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Jay Alvarrez is a budding social media influencer, model, photographer and movie editor. He was born on July 5, 1995 in Hawaii, USA. Alvarrez rose to fame when he uploaded sick videos of his life riding big waves in the ocean, jumping from a helicopter with a chute, and doing all sorts of crazy extreme stunts with his gorgeous girlfriend, Alexis Ren.



The couple are both jet setters and are always seen uploading photos of them from all over the world. One day they’re in Barcelona being all kissy-kissy, and the next they’re back riding waves in the beach. This 22-year old hot male model from Hawaii made a name for himself through his photography and the wild and epic adventures of his “bro fairy tale” life. It is said that Alvarrez makes his money from his photography, modelling, commercials and videos.

Jay is always seen with her supermodel girl chilling or jumping off cliffs. People have flocked their social media accounts primarily because of their extraordinary trips and adventures. Alvarrez ‘gram followers are now over 600,000, his YouTube subscribers are more than 40,000 and around 60,000 followers on his Vine.

The extreme sports junkie can be seen free-falling from a hot air balloon with a nerf gun, riding gigantic waves, standing on a helicopter’s wings, and diving from the roof to the pool. His adrenaline-filled life is well-documented through his camera and perfectly accompanied with the best choice of music.


Alvarrez is seen speeding off with different cars in different cities. His most talked about ride is a red Lamborghini Gallardo.


He is also spotted with two different cars, a convertible and a 4×4.




Many say that to be able to live life to the fullest is the greatest achievement one can attain. So here at Rich Glare, we think that Alvarrez absolutely bagged this achievement. The following stills are a sneak to his incredible take on the famous saying YOLO. Look at him throw all his reservations away and just have all the fun he can have.


Alexis also joins in with the action, climbing up a terrifying rocky outcrop in this snap

Alvarrez seemed to have reached the bro nirvana – a place where all the awesome manly stuff happens. A place we all admittedly want to reach someday.

For more envy-invoking contents, click the link below to watch the video. Enjoy!

Jay Alvarrez In California (Alexis Ren)

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