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The most successful Formula One racer of all time, Michael Schumacher is a legend. He dominated the tracks in 2000′s and won seven Formula One championships in his career. With a net worth of around $ 400 million, Schumacher was the highest paid racer at his peak. Sadly, he is retired now.



Schumacher was born on January 3rd 1969. He was born in Hurth-Hermulheim, in West Germany. He was practically born with speed in his blood. He started racing at the age of four with pedal kart. With his parents’ support, he became the youngest member at a Karting club in Kerpen-Horrem. At the age of six, Schumacher won his first club championship. He continued racing and winning championships in German and European kart races. In 1995, he married Corinna Betsch; and now has two children. Apart from racing, his favorite hobbies are horse-riding and football. He also used to play for a local football club. Personally, he dislikes the celebrity tag and prefers a simple life.


After his early start, Michael Schumacher made his Formula One debut in 1991 at the Belgian grand prix. He hit his stride in 1994 when he won six out of seven races. In 1996 he joined Scuderia Ferrari, turning their fortunes around. He began winning races for the struggling team. The next few years saw Schumacher win more championships that any other driver in the history of racing. His performance started deteriorating around 2005 and in 2006 he announced his retirement.


In 2010, Michael Schumacher made an astonishing comeback to F1 racing with Mercedes. The $ 32 million a year, for three years, got the racer out of his “retirement”. The comeback was not what anyone would have expected. Schumacher failed to create any of his previous magic, and remained a mediocre until he finally retired again in 2012.   In his career of over 19 years, Michael Schumacher dominated the tracks, broke many records and won several championships. And everyone knows that racing is an awarding sport. Also, Schumacher was one of the highest paid athletes in the world. With his huge earnings, he made sure to live life king-size. Though nothing extravagant for someone with that amount of money, Schumacher spent passionately. A lot of his priced assets are gifts though.



The speedster lives a luxurious life off-course. Michael Schumacher owns two villas in Geneva and a ranch. And, yes, he owns an island too! –

Lake Geneva Villa: This is the mansion where Schumacher currently lives with his family. This villa on the banks of Lake Geneva reportedly cost $ 35 million to build. With a living-space of 2200 square meters, this villa boasts of 40 rooms, a garage to park 29 cars, a helicopter landing area and a football field. It also has a theatre and bowling alley!What? Yes, Schumacher has made sure that all his family members get enough recreation in the house itself. There is also a 70-meter long trophy-room which displays all the trophies won by him.

Villa La Chenai: This is the villa where he used to live earlier but he still owns it. As he doesn’t live here himself, he gives it on rent of $ 26,700 per month. This is a great opportunity for the legend’s fans to live in his former house. Though smaller than the villa at Lake Geneva, this villa also boasts of 11 rooms, swimming pool, home cinema and a garage for 6 cars.

CS Ranch: His love for speed doesn’t end at cars; Schumacher has the finest horses on the ranch to quench his thirst of speed outside the race course. And talking about love, the ranch was a gift from Schumacher to his wife, as the name suggests- CS Ranch.Situated in Givrins, it is the largest privately-owned ranch in Switzerland.

The island: who doesn’t like to have an exotic holiday on an island! Michael Schumacher owns an island in “The World” off the coast of Dubai. This $ 7 million piece of man-made island was a retiring gift from Sheikh Mohammed to Schumacher after his last grand prix in Brazil.



He owns a jet, Ferrari, other cars and horses.

Falcon 200:  it is a 9-seater customized jet. It was a $ 22 million transport vehicle for Schumacher to and fro his races.

Ferrari FXX: it is a limited edition super sports car. Only 30 of them were made. 29 were given to pre-determined customers and the last one was a gift from Ferrari to Schumacher on his retirement in 2006. It’s worth $ 2.76 million.

Fiat 500 Abarth: the modest Italian race car is well suited for Schumacher’s habit of speed; the car goes from 0 to 100 in just 7 seconds.

Fiat Croma: this is a family car, for the family guy and his family.


Schumacher’s career has not been free from controversies. He was twice involved in collisions on track which decided the championship title. One was in his favor; the other got him disqualified from the entire championship. On several other occasions, he has been involved in fights, dangerous driving, breaking rules etc. for which he was given subsequent penalties.



Off the track, Schumacher has been associated with many humanitarian efforts. He has donated millions of dollars to charity. Schumacher is closely related to UNESCO, Red Cross and UNICEF. He donated 1.5 million Euros to UNESCO. He has also donated for the building of a school for poor children in Senegal and funded a hospital in Peru. As per some estimates, he has donated around $ 50 million throughout his life. He was also in the news for gifting a Ferrari 360 Modenna to the cricket maestro Sachin Tendulkar in 2002. Not exactly a charity though.   Few athletes have conquered the track as him. Schumacher was a legend of the sport. Critics say he retired at the right time in 2006 and his comeback was a little over-ambitious. But Michael Schumacher learnt from his mistake. He recently turned down an offer from Lotus for the final two F1 races the season. Why? Coz he is happy with his ‘new life’.

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