Prince William – Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth: $40 Million


Profession: Duke of Cambridge, officer in Royal Air Force


William Arthur Philip Louis better known as Prince William was born on 21st June 1982 in St Mary’s Hospital, London, United Kingdom. He was born to the late Princess Diana and Prince Charles. William holds several royal titles like the “Earl of Strathearn”, “Baron Carrickfergus” and “Duke of Cambridge”. Prince William is the second in line to inherit the British throne.

Education and Career:

William started his schooling at Jane Mynors’ nursery school and the pre-preparatory school both in London. After that he attended Ludgrove School and was privately tutored during summers. There he participated in football along with swimming, basketball, clay pigeon shooting, and cross country running. After which William got admitted to Eton College where he studied geography, biology and history of art obtaining an A in geography, a C in biology and a B in history of art.


After completion of his studies Prince William took a year gap and joined British Army in Belize, worked in English dairy farms, taught children and did many day to day life activities. He also lived with other young teachers, sharing in the common household chores, including cleaning the toilet, and also volunteered as the guest radio jockey for the local radio station. Later he earned a degree in subject geography from university of St Andrews and is going to earn Scottish Master of Arts Degree. Currently Prince  has left the army and has comeback to take charge of royal duties and take care of his country men’s need.


Personal Life:

Prince William is a descendant of William the Conqueror (first king of Norman England) after many male and females who have taken the thrown. He is therefore also a descendant of Charlemagne.

Prince Williams parents got divorced in 1996 and his mother Princess Diana was killed in a car accident in 1997. It was a big disaster for William and his brother Harry  to endure and overcome the intense media interest followed by the death and funeral of Princess Diana

prince kate

William, who is considered one of the world’s most eligible bachelors, his relationship with his long-term girlfriend Catherine (Kate) Middleton whom he met at University in 2001 was closely noticed by the people. Kate is from a middle class background family with no titled connections. Before they became each others and got married their 9 year of relationship had to pass through many difficult circumstances like threat of legal action over harassment from press and breakup news of the couple for few months in 2007.



Prince William is reported to have asked Kate to marry him during a holiday in Kenya after which the engagement was announced on 16th November 2010 and the engagement ring  given by Williams to Kate was the ring of Williams late mother, Diana’s ring. The couple got married on 29 April 2011 in Westminster Abbey. Prince William and Catherine were made Duke and Duchess of Cambridge by the Queen on their marriage. They live in North Wales where Prince William was a serving helicopter pilot in the Royal Air Force. The couple had their first official Royal Tour to Canada in July 2011, and they went to places like Malaysia, Singapore, Solomon Islands, and Tuvalu which was the part of Queen’s Jubilee celebrations in 2012. Prince Williams marriage to commoner Kate Middleton has became famous by the name as the wedding of the century. The couple has a baby boy named Prince George, who was born on 22nd July 2013. The baby is born with the silver spoon and is expected to inherit $1 billion just after his birth.


Earnings and Financial details:



The Prince by his birth in the British Royal Family has always enjoyed a privileged existence. Prince William was a serving Helicopter Pilot of search and rescue of the Royal Air Force as a flight lieutenant. His salary is around $61,388. However the vast majority of his money comes from an inheritance from his mother, Princess Diana, which she has left for him and his brother. Ever since he has turned 21, he had access to the $450,000-per-year investment profit off of the $10 million what his mother has left for him. Once he had turned 30, he is able to access the entire $10 million.

Also a large part of his estimated net worth of $40 million comes inherited from his family which owns several expensive items like jewelry, art objects and paintings along with stock market holdings valued at billions of dollars. Prince William receives a decent percentage of a privy purse estimated to be in the region of $90 million funded by the UK taxpayer. Also Prince Williams Ducati 1198 motorcycle has made him earn nearly about $33,000. Also a lot of income is getting added to his earnings through all the money invested in properties like houses, resorts hotels etc. which is not held by him but is under the royal family’s name.


Luxurious Life:



William’s royal status enables him to lead a very luxurious lifestyle. The Prince mostly resides in the iconic Kensington Palace in London which is his designated official home. William loves to spend quality time with his wife and use his spare time to go for vacation and holiday destinations like France. He is an avid biker and loves to go on long bike rides in his Ducati super bike 1198. A Rolls Royce car serves as William’s official car. He is a sports enthusiast and loves playing polo and watching his favorite football club Aston Villa in action. William is actively involved with several philanthropic causes, is a part of several associations which help mankind and also has started his own NGO, “The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry” with the stated aim to extend help to underprivileged people. William has also done stellar work to help out the unfortunate victims of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.



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