Missy Elliott Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth : $50 million.

Melissa Arnette Elliott, popularly known as Missy Elliot is an American rapper, record producer , singer and song writer. She has an estimated net worth of over $50 million.


Early Life and Career


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Missy was born in Portsmouth Virginia. As a kid she often sang for her relatives and neighbors. from the very young age, Missy was sure that she wanted to become a star. Missy’s childhood was traumatized as she was regularly raped by her cousin for a year till a relative found what was happening. She also witnessed her parent’s abusive relationship. During this Missy sent several letters to Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson asking for help. When she was a teenager Missy and her mother left her father. Missy was now free from worries about her mother getting physically abused by her father. Missy focused on her career and formed a hip hop group called sista, however due to lack of financial support the group split up. Missy doesn’t look like a beautiful Hip- hop star however she got a chance to make her own label called ” The goldmind inc” with Elektra Records. Missy released her first album in 1997. The album was entitled Supa Dupa Fly. The album went platinum. The success of the album made Missy appear as the Rap artist of the year on Rolling stone magazine. Two of her next album also went platinum. Missy’s album released in 2002 entitled “under construction” set record of selling 2.1 million copies in United States alone. Missy won two Grammy awards in 2002. two Grammy for her song “Get ur freak on” . she also won two Grammy for “work it” and “scream”. Apart from her music career Missy appeared in several TV series, ad campaigns and films. Missy has worked with several big names like Timberland, Ciara, Jodeci, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Jay-z, Madonna to name a few.
There were talks about a Biographical film about Missy’s life produced by Robert DE Niro in 2005. Missy has also appeared in several TV series like “MTV cribs”, “I love the 90’s”, ” Oprah Winfrey’s Legends Ball” to name a few. She has also worked in films like Potties Tang, Fade to Black and Honey. After her album release in 2005, Missy worked behind the camera as a producer. She earned a huge chunk of wealth by producing music videos like Cole’s “Let it go”,Jennifer Hudson’s “i m his only women, and many more. Currently Missy is enjoying her Career and her life to the fullest exactly like she imagined since childhood. Currently she is on break from her career as she is recovering from Hyperthyroid disorder called Graves’ disease. She is expected to return to her music career in Mid 2014.



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Missy Elliot had a troubled childhood. After leaving his father she stays with her mother. She share a very special and close relationship with her mother.
It is been said that Missy is a Bisexual. she has been in relationship with several beautiful lasses and handsome lads. During the start her career she was in relationship with Karrine Steffans, Da Brat, and Tim Mosley. She was also romantically linked with Jay-z. But all the rumors were at rest after Missy started dating Nicole Wray in 1996. The couple stayed in a happy relationship for a year and decided to part ways in early 1998. While Missy was dating Nicole she had an affair with Trina. In 1999, Missy started dating Faith Evans but the couple broke up the same. In 1999 Missy started dating American R&b singer Tweet. The beautiful ladies stayed together for 3 years. The couple separated in 2002. Soon in mid 2002, Missy started dating Singer Olivia Longoot. The couple maintained relationship for 2 years, but soon things went sore and they broke up in 2004. Currently a report from MTO suggest that Missy is in relationship with Sharaya J, an aspiring rapper from Hawaii.




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Missy Elliot earns her exceptional high wealth from singing, production and song writing. She has an estimated net worth of over $50 million as of 2013.
Missy loves to live her life like a dream. She loves to flaunt everything she has and is very much in love with her cars and home.
Missy owns a huge 13000 square feet house in Virginia Beach USA. The center of the house has a huge slab of glass with her signature engraved in it. According to he, the signature engraved marked her territory in the house. Apart from this the interiors has modern Touch to it. The home features a classic american office, a conference room along side the office, a personal gym which Missy hardly uses, a huge white Ball room with white flowers and white piano, an gigantic indoor pool, gourmet kitchen, in house elevator, film theater, two master bedrooms, 3 guest rooms and 7 baths. Missy’s exceptionally beautiful home is worth over $10 Million.
Since her childhood Missy always loved cars. As a kid she use to dream about driving the luxurious wheels. Her dream has now come true. she owns a Bentley, Lamborghini, a Ferrari, one Porsche 911. These luxurious beauties has a combined worth of over $900,000.
Apart from spending her wealth on luxuries, Missy is closely associated with several charitable organisations. She is closely associated with PETA. She also promotes MAC Glam V lipstick from which 100% of sales go to MAC AIDS funds. She also appeared on Extreme Makeover and gave four scholarships for weight loss program.


Quote : My Struggles is a record close to me. It’s about what I went through at home living with an abusive father.

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