Russell Brand Net Worth, Money and More

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Net worth: $15 million

Career/Profession: Comedian, actor, Radio host, and Author

Russell Edward Brand commonly known Russell Brand is an esteemed comedian, radio host and actor. He has achieved this accomplished career due to his acting and writing skills. He has an estimated net worth of about $15 million. His acting skills were forecasted in various animated movies too.

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Haunted Childhood:

Russell was born in Essex, England. He is the son of Ronald Henry Brand, a photographer and Barbara Elizabeth Nichols. He is renowned for his British accent and his comedy acts. His childhood was quite haunting for him. He was sexually abused by his tutor. His mother suffered from Uterine and breast cancer both. During this period he was forced to live with his relatives. At the age of 14 he was found to be suffering from bulimia nervosa. He left his house when he was 16 and get addicted to drugs such as LSD, ecstasy etc. Due to this habit and low attendance he was suspended from his school.

Fields he explored in his career:

  • As A Comedian and actor:

Brand is always seen performing comedy acts in several movies and in television shows too. He was starred in Bedtime Stories, Penelope, The tempest, Hop, Arthur etc. the television series in which he made an appearances involves Cruise of the Gods, White Teeth, Cold Blood, Big Time Rush, The Abbey, Mud, The Bill etc.


  • As an Author:

Russell possesses a secret love for writing. He signed a deal with HarperCollins worth $1.8 million. His first book was Articles of Faith. It has philosophical contents in it. It came into market in 2006. His second book was Booky Wook2: This Time It’s Personal.

  • As a Radio Host:

He also hosted a morning show on London’s Indie Rock Station in 2002. After four years he started his own show entitled as The Russell Brand Show which was aired on BBC Radio 6 Music.

Spacious and Well Furnished Bungalow:

Russell Brand owns a well furnished apartment which is located in Los Angeles. The house is situated in hilly and affluent area. It is worth $3.4 million and has a Mediterranean look. This is like a mini castle apartment providing scenic downtown view of Los Angeles. It covers an area of about 4,700 sq feet having four bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. The couple transformed a garage into a styling room. The apartment had a big lawn which covers a playing area and a swimming pool in it. The living room follows a white theme and gives a bright overlook. The kitchen is well furnished and consists of modern equipments. It has a master suite which gives them a feeling of ballroom having 13 foot ceiling over it. The master suite mainly consists of spa bath and a fireplace. The exteriors of the house include French doors and windows. Adjoining to the pool area there is a comfortable seating area furnished for them. They bought this beautiful house for $3.25 million.

Cars that he owns:

  • Mercedes-Benz: Russell Brand owns a silver white Mercedes-Benz S car which is enough to provide a rich appearance. He was spotted with it at the Hollywood party which was held in Los Angeles. The car has 18 inch wheels, Led running lights, power rear sunshades, highly beamed headlights and panoramic sunroofs. It was worth $95,000 with various exciting features such as voice controls, night vision systems which provides warnings, CD/DVD changer etc.
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  • Range Rover: This is another rich possession that Russell owns. He was regularly spotted in Range Rover in Los Angeles. This car has alloy wheels, big grille and is metallic painted over an aluminium body. It gives a smooth drive to Brand even on the rough roads.

Causes he worked for:

  • Noreen Fraser Foundation:

Brand always donate and dedicate his large part of money to support Cancer Research Foundation. These foundations aimed at developing awareness amongst the people regarding women’s cancer. He supports Noreen Fraser Foundation which was established by Noreen Fraser. This NGO is also supported by various big names such as Ryan Seacrest along with Russell Brand.

  • Hillsborough Family Support Group:

Russell is family oriented guy. He believes in supporting lost families. So he started supporting an organisation which was established by the people, who lost their families in the disaster that took place in England on 15th April, 1989.

Various Brands he follows:

  • Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf: Russell Brand is always passionate about fashion trends. He looks trendy dressing himself with the Alexander McQueen Scarf at esteemed events. It is silk chiffon Italian scarf which has a printed skull along with an eyelash. This provides a stylish look and worth about $295.
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  • Brushed Ribbed Cardigan: Brand has been spotted with an oversized Burberry Cardigan various times. It had full sleeves provided his trademark being horn button which are always woven inside giving him a relaxed feel.  It gives a casual look and worth about $649.
  • Diesel Jlor Jacket: Russell was photographed with the Diesel Jacket while he was leaving London Hotel. It was bomber jackets that consist of nylon zip, metallic logo of diesel brand at the front and leather logo at the back. It has two pockets at the side of the waist. The jacket cost around $140.
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  • John Varvatos Mens V741 Sunglasses: Brand always used to wear sunglasses of John Varvatos brand. These glasses give a look of aviators giving him 100% protection from Ultra violet rays. It consists of rubber nose pads which are very comfortable and mineral lenses made of glass.

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