Mike Rowe,Net Worth,Money and More

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Net Worth – $35 million

Television host,Narrator,Actor,Opera singer and artist

Does Discovery Channel’s ‘Dirty Jobs’ ring any bells? That’s the show hosted by Mike Rowe for those who don’t know much about him. He is also a narrator for a series of shows of which the popular one being  the commercials for the ‘Ford Motor Company’. The  television host- turned- comedian is also an actor and an activist worth $35 million. And this feature talks on how he became successful,and raked in the moolah.

Privy life

Baltimore born Rowe was the son of parents who were were devout in nature.He studied in the Over lea High School and attended the Essex University and later graduated from Tow son University with a degree on communication studies.Narrating and reciting were close to him since an early age and probably, he would have to give credit to those habits that has bought him to what he is now.

He currently resides in California with his long time girlfriend.

Career- ‘The Perfect Host’

Rowe’s career kicked  off in Television as a host in the early 1990’s for a home-shopping Television channel called’ QVC’. From there on there was no stopping the  man meant to be the perfect host.He later went on to do shows like’ Channel 999′, ‘The Most’ with History Channel,’Your new home’ in Baltimore, ‘New York Expedition’ for PBS.

2001 to 2005 saw him do a host job for an evening magazine and he also appeared in news segments.This concept later evolved to what made him Richie Rich. The concept was ‘Dirty Jobs’.Discovery later swallowed him for the fan base he managed to build effectively and also impacted on a marginal rise in TRP ratings.

His first project with Discovery saw him do an archaeological show about the ‘Mummies of Egypt’ This could be told as his big break after doing small time shows.


Rowe the narrator

As  mentioned above, Rowe love to narrate and this has seen him carry an extensive background as a narrator for various documentaries like ‘American Choppers’, ‘Wild Pacific’, and most popularly the ‘Ghost hunter series’ that was popular with the viewers.He also pitched in for various companies, with one of them being Ford.He also pitched in for Lee Jeans, and other internet spots.

 Rowe became a spokesperson for Novartis animal health to educate pet owners about fleas. The campaign was cheekily called “The Dirty Truth about Fleas.”This was in 2012 which saw him become a famous narrator which popular companies queued up to grab him.

Mikey the millionaire

Mike Rowe has amassed his net worth through TV appearances and work as spokesperson for TV and radio, along with voice over work. His annual pay crosses the $10 million mark and now that’s quite  a  tidy sum for a person who started really small.His net worth grew thanks to ‘Dirty Jobs’ and is largely responsible for his current wealth status.

At least 10 million of his money came primarily from Discovery as a result of his shows like ‘How Booze built America. Comedy shows are meant to make people and you are watched only if you can make them laugh, her’s where he hit the jack pot by being a satirical comedian and had the audience rolling on the floor laughing.

Rowe being a pitcher, and an opera artist was just a ruse to meet girls but it bought him some moolah that when tallied, catapulted him to the big bucks league. The Baltimore opera saw him earn around $60,000 a season and four seasons are quite a handful of money.As on 2013, his annual salary was $12 million,according to Forbes.Being the spokesperson for Ford saw him earn another 1.35 million as per his contract with them. One could probably say Ford, Lee, Novartis and his small time shows are perfect examples of how he rose one step at a time to becoming a millionaire.

He is now amongst the top ten Television Show hosting millionaires in the world.Here’s how his pay grew from 2011, he was at $28 million followed by thirty and currently a net worth of $35 million dollars.

Charity and Causes

The fact that Mike is humanitarian  goes back all the way to the time he was a kid attending a Presbyterian Church. He  attributes this quality to going to church.He is responsible for various campaigns like ‘I make America’. and also supported trade school scholarships. His causes part was seen when he was a kid who won an Eagle  Scout award for helping the blind.

He also became an ardent supporter of the Novartis Animal care division.He also has a website called MikeRoweworks. In  that focusses on trade activism.Rowe supports the Entertainment Foundation Trust as well. His letter to President Obama on trade issues and difficulties were approved and appropriate measures were sanctioned and taken care of. This added another feather to his list of charity work in his humanitarian cap. Currently he is working with alternate education as a way to make people more educated about their environment.Here’s wishing you good luck!

For a multifaceted chap like Rowe, $ 35 million is quite less and with projects coming up with The National Geographic, we are sure to see him as a more richer and successful personality in the days to come.

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