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Eleonora Pons or more commonly known as Lele Pons by her fans, is a 19-year old self-proclaimed nerd born on June 25, 1996 in Venezuela. She was 5 years old when they moved to the U.S. and has lived there since then. After receiving her first phone at 15, her best friend convinced her to try out the new app, Vine. That’s when she started making hilarious videos and soon after, the Vine community noticed her and her popularity has risen beyond her wildest dreams.



A friend of hers introduced her to Vine, convinced her to try it out and is basically the one responsible for “Lele Pons” existence on the net. Her success on Vine is not just out of luck though, it is the fruit of her crazy stunts, deliberate falls, hilarious antics and hard work. People started revining her vines and talking about her because she is genuinely funny and is never afraid to look weird in front of the cam, which make things seem more natural and even funnier. She is credited as the creator of the “Do It For The Vine” phrase. That’s not surprising because she’s a total embodiment of the statement. Lele’s vine videos show her doing crazy, stupid and absolutely painful stunts, like a lot of falling, slipping and in one video, getting hit by a car. Well, as the saying goes, do it for the vine.


Pons now has a whopping 9.8 million followers and 7.2 billion loops! She is the first Viner to reach a billion loops and continues to be the most viewed person on Vine up to now. With the massive number of followers and views Vine stars get, advertising companies saw this as an opportunity to showcase their brands. So they sought the help of these Vine stars. Internet celebs like Lele get paid a huge sum of money by companies for just a 6-second endorsement video. Or sometimes, just having a brand’s product in one of her videos will rake her the big bucks.


Celebrityglory.com estimated that her yearly income is around $117,647 and that she gets paid around $26,144 for a 6-second vine endorsement. They also included in their calculations the achievements Pons has acquired, such as Teen Choice Awards where she got $180,995, Shorty Awards where she’s said to have received $147,059, and her millions of followers which brought her $112,045. According to the website above, Lele Pons earned a total of $661,228 just from her achievements alone. So imagine, if she makes 4 endorsement vines a month, and she gets $26k for each, that will be $104,000 a month, and $1.2 million a year! Whew. That’s a lot of money. And from a teenager!



Before becoming famous, Lele was an ordinary high-schooler who was bullied a lot by the cool kids. She said in an interview in Teen Vogue that kids bully her because she was weird. She reported attending the first day of school wearing a pirate suit and added that she just didn’t care. Also, she said that she’s not like the cool girls, she’s the other kind, the nerd-and-proud-of-it kind of girl.


Lele also told Teen Vogue that it was only after she started becoming big on Vine that people in her school started respecting her more, which she found weird, but was happy about it so she continued making hilarious videos.


A lot of her fans are also wondering who her boyfriend might be. In many of Lele’s vines, a handsome, hot gent portrayed as her boyfriend is always present. His name is Twan Kuyper. They’ve been seen tagging each other as a significant other in their vine videos and people are going crazy shipping their love team. Hopefully these two come out and just say they’re together soon so the fans can ship them harder.



In 2014, Pons earned a Teen Choice Awards nomination for “Choice Viner” and was also nominated for “Viner of the Year” at the Streamy Awards. The following year, she was nominated for “Vine Star of the Year” at the Shorty Awards.


Lele proved to be a very successful viner as she continues to achieve a lot. She was the first to reach billion loops on Vine, is still the most viewed person in the site with 7.2 billion loops, and just recently, was invited to the White House. Yep. She was invited to the White House by none other than the First Lady, Michelle Obama.


Obama invited a group of famous Viners, including the top female Vine star, Lele. This is for the start of her “Better Make Room” campaign. The said campaign aims to promote education and offer financial aid to students. The White House visit and meeting with the First Lady was well documented by a series of selfie turned into a Vine by Lele.

If those achievements aren’t enough to convince you how successful this 19-year old girl is, I don’t know what will.

That’s it everybody. For those who wants to check out Lele on Vine, she’s here at https://vine.co/Lele.Pons

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