A Look Inside A $159 Million Home – Le Palais Royal, Florida

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Le Palais Royal is a $159 Million mansion in Hillsboro, Florida, that most of us can only dream about. A look into a house we’ll never be able to afford.

America’s most expensive home: Massive Florida estate inspired by the Palace of Versailles to be sold for a whopping $159 million after the owner INCREASED the price
-Le Palais Royal is modeled after the famed Palace of Versailles in France and covers 60,500 square feet
-The mansion, located in Hillsboro Beach, Florida, is being sold for a whopping $159million after the owner first listed it in 2014 for $139million before taking it off the market
-It features six waterfalls, 11 bedrooms, a $2million marble staircase and $3million worth of gold leaf
-A new owner could move in now and live in the main home which is now 95 percent complete
-But it will be another two years until the second phase of the build is finished – it will see two 3,000sqft guest homes, a pool and underground entertainment space
-The entertainment space will include an ice-skating rink, go-kart track, bowling alley, and nightclub

Le Palais Royal: the most expensive private listing in America.
A look inside Le Palais Royal in Hillsboro Beach, Florida, currently the most expensive private listing in America. ONE Sotheby’s International Realty shows the interior of this 11 bedroom and 17 bathroom house. Construction tycoon Robert Pereria created this mega-mansion inspired by Paris’s Chateau de Versailles and on sale for $159m.

A 60,000-square-foot Beaux Arts mansion with a 22-carat gold-leaf entrance gate has just listed for $139 million, making it the new most expensive home officially on the market in America.

Take a look at these marvelous architecture and admire it’s extravagant design.

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