Katie Price Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth: $45 million

Profession/Career: Media personality, former glamour model, Businesswoman

Katie Price popularly known by the name ‘Jordan’ is a stylish English celebrity, glamorous model and also a businesswoman. She has an estimated net worth of about $45 million. This has led her to expand her hands in various different fields such as fashion, music, television, stock market etc. she came into limelight with an image of topless model who publicized her presence in the Page 3 of The Sun newspaper. She also came into the eyes of people because of her publicized break-ups nad relationships.

Her talent reflected in each field:

Katie was born in Brighton on May 27th, 1978. She was born to Amy and Ray Infield. She attended Blatchington Mill School and awarded various trophies in extracurricular activities instead of academics. She started modelling at the age of 13. She sent her clicks in which she was spotted with underwear to London. Till then the journey continued and she was seen in Daily Star, Nuts, Maxims, Vogue and Esquire, FHM etc. She also appeared in Television in 2004 like Dream Team and Footballers’ Wives. She also tried her hands on writing and published her first autobiography Being Jordan followed by Whole New World and Pushed to the Limits.

Price Rich Estates:

  • Surrey Home:
  • home

It was a house that belongs to Katie Price and her former beloved which was located in London nearby Surrey. This mansion was worth $2.5 million and covered a vast area of about 10,000 sq feet. This spacious area includes eight bedrooms and set of seven bathrooms. Her kitchen was well accommodated with chef’s oven. The interior of house was designed by Dawn Ward. He designed a marble foyer to give a lucrative look to its entrance. The mansion also includes a theatre which was carved with her favourite colour. Dining room and swimming pool was enough to give luxurious feelings to the guest. It was located at the backside of the mansion. The living hall staircase leads to the upper floor of the mansion which contained all the luxurious amenities. After she broke up with her hubby she placed the mansion on sell and wants to move away from her past memories with this move.

Price Cars and Autos she possess:

  • Buggati Veyron 16.4:

In the past years this buggati Veyron was enough to show her wealth and provided full justice to her identity. It was 252 mph speed model with W16 engine having its power of 1001HP. Even the car did not have its name in the list of top most car, it worth about $1.5 million. She initially made her bet when there were only 300 productions of this lucrative piece. The interior of cars is mind blowing with all the luxury and comfort available. It was a mixture of classy and royal design.

  • Volkswagen Beetle:
  • car

This is another pink beauty that Katie possessed. She is so much fascinated by the pink colour that she another bought a pink beetle. She was photographed with this four wheel machine several times. After she bought this car the production of this car stopped but Katie was so much fanaticized with this automobile that she preferred to keep it with herself. The car has well worn interior and seats.

  • Range Rover Sport:

It is another pink beauty in Katie’s hand. The car design and look is enough to impress the English singer. She has a rare taste when it comes to car. This car is especially designed for elite class and Katie was one amongst them. The glam model of Rover had word HOT initialled on it and this is enough to give her a sexy travel.

  • Cadillac Escalade:

Katie Price is very choosy when it comes to automobile. She has a very rich and smart taste in cars. In 2010 she was spotted with Cadillac Escalade while she was in the Beverly Hills Area. Cadillac include V8 engine with a capacity of 6.2L, 403HP power and 415 pound-feet torque. It has the capacity to accommodate around eight people. It has all the accessories include with very rich interiors.

  • Pink Horse Box:

It is luxurious horsebox which Katie purchased for about $115,000. It has the capacity of accommodating two horses and four people. The transport has fully pink interiors and exteriors. She has also bought a KP-number plate for this vehicle and added to its features.

horse box

Brands she follows:

  • Ugg Boots:

To match her standards she was always found dressed up wearing her Ugg Boots. Once she was seen with these sporty boots who was paired with blue jeans and a cardigan over it. Its inner lining was made of soft wool and it was designed to provide as much comfort as it can. It was light-weighted design with a superb look.

  • Chloe Myrte Sunglasses:

Katie always preferred to give her appearance a classy look. She was spotted with Chloe Myrte Sunglasses which has square shaped vintage frames, a logo carved on lenses, matted edging of silver colour etc. these are the striking feature which take the attention of every celebrity.

  • Blackberry Bold 9700:

Katie Price is a business woman and to maintain her dignity and to show her status in the business world she preferred to keep business phones such as Blackberry Bold 9700. It is very efficient phone load with all business required features along with QWERTY keypad, 3.2MG pixel camera, email integrated service etc.


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