Mark Cuban Net Worth, Money and More

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Net worth : $2.4 billion.

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Mark Cuban is an American Business man and investor with an estimated net worth of $2.4 billion as of March 2013.


Life & Career

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Cuban was born in 1958 in Pennsylvania into a Jewish family. From a young age of 12 Cuban began working. He started selling garbage bags in exchange of money to buy basketball shoes. He attended Mount Lebanon high school, and during that time he worked several jobs like disco dancing instructor, bartender and party promoter to earn his pocket money. After attaining a bachelor’s degree in business administration, Cuban moved to Texas and worked as a salesman for “business Software”. Soon he was fired and Cuban started his own company called Micro solutions. The company produced technologies like Carbon copy, CompuServe and lotus notes. Within a few years, Cuban sold the company to H&R block for $6 million. five years later Cuban started an audio net called By 1999 had over 330 employees. Soon in 1999 Yahoo! bought for $5.9 billion worth of yahoo shares. Cuban’s hard working skills made him a man who made over $2 billion. Cuban along with his business partner Wagner contributed in a venture called 2929 Entertainment. The company deals with the production and distribution of films and music videos. The firm later purchased 58 movie theater chain called Landmark theaters. the company produced a TV show “star search” broadcast on CBS and also produced a movie entitled “Bubble” which was directed by Steven Soderbergh. Since 2004 Cuban started working with ABC television and produced a TV series called ” The benefactor”. Apart from this he is also the owner of a social software company called Ice rocket. He also owned Red swoosh a p to p technology which was later acquired by Akamai. He is an inventor of Weblogs which AOL later acquired. Apart from this Cuban has invested in several companies like Brondell Industries,, Mascot books, and Apart from this Cuban is a follower and believer of the philosophies of Ayn Rand. According to him paying more taxes to be patriotic is something someone can do. His political views are libertarian. Cuban has made several donations into political campaigns. He also tried to convince New York city mayor Bloomberg to run for United States presidential elections in 2008. Apart from his business ventures, Cuban owns a major stake in NBA’s Dallas Maverick. He bought the stake in the NBA team for $285 million. Apart from this Cuban has also invested in Several of World Wrestling Entertainment series. He has been fined over thirteen times for critical statements against the league and referees of NBA, and because of this Cuban has paid over $1665000 as penalty. Apart from this Cuban has featured in several TV shows and Films like ” Necessary Roughness”, ” Dallas”, “The Cook out”, “Lost at the sea” and many more.

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Cuban first got married to Tiffany Stewart who was an advertising executive in 2002. They got married in Barbados and a lavish reception was held at American Airline Center. The couple together has three children. two daughters named Alexis sofia and Alyssa and a son. Currently Cuban and his family lives happily in a 24,000 square foot mansion located in Preston Hollow area of Dallas.


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The owner of, the billionaire Mark Cuban made his first billion when he sold his web radio company to yahoo inc. With his first earning March Cuban decided to bring himself a lavish mansion in Texas Preston hollow where he currently resides. The home is in spread of 24000 square foot. This beautiful home features ten bedrooms and 13 bathrooms, has eight car garage, a pool, a cabana, a spa and a tennis court. Billionaire’s home is one of the most expensive and most lavish home in entire Texas.

Mark Cuban also owns a luxurious Yacht. His yacht is one of the most luxurious yacht ever built. the yacht is built by a Dutch luxury yacht company . The yacht is named as Fountainhead. The yacht is 87.78 in length. The yacht is customized with luxury features, and features master bedroom, 4 guest rooms, a pool, a spa room and a gym. The customized yacht is worth over $100 million.

Apart from this the NBA basketball team owner Cuban owns a Boeing 767 jet. He has customized the jet so that it cal fit the tallest player of his NBA team very easily. The jet was initially commercially operated by Australian owned Ansett Airlines, However now it is registered on Cuban’s name and is worth over $150 million.

Like Larry Ellison, Michael Dell and other rich and famous personalities, Mark Cuban also owns a luxurious Gulf steam 500 jet plane. This plane is the first to be built in ultra long private jet category. This jet is equipped with two Rolls Royce BR710-48 engine and the interiors is customized according to Cuban’s needs. The jet is worth over $200 million.

Apart from spending his wealth on luxury the billionaire Mark Cuban donates money in several political organisations, and is closely associated with Electronic Frontier Foundation. He also raise Fallen Patriot Fund to help families of United States military personnel who was killed or injured during the Iraq war.
Cuban has also launched an innovative Stimulus plan called Mark Cuban Stimulus plan which allows the individuals to post new ideas with the criteria to make profit within 90 days. If Cuban likes the idea he would invest funds in them.


Quote : Being rich is a good thing. Not just in the obvious sense of benefiting you and your family, but in the broader sense. Profits are not a zero sum game. The more you make, the more of a financial impact you can have.

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