Julius Erving net worth money and more

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Net Worth:  $16 million

Career/Profession: Retired Basketball Player

Julius Erving name itself creates an image of basketball in the mind of the thinker.  He is being acknowledged as the most famous retired American Basketball player. He emphasized mostly on the play, which was played above the rim.  He was the one who helped in authentication of the American Basketball Association. His talent was undoubtedly beaten the talents of various talented and identified players.

His Early life:


Erving was born in Roosevelt, New York on February 22nd, 1950. He was usually recognized as Dr. J in Roosevelt High School. In 1968, he joined the University of Massachusetts, where he played two seasons as a freshman and then left. Here he scored an average of 32.5 points in NCAA Men’s Basketball. In 1971, as a free agent, he joined ABA with the Squires. His interest was although in basketball only, but to fulfil his promise made to his mother, he completed his graduation in Administration in 1986.

Shifted from Virginia Squires to Atlanta Hawks:

Erving initially took a start with Virginia Squires and made a position in the team as a hard dunker.  He earned an average of 27.3 per game and led the formation of ABA All- Rookie Team. His game took the team to the Eastern Division Finals, but unfortunately they were defeated by Rick Barry belonging to New York Nets. After getting the green flag for NBA Draft in 1972, he was selected by the Milwaukee Bucks. But because of his dissatisfaction with the team he decided to be with Maravich and joined the training camp of Hawk’s. He enjoyed working with Atlanta during his practice season. But as Milwaukee took him so Atlanta was charged with the fine of $25,000 for each game. In 1972-1973 his contract with Squires got completed and he was moved to New York Nets.

Traded off to The Nets:

The Squires went into debt with each game and due to this in 1973 they had to shift Erving to the Nets. This was the biggest mistake that Squires had done. Erving’s entry into the Nets proved to be the success stone in their career. They won the title for ABA in 1973-1974 after defeating Utah Stars. His position in the team made Nets among one of the best teams in the ABA and increased the fan following for the team. During his reign in the Nets he also defeated the Denver Nuggets in the finale of Swanson of ABA. He was entitled as the Most Valuable Player for the season. In that season he marked his name in the top 10 players of ABA.  In his course of time with ABA he won two titles’, three MVP awards and three titles.


Philadelphia 76rs Star:

Some controversy held between Nets and New York Knicks. After this the Nets were asked to pay $ 4.8 million for NBA territory. Roy Boe promised Erving to raise his salary, but to maintain his principles, he refused to play and left them. After this he got offers from the Philadelphia 76ers for $ 3 million. This totals the amount to about $6 million. After leaving Nets the reputation of the team also went down and they were amongst the worst team in the league. Him with full dedication joined Philadelphia 76ers and this time his focus was more on scoring more and more. The Sixers won the title of the Eastern Conference after defeating Boston Celtics. He also took the team to the NBA Finals where they had to face the Portland Trail Blazers.


Stumbled down instead won many titles:

Erving considered to be the league’s best player for the season 1980-1981 and 1981-1982 even though the team Philadelphia was turned out of the playoffs twice during the time. In the Eastern Finals they were about to win the title, but unfortunately lost the game. Second time they were beaten by Los Angeles. Instead of these defeats he was awarded with NBA MVP in 1981 and got selected for All-NBA First Team in 1982. Erving maintained his dignity and reputation by scoring well in each of the games for the season. His average for each game being 22.4, 20.0, 16.8 and 18.1. In 1986, he made an announcement of his retirement after completion of its current season. In the final game that Erving played it was seen that the opposing teams such as the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers also came forward to pay their tribute to him.

Personal Life:

Erving belongs to Christian Community. He got married to Turquoise in 1972. But the couple got separated in 2003. In 1979, it was found that he was having an external affair with Samantha Stevenson and the couple together had a daughter named Alexandra Stevenson. In 2003, after getting divorced with Turquoise he gets into a relationship with Dorys Madden. And finally in 2008 they both got married.



Julius Erving had a mansion in Utah, which he used to call St. George Utah Home. It covered an area of about 6572 square feet, which had five bedrooms and six bathrooms with a scenic view outside. It had NBA logo chairs in it. The house cost $2.2 million, but he tried to sell this at $2.5 million. It was also found that he was failing to pay the fines of $2, 100. The house featured home theatre which involved 150 inch screen. It also had five fireplaces in it with a basketball court marked with a Philadelphia 76ers logo.


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