Renee Zellweger-net worth, money and more

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Net worth: 45 million dollars

Career / Profession: Actress

I remember just lying in the grass, staring at the clouds, wondering where they drifted off to after they floated over Texas. I never would have imagined that one day I would follow one of those clouds and find myself in Hollywood

-Renee Zelleweger

Renee Zellweger is one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood. She has been honored with several awards, one of which is AcademyAward. She gained a strike success in her career with “Jerry Maguire” with Tom Cruise. Sice then there was no looking back for Renne. She climbed the ladder of success. She is a hardworking person. She puts in a lot of effort in her roles. She even gained a lot of weight and acquired the British accent for her movie, “Bridget Jones’s Diary”.


Marital status:

She entered into wedlock with the singer, Kenny Chesney on 9th of May 2005 at St. John Church located in the U.S Virgin Islands. The wedding was preceded over by just close friends and family members. She wore a beautiful gown which was designed by Carolina Herrera. However, the couple could not go long and broke up just after 4 months of marriage because of different objectives.


Richly possession: Estates and Homes

Connecticut Home: $1.32 million

Renee Zellweger owns a estate home in Cotton Tavern. This house was built in 1770 and she bought this house in 2004. However, she put this house for sale for 1.5 million dollars. She re-furnished this house in the colonial style so the money put up is worth it. The house went under several renovations in 7 years while she was leaving in it. It is located in the country side of New England in the little town of Pomfret. It is 42 miles away from capital of Connecticut. It is spread over a vast area. It can be well imagined as the size of mere living room is 3400 sq. ft. The house has distributed set of rooms like the master bedroom, two other bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. It also has a 1 cottage which as 1 bedroom and recreational area. It has lush green gardens, woods and located near the Quinebaug River. It is spread over 39 acres. It also has a helipad, terrace, a big swimming pool. It is built in barn style, barn doors. It also has a modern kitchen, equipped with all the electronic appliances, it is also well furnished. The design of the bedrooms is lavish and grand. It also has wooden library, and a dining area. The room for TV is close to the library. It has a room which offers a lot of light, which is called sun room. The ceilings have vaults carved in them. There is no nearby neighborhood. Hence the place offers privacy and calm surroundings. All the connections from the outside world are cut because of the place, Connecticut.



  •  Mini Cooper

Renee Zellweger is the proud owner of a dark blue Mini Cooper. She has been spotted in Santa Monica in California standing behind this car and posing for a photograph. It is a convertible car with black rooftop. It is designed in a retro look and has chrome furnishings which contrast the roof. She has however modified this car by spending 28,000 dollars to get her taste and touch. The upholstery is now made of nappa leather. The car also has a stereo.

  • Toyota Prius

Renee Zellweger also owns a Toyota Prius which runs on gasoline power as well as electrical batteries. She however met with an accident when she was driving Prius in 2010. It was when she crushed the car’s bumper into a park. The car suffered a lot of damage and also had a dent However, she was unharmed and since then she drives this beauty at a very low speed.


  • Mercedes G500

Renee Zellweger also drives a Mercedes G500. However she met with an accident while accident while she was driving in Beverly Hills in August of 2009. It was when a abrupt turn was made a Ford vehicle driving in front of her and rammed the car. No major injuries were made and the car also suffered minor damages. However, she did not drive the car after that accident. She had to take the help of LA police to bring the car home.


  • Mercedes E63

Renee Zellweger owns a black Mercedes E63. She takes this car when she goes for shopping. She has been spotted several times with this is one of the most exquisite cars in its league with Led lights, sporty looks, and wheels made out of alloy. It can touch a speed of 100 km/ hr in mere 4 secs and the maximum speed offered is 300 km/hr. It cost her 88,000 dollars and has beautiful interiors and a good quality of leather upholstery.


What can she do with the money she has?

With the amount of money Renee Zellweger has, it is enough to buy:

1. 15,831.1 pieces of Valentino Lace on Wool Couture Dresses worth 3,790.00 dollars each.

2. 241,080.03 pieces of Terlato Vineyards 2010 Pinot Grigio worth 248.88 dollars each.

3. 114,285.7 pieces of Prada Polarized Sunglasses worth 525.00 dollar each.

Renee Zellweger has enough monet that she can give everyone in Burma 1 dollar.

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