fortune only comes from Boxing. As a sixty year old man he show no sign of going down. He is full of life and is an influence for the new generation coming over.



His net worth is $250 Million. He got many estates and home.  He got Huffman house whose land size is 215,666 square feet. Talking about his hobbies, he like raising and riding the horses. Besides this, he got custom-made Lincoln continental and Rolls Royce. George donates for the causes at various organizations like Bony Bony Ranch. This organization works to maximize the talents of the children as well let them achieve new goals of life. There are mentor provided who help children to explore themselves and provide them a positive influence. Red Cross is another organization, it aims at helping the people who suffered from the natural calamities and the disasters. He loves to wear brands. His got a Hublot watch brand. George Foremen loves dogs very much. He got total of 11 German Shepherds and are present in almost every corner of the house. He never walks without his dog.

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