James Cameron Net Worth, Money And More

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Net Worth : $900 Million

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James Cameron, a perfect story teller, thinker, a visionary and a maverick director has and estimated net worth of $900 million as of 2013.


Early Life and Career

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Cameron has given us world’s best and highest grossing films. If numbers are the yard stick to measure the success of the film, the films directed by him would certainly be on top of the list. His movies are always expensive and Cameron believes in pushing the limit of special effects as a result his brilliance provide viewers with cinema like Titanic and Avatar. Looking at the brilliance he show in his work, it is hard to believe that Cameron is a college drop out and has no formal training in film making.
Cameron was born in Ontario in 1954. He grew up in Chippewa and attended Stamford collegiate school, Sonora High School, and Brea Onlinda High School. Studies were not in the priority list of James Cameron, he was always interested in art. He worked as a truck driver and did several other small jobs like any other drop out and started writing whenever he had time. During the time of working as a truck driver, Cameron frequently visited USC library and would read any thesis on film making and film technology written by students. It is then when he got a keen interest in Film making and stopped driving truck to become a film maker after watching the original Star Wars in the year 1977.
Cameron’s first work in the world of movies was Xenogenesis. He directed, produced, written and designed this 10 min science fiction movie. After this Cameron worked as production assistant, art director, and design director in films like ” Rock and Rolla”, ” Bettle Battle Beyond stars” and ” Piranha 2″ to name a few. His mainstream film career shinned with Terminator in 1984. One day during his illness, Cameron had a nightmare about a robot sent from future to kill him, this dream gave him the idea to make the hit movie ” The Terminator”. Cameron sold the screenplay of the movie to production company for one dollar on one condition the he direct the film. The screenplay was sold and Cameron got chance that changed his life forever as a director in mainstream Hollywood movies. His debut film made a profit of over $79 million worldwide. Since then year after year big Cameron wrote screenplay and directed several movies. Movies such as “Rambo 2”, “Aliens”, ” The Abyss”, “Terminator 2”, “True lies”, “Spider-man”, “sanctum” to name a few and his biggest hits “Titanic” and world’s highest grossing movie “Avatar”. Titanic was released in 1997, in the first weekend itself, the movie collected $28 million. soon in the second week movie collected $35.4 million. Eventually the movie collected over $600 million in United States and Canada and grossed over $1 billion worldwide and became the first movie in the history of the cinema to gross the high mark of $1 billion. Like all records are meant to be broken, Cameron broke his own record with “Avatar”. Avatar grossed over $749.7 million in United States and Canada and made huge sum of $2.74 billion world wide, making it the World’s highest grossing film of all time. Currently Cameron is focusing on his intention to make three sequels to the film Avatar. The expected release is in 2016,2017 and 2018. Currently all his focus is on the making of three films. “Avatar” made him the highest earner of Hollywood and the sequels are yet again expected to rise and shine.



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James Cameron has been married five times. He first married to Sharon Williams in the year 1978 but things went sour citing differences between the couple and they finally decided to part ways in 1984. A year later in 1985, Cameron got married to Gale Anne Hurd the marriage didn’t last long and the couple finally divorced in 1989. The reason for the divorce was Cameron’s growing closeness with Kathryn Bigelow. After the divorce the same year Cameron got married to Kathryn and divorced her in 1991. The reason for divorce was Linda Hamilton. Cameron started dating Linda in 1991, and after 6 six years of courtship they decided to get married. The got married in 1997, However eight months after the marriage they separated. As per the divorce settlement Cameron paid $50 million to Hamilton. the reason for the divorce was Cameron’s blind devotion to work and his growing closeness with actress Suzy Amis. He married Suzy Amis in 2000 and the couple together have one son and two daughters. Currently he lives happily with his children and wife.



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Cameron is Hollywood’s highest earner. He earns his tremendous height wealth from cinema. He is known to dedicate himself blindly into his work and is just $100 million away from becoming a billionaire which is soon expected to happen. Cameron currently has a net worth of $900 million. And of course not to forget his biggest achievement of giving the world Two films to gross over $1 billion.

Cameron lives in Malibu Mansion in California. The mansion is spread over 8500 square feet and features six bedroom and seven bathrooms. The home boasts a tennis court, a swimming pool, interior garden and courtyard, a luxurious kitchen, and an indoor cinema room. The home has an estimated value of over $90 million.
Recently in 2014, Cameron purchased a vineyard and Estate Winery in British Columbia. He bought the winery for whopping $2.7 million.

Cameron owns a fleet submarine from the days he filmed Titanic. He is made from high tech composite material and powered by electric motor. The Triton submarine has an estimated worth of over $3million.
Apart from this Cameron loves to roll in style. He is a bike and car lover. Cameron owns a Corvette C6 with V8 engine, the car is worth $100,000

He also owns a Ducati 848 EVO bike worth around $30,000 and three Harley Davidson with combined worth of over $150,000.
Apart from this Cameron also owns a seven seater Toyota Highlander Hybrid, and Chevrolet Volt with combined worth of $100,000. Apart from all this Cameron owns a 100 acre ranch, collection of bikes, a jet ranger helicopter, a yacht and a fire truck all this has a combined value of over $100 million.

Cameron loves his family and his recent purchase Tesla S. a five seat sedan surely delivers the family needs. The car reach 60Mph in 5.6 seconds and is worth $50,000.
Apart from all the money spinning around, Cameron support several organisations like “Oceania”, the organisation as the name suggests protects world’s oceans. He is also associated with Global Greens which provide safe drinking water for 2.4 billion who lack access to clean water.


Quotes:”People call me a perfectionist, but I’m not. I’m a rightist. I do something until it’s right, and then I move on to the next thing.”

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