Godrej Family, Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth $9 Billion


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Money making giant family, The Godrej family has an estimated net worth of $9 billion combined.



Life & Career

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The Godrej family is an Indian parsi family, the owner of Godrej group, a giant founded in 1897 by Ardeshir Godrej and his brother Pirojsha Godrej. The company deals in various sectors like real estate, industrial engineering, consumer products, furniture, appliances, agricultural products and security products. Currently the Godrej group is taken forward by the young generation of the family. Adi Godrej, his brother Nadir Godrej and cousin brother Jamshyd Godrej runs the Godrej empire currently. The Godrej family is considered to be among the richest family of India. The working members of the Godrej family includes Ardeshir Godrej the co founder of the company, Pirojsha Godrej the co founder of the company, Adi Godrej who currently serves as a chairman of the Godrej Group, Nadir Godrej who is the managing director and chairman of Godrej Agrovet and Jamshyd Godrej who is the chairman of Godrej & Boyce and Parmeshwar Godrej who is a socialite and AIDS activist.
It all started in the year 1897 in somewhere in Bombay when Ardeshir Godrej after reading about the rising crime in the city started making and selling door locks along side his brother. Initially it was called Godrej Brothers and since then the company has evolved into a corporate giant called Godrej Group. The Godrej group includes companies like Godrej Agrovet, Godrej consumer products, Godrej properties, Godrej Infotech and Godrej & Boyce.
Elder brother Adi’s new ideas and leadership qualities led the group to great heights. Adi attained a degree in business management from Massachusetts Institute of technology. After finishing his education, Adi pioneered his ideas into the family business and made management structure for the group. He made the business more organized and systematic and also improved the quality and standards of the business. It was because of Adi’s skills and hard worth that today the company name has become synonymous with quality. Adi who is the chairman of the group primarily focus on Consumer goods. His consumer goods corporation has several offices in more than 50 countries around the globe. The innovative businessman recently acquired 51% stake of Sara Lee and planed to launch a chocolate business in joint venture with Hershey.
Now the attention of the group is focused on Nisaba Godrej and Pirojsha godrej the two young guns of the family who has recently joined the business. Nisaba Godrej attained her education from Harvard and Wharton universities and works building human resource policies at Godrej Industries ltd. She has been credited into turning Godrej Agrovet the fastest growing unit of the group. Forbes magazine stated that Nisaba has got her father’s ear and is able to influence his father’s big decisions by her logic. She has created a Innovation cell in 2010 and since then has been closely associated with the Godrej Consumer Products ltd. team for strategy. Younger boy of the family Pirojsha Godrej looks after the real estate business of the family. he is the managing director of Godrej properties Ltd. he has attained an under graduate degree in business from Wharton business School and has attained his post graduate degree from Columbia. He initially interned with the ministry of external affairs and later became the management trainee of Godrej properties ltd. 2 years after being a trainee at GPL, He climbed up to becoming the MD of GPL.
Currently the strong, powerful and influential Godrej family stands as one of the Richest family in India.



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The Godrej family has a combined worth of over $9 billion as of March 2014. Adi Godrej alone has a net worth of over $3 billion. He is one of the 130 Wealthiest people in India.

The family owns a huge real estate bushiness along with other ventures in various sectors. The family owns over 3500 acres of estate land in the Mumbai Suburbs.

The Godrej Family resides in the posh area of Malabar Hills in Mumbai, India. The family home is a huge mansion in the spread of over 12,000 square foot. the rate of the locality is over 75,000rs per square foot. The family home features 10 bedrooms 12 baths, a living room, huge garden, gourmet kitchen, indoor gym, a swimming pool. The home has an estimated worth of over $30 million.


Apart from this Adi, the elder of the family likes to go Sea surfing on his jet ski and speed boat. Often accompanied with his grandsons Azaar and Aryaan, adi enjoys surfing his jet ski and speed boat worth over $5 million.
The family curse around the street in their luxury car collection. The family car collection includes cars like Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and Lexus with combined worth of over Rs. 20 crore.
Apart from this the group holds total equity share capital of Rs.33.52 crores, total investment of Rs. 13339.25 crores, and has total net assets of Rs.342.09 crores. and other capital in the work in progress is over Rs. 489.02 crores.

Annual Income as of 2013 of the Family from business in brief are as follows :

1) Sales of Rs. 1464.63 crore which is over $ 2 billion.
2) operating profit of Rs. 91.56 crore which is over $15166666.
3) Interest on shares and investment of Rs. 64.82 crore which is over $10666666
4) the group made a Gross profit of Rs. 61.57 crore which is over $1000000
5) And other income of the group includes Rs. 34.83 crore. which is over $ 5666666


Apart from spending their wealth on luxury, the family is closely associated with several charity organisations working towards the betterment of women and children.

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