Martha Stewart Net Worth, Money and More

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NET WORTH: $300 Million

PROFESSION: Businesswoman, Writer, Television Personality and Former Fashion Model

Martha Stewart’s name is synonymous with the world of living. Be it cooking, catering or decorating homes. This smart women has been a part of so many business ventures that it is almost impossible to count. She has been inspiring women all over the world with her bright and innovative ideas. Stewart has penned down her thoughts in various books and magazines from time to time.


Stewart was born in New Jersey to the proud parents Eddie Kostrya and Martha Ruszkowski. She is Polish. She had a pretty normal childhood, babysitting, playing, cooking, sewing. She used to model for Chanel is her college days. Around this time only, she fell in love with Andrew Stewart and got married to the man in 1961.


Stewart had a certain charm while decorating and renovating any space. She played around with a lot of different ventures, one of which was catering, something she started with a college friend in 1976. The experiment was quite successful. Certain difficult circumstances led to opening of her own store later on.

As fate would have it, Alan Mirken was so impressed by Stewart’s cooking and organization skills that he asked her to develop her work into a book, titled “Entertaining”.

Some of the many book written by Martha Stewart are Martha Stewart’s Quick Cook, Weddings, The Wedding Planner, Martha Stewart’s Pies & Tarts. Though things were going good on the career front, she and her husband, Andrew, separated in 1987 and finally, got divorced in the year 1990.

In the year 1999, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia went up on the NYSE, where each share had a value of $18. This value sky-rocketed to $38 per share and by the end, this trade had made Stewart into a Billionaire in theory. It was sort of downwind from this point as her shares dropped a lot of value and she was basically titled a “mess”.

Martha Stewart did some time in federal prison as well for conspiracy and obstruction of an agency proceeding, where she made some false statements as well. She served for five months. Also, a monetary fine of $30,000 had to be paid by her. Stewart got free from all the legal hassles  in 2005 and once again, started working for Martha Stewart Living.

Martha Stewart is continuously contributing to the cooking, crafts and gardening segments on NBC’s Today Show. She has widened her horizons by entering into the television world as well, though she does only special appearances. She has been a part of Ugly Betty, as a special appearance. Stewart played the role of a private school headmaster for a drama series called Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.


Apart from the various offenses that she has been a part of, there are hardly any eye catching events from a very commercial or a criminal point of view. She is good at what she does, that is the ultimate result. Even after going through a phase where she served in the federal prison, she rose above the occasion and re-launched herself.

Stewart had a daughter with her first husband, Andrew Stewart, whom she met during her college days. After her divorce in 1987, she dated quite a lot of men. She dated Sir Anthony Hopkins and Charles Simonyi for long periods of time, individually. She broke up with Simonyi in 2008.

Stewart has a tender vein for animals. She has dogs, cats and even horses! In the year 2011, Stewart’s name was given place in the New Jersey Hall of Fame.


– Turkey Hill Home

– Bedford Home

– Maine Summer Home

– New York Apartment

– BMW X3


– She is an insomniac.

– She used a special language while talking to animals!

– She is a big fan the Eminem.

– She does not like bananas.

– She’s crazy about hot dogs!

– She loves hiking while in her home in Maine.

– She has written around 76 books.

– She is a fan of the Yankees.

– She has around 200 pet chickens!

– She does not really like fragrances.

– She prefers baking to cooking.

– All of her animals are black and all the buildings are grey.

– She has tried to trademark a town’s name.


– “Without an open-minded mind, you can never be a great success.”

– “I catnap now, and then, but I think while I nap, so it’s not a waste of time.”

– “I want you to know that I am innocent- and that I will fight to clear my name.”

– “My new motto is: When you’re through changing, you’re through.”

– “I invented ‘It’s a good thing’  before you were even born.”

– “All the things I love is what my business is all about.”

– “A lot of TV people buy more than one of an item, in case they spot or stain in, but I don’t like buying duplicates- it is wasteful.”

– “I admire the courage and self-reliance it takes to start your own business and make it succeed.”

– “I believe in a man and a woman being equal. I really believe that we can do anything we set our minds to.”

– “I don’t even like firing people. I don’t think I’ve ever said, “You’re fired” to anybody.”


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