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NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Oakland Raiders


Mike Vick has earned all his money being a football player who has played for almost 16 years now.


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Mike Vick, born as Michael Vick to the Brenda Vick and Michael Boddie in Newport of Virginia. He was the second child among their four and by the time Mike was born, the couple was unmarried in their teenage. As Mike Vick was born when they were not married, they kept him a name comprising of their names. His name had not got any surname as such then.

His mother used to go to odd jobs and obtain public financial assistance which her parents also helped her a lot. His father used to work a lot as a spray painted and sandblaster in the shipyards. They got married when Mike Vick was five years baby, but he was continued to be called as Mike Vick and not to use any such surname. The family was not in a capacity to enjoy the status and richness of what others used to and hence lived in a public housing project which was constructed for the lower classes of community. Their neighborhood was filled with crime like drug dealings, drive-by-shootings. Mike in order to escape the violence in the locality, he used to go fishing when he could, as such fishing spots were the only calm places in the locality.

His father, Boddie had to travel a lot due to his work, yet, he taught his children Mike and Marcus how to play football at an early age. Mike started learning the basics of football from his father when he was just a small little baby, who was then only three years old. Mike then slowly taught his young brother Marcus too the art of playing football.

Mike grew up with most of the time learning to play football and getting himself mastered in the art. His cousin, Aaron Brooks also significantly taught him some moves in football. They both used to spend their time at the Boys and Girls Club a lot. Football actually helped Mike in staying away from all the crime stuffs which happened in the locality. It avoided Mike spending time in streets and thus Mike went on concentrating on the game more and more to master it while other people in the locality were indulged in all the crimes in the region.

Mike pursued his schooling at Homer L Ferguson High School in the locality. Many people were impressed by his ability and skills in playing football. But later, the high school was shut down due to some renovation program in 1996. Then, Mike along with his coach Tommy Reamon at the Ferguson High School shifted to Warwick High School. Under the coaching of Tommy, he participated in all the inter-school football matches and played for the team Warwick Raiders. Tommy impressed by the skills of Mike, guided him to join Virginia Tech. According to his choice, Mike joined the Virginia Tech where football coach Frank Beamer had promised to take Mike into their team and provide further training. Mike was provided with a football scholarship and he along with his parents left the public housing projects.

In the Virginia Tech, Mike played as a redshirt freshman in 1999. It was his first inter college match and was against James Madison. Mike played spectacularly but had to suffer a severe damage to his ankle during the game and had to miss the remaining games. Mike also played a winning strategic part in the annual Black Diamond Trophy game. Mike started bring the redshirts to a more and more winning level and was thus soon appeared in ESPN, The Magazine issue’s cover page.

Later Mike won the nation’s top college player award given by ESPY and Archie Griffin Awards as the college football’s most valuable player. He had by now earned quite an amount playing in the matches and winning them. So he soon declared that he would be buying a home in an upscale section of Suffolk of Virginia so that he could get the rest of his family out of the public housing project in Newport.



In 2001, Mike was hired to play with the Atlanta Falcons in the NFL and he was there signed for a contract of $ 62 million for a six year period which had in it a signing bonus of $ 15 million. He again met with an injury in the 2003 season of NFL but yet he and his teammates went on to win the acclaimed AFC South Crown in 2004. Later, in 2004, the team officials provided Mike with an extension in their contract. It was a ten year extension worth a whopping $ 130 million.

But suddenly, in the upcoming games, there was a gradual downward of Mike due to his poor decision making, circle of friends and his arrogance. After getting indulged in a lot of controversies, Mike was suspended from the NFL and later went into bankrupt. Then, again in 2009, he was taken back to NFL after he went into his full punishment. He started playing games regularly once again.


In 2004, a truck registered to Mike was held and the two men driving it were arrested due to illegal transportation of marijuana. Mike was then taught by his team coach on how important is it to maintain his reputation and for the sake of it how important is it to choose good friends. Later in 2005, A lawsuit was filed against Mike that he had transmitted genital herpes to Sonya Elliott and that he hadn’t inform her that he had it.

In 2007, Mike was again drawn into controversies when authorities found evidences of Mike linked up with some illegal dog fighting and later when Mike admitted it, NFL suspended him immediately. He was in prison for 23 months in connection with th e cruel dog fighting game. Later when he was released in 2009, Mike soon went bankrupt.


Mike while playing football has also endorsed for many products of various companies like Nike, EA Sports, Coca-Cola, Hasbro and a lot more.


Mike is the proud owner of the luxurious $ 3.2 million worth mansion situated in the northern suburbs of Darlington Run. The mansion has a pool room, a movie theater to watch his favorite movies, eleven bathrooms and eight bedrooms and also a garage with the capacity to park four cars inside. He also is the owner of some costliest cars like Infiniti QX56, Cadillac Escalade EXT, Jaguar XJB, Lexus LX570 and Audi ABL to name a few.

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