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NET WORTH: $ 6 Million



Jadakiss is an American rapper from New York. He is a member of the famous rap group ‘The LOX’. He appeared in several video’s of Puff Daddy’s songs during the late nineties. Eminem mentioned him as one of the greatest rappers alive in the song ‘Till I collapse’. He owns the D-block records. He released an album named ‘The Last Kiss’ in 2009. His new album is all set to release in 2014.




Jadakiss was born on 27 May 1975 in Yonkers, New York, United States of America. He became interested in rapping at a very young age and by the age of 16 became an avid freestyler. Jadakiss was noted for his amazing free styling ability. Jadakiss formed the group ‘The Warlocks’ in 1994 along with friends Styles P and Sheek Lounch. The group changed its name to ‘The LOX’ (Living of experience) and was signed to Bad Bay label. Jadakiss developed a very strong bond with the legendary rapper ‘The Notorious B.I.G.’ The group’s first hit song was- ‘We will always miss Big Poppa’. In 1998, The LOX released its first album, ‘Money, Power and Respect’. The album received an universal acclaim and was a mainstream success. However, after the album got released Jadakiss decided to leave Bad Boy label. He though the approach of Puff Daddy was pretty radio friendly. In 2001, Jadakiss released his solo album named ‘Kiss the game goodbye’. The album featured many guests such as Snoop Dogg, The Alchemist, DJ Premier, and DMX. It received bad reviews from the critics. Many critics called the album ‘Uninspired’. Jadakiss agreed to the claims and said that he did the album out of contractual agreements. His next album was called ‘Kiss of Death’. It was released in 2004 and released a critical acclaim. It did a very good mainstream business as well; Much successful and dope than its predecessor. Jadakiss then signed to Jay’s Roc-a-fella record company. Jay Z wanted to collaborate with Jadakiss for a long time. He released an album named ‘The last kiss’. It was quite successful receiving good reviews from the critics and selling good numbers. He then decided to collaborate again with the Ruff Ryders records. He featured on 2 DJ Khalil tracks in 2011. He even featured on the tracks ‘Welcome to the hood’. He even released a mix-tape named Consignment in between. In 2013, Jadakiss announced his next album ‘Top five, Dead or Alive’. He released a track to the album featuring The Dream. The album will feature many artists such as The Lox, Young Jeezy, Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown, and Lil Wayne. Jadakiss is one of Eminem’s favorite rappers. Eminem acknowledged Jada’s skills in the song ‘Till I collapse’.


Jadakiss' favorite car.

Jadakiss’ favorite car.

Jadakiss has a net worth of $ 6 Million. He is one of the dopest rappers in the Hip Hop industry. The first LOX album was declared platinum by R.I.I.A. Also, his solo efforts have managed to achieve decent sale numbers. He has achieved this fortune as a result of his rapping abilities. His albums have fared really well in the market. His rapping skills are recognized by the entire Hip Hop community.


“People have no discrepancy for me or my lyrics or the song. They just know I didn’t get the right push right. If I were in a video I could have gotten that plaque and all of that but uh.. They’re alot of polotics they had to pay that 3 Million to get us off Bad Boy so they weren’t gonna spend anymore money than they already spent.”

” Yeah yeah Ruff Riders is definitely still goin’ strong.. Im the main man over there right now. Um as I am rebuilding that back up to as strong as it was I’m pullin’ D-Block up the walls slowly. Yanno I mean that is my main goals right now to get the R Factor how strong it used to be and bring D-Block up one day at a time.”

“I mean definitely. Now more so than ever before. Yanno when we was coming up it was really more underground. Now mixtapes are big, mixtapes are everywhere and its now harder to get on them and its just most of the mixtape DJs have record deals got their own spot, yanno just hip hop is getting bigger every day.”

“Jada just working on this album, pushing it. Yanno squeeze the juice out of it as much as I can squeeze it. Three or four singles hopefully. Yanno get the next one out in the next 6 to 8 months. Davel in movies, Clothing line, book deals, everything that anybody else would want. Big ventures, cop Basketball teams, whatever I can do. Im just trying to get it in.. I just wanna WORK!”

“Definitely, substance of the music is down. That’s why me myself, I listen to old cds. I like the new artists, and all that but I dont think I could start listenin’ to them until for a few more years. I listen to the old cds. Like I’m stuck on them. Im stuck on Puns album, Bigs album, Reasonable Doubt and Cuban Link. Im like an old head.”



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