Joe Rogan – Net Worth, Money and More

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Net worth – $ 22 million

Profession: Television Celebrity


Who is Joe Rogan?


Early Life

Joseph James Rogan, popularly known as Joe Rogan, is a remarkable man who successfully dons many hats. He is an American stand-up comedian, writer, commentator, actor, entrepreneur and martial arts specialist. Rogan was born on the 11th of August, 1967 in Newark, New Jersey and is of Italian and Irish descent. Rogan has admitted to having had a rough childhood. HE had to move around to different cities right from Newton Upper Falls in Masachusettes where he was raised, to San Francisco, California when he was 7, to Gainesville Florida when he was 11. He has not had any contact with his biological father since he was six. He lived with his mother and stepfather who were instrumental in him picking up taekwondo because he was picked on by bullies in school.



Rogan started his career in the entertainment industry in 1994 when he starred in Fox comedy “Hardball”, which was soon followed by the role of Joe Garrelli on the show “NewsRadio” from 1995 to 1999.

He also made an appearance on the show “Just Shoot Me” for an episode titled “A Beautiful Mind” in 2002.

His first major acting role in a film happened in 2011, in “Zookeeper”, directed by Kevin James, starring Kevin James in the lead role. In 2012, he worked with the two yet again in “Here Comes The Boom” in which he played himself.

As a Commentator


In recent times, Rogan has received much admiration from the fans and supporters of Ultimate Fighting Championship, popularly known as UFC, for his color commentary, him being an expert in taekwondo himself. He started working with The UFC in 1997 where he used to do post fight interviews, but eventually he was hired to do the live commentary on each fight. He is a two-time winner of the Best Televison Announcer awarded by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Awards and in the 2011 World MMA Awards, he was named the “MMA Personality of the Year”.

As a Host

From June 11, 2001 to September 12, 2006, Rogan was the incredibly popular host on the United States version of the TV series “Fear Factor”. December 12, 2011 saw his return as the host of the same show, albeit in a different edition. He hosted the show till July 16, 2012.

In 2003, Rogan and Doug Stanhope replaced Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla as co-hosts of The Man Show. They were a part of the show until the end of the show’s run in 2004.

December 2009 saw Joe Rogan reveal a new side of himself to the world via a regular podcast that he hosts, which is now known as “The Joe Rogan Experience”. The podcast has featured numerous celebrated guests from the fields of comedy, science, social activism and Mixed Martial Arts. The show enjoys immense popularity, regularly features on the Apple iTunes top 10 Downloaded list and was named one of iTunes’ “Best of 2010” audio podcasts in its very first year. It then went on to win an award for being one of iTunes’ top three comedy podcasts in 2012.


Money Matters

Joe Rogan’s annual income is estimated to be in the range of $3-4 million.

Although his salary working as a commentator for the UFC has never been disclosed it has been speculated by many to be in the range of $20,00 to $40,000 per show, inclusive of additional benefits such as backroom bonuses and sponsorships.

Joe is the proud owner of an estate in Bell Canyon, California priced at $2,232,500.


Joe Rogan’s home, built in 1978 and just over an acre, has five bedrooms, five full bathrooms and a half, swimming pool, two fire places, and 7,573 square feet. Bell Canyon is a private, gated community of 800 estate homes located a few miles north of Calabasas.

Among his most prized possessions is a 1970 Barracuda car estimated to be around $750,000.



Personal Life

On May 21, 2008, Rogan announced on the Kevin and Bean radio show in Los Angeles that his girlfriend Jessica Schimmel had delivered a baby girl, and confirmed the news on his fan forum. In 2009, the couple decided to tie the knot. On episode 22 of his podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience” (May 25, 2010), Rogan announced that “baby Rogan number two was
just born the other day.”


Joe often uses his comedy and podcast to discuss his support of drugs such as cannabis, mushrooms, LSD and DMT since he is a public supporter of their recreational and medical uses. He even featured in a marijuana documentary titled “The Union: The Business Behind Getting High”, to advocate legalized medical use of marijuana.


Joe began practicing Taekwondo at the age of 13 and within two years earned a black belt and soon became Massachusetts state taekwondo champion for four consecutive years. He is a practitioner of Brazilian jiu-jitsu and has a black rash guard in Eddie Bravo’s 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu, a style of no-gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He is also a black belt in gi Brazilian jiu-jitsu under Jean Jacques Machado.


Memorable Quotes

“The only way to be happy is to make others happy. The only way to fulfill your true purpose in this life is to learn from all your mistakes and project that information to others and enrich their lives. Whether it’s through your children, through your art, or through your friendships. Life is energy. The more positive energy you’re involved with, the happier you’ll feel and the closer you’ll be to the true path. We are here to help each other evolve, and we the people alive today are at the cutting edge of human thinking and human behavior. As you get better in life, you enable the people around you to get better as well.”

“Fear is the factor” – as the host on TV series “Fear Factor”

The quicker we all realize that we’ve been taught how to live life by people that were operating on the momentum of an ignorant past, the quicker we can move to a global ethic of community that doesn’t value invented borders or the monopolization of natural resources, but rather the goal of a happier more loving humanity.”


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