Shemar Moore Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth $4 million

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Shemar Franklin Moore is an American actor and former fashion model with an estimated worth of $4 million. He earns his wealth from working on several popular TV series and Films.


Early Life and Career


Moore was born in California and is of African- American ethnicity. Moore has major in communications and opted modelling as a career only to pay his bills. He is popularly known for his role in Criminal Minds. Character of Derek Morgan which Moore played in over 200 episodes of Criminal Minds tremendously spurted his career. Before this Moore played Malcolm Winter im m”The Yound and the Restless” for eight years. He was the host of the TV Series ” Soul Train” for three years. Moore has very high female fan following because of his modelling career. Moore often modeled Shirtless and erotic shorts. Moore has worked in several TV Series like “Living Single”, ” The young and the Restless”, ” Arliss”, ” For your Love”, ” Malcom and Eddie”, ” Half and Half” and his most popular ” Criminal Minds” to name a few. He has begged several films too during the course of his career. He has played a lead role in the movie ” Butter” and small roles in movies like ” How to Marry a Billionaire”, ” Chasing Alice”, ” Motives”, ” Reversable Errors”, and “Kill me, Deadly” which is currently in post production stage. Moore has been nominated for 17 Awards in total and has won 8 Awards in total.



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Shemar Moore has a very long list of beauties drooling for him. He has been in a relationship with over ten Hollywood beauties. He started dating Bobbie Phillips in 1993. The couple dated for a year, later the relationship went sore and couple decided to part ways in 1994. Soon after, the sexy lad started dating famous Grammy award winner Toni Braxton, but soon the couple decided to split in 1995. Moore was heartbroken after breaking up with Toni and took almost two years to get over her. Soon James Bond beauty Halle Berry stole his heart and Moore and Halle Berry started dating in 1997, they parted ways in a year after having a fling. Since then Moore dated Claudia Jordan, Ashley Schoot, Kimberly Elise, Gabrielle Richens and Lauriane Gillieron to name a few.

Apart from getting into rumors with many Hollywood beauties, Moore seem to be in the eyes of relationship police ever since, may be because he has been in relationship with many girls but never committed or engaged to anyone of them. This time there has been countless rumors stemming that Shemar Moore is gay. The rumors gained momentum after some scandalous photos leaked over the internet in 2007. Moore was seen nude at a gay beach in the photos. When asked about his sexuality, Moore quoted, ” Look I had no problem what I have a problem with is they’re making such an issue out of me being gay. I’ll say it right now :i’m not gay. I love women. Women are God’s greatest Creation”.



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Shemar Moore loves to live his life king size. He loves beautiful girls and beautiful homes. Actor resides in 1,555 square foot condo worth $1.1 million. The actor purchased the condo for $594,500. For the previous season of Criminal Minds,Moore was paid $50,000 per episode, Moore shoot around 200 episodes for the series, which added $1,0000000 to his wealth. Recently Shemar Moore has signed to return on next season of Criminal Minds and has reportedly doubled his fees from $50,000 per episode to $100,000 per episode.
Moore loves to cruse in his Porsche Gt which is worth over $75000.
Moore loves to spend his free time vacationing in Miami and spends most of his time on Miami Beach.


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Shemar Moore has been booked for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol several times. Of late he was once again booked for DUI and just a week after the actor was spotted raising his wine glass during a party in Toronto. Moore has a weakness for partying and is a regular at several clubs around the US. He often cruse for chicks during the late night parties and is known for being polite and friendly with fans. The actor is also seen many times flirting with fans on twitter. Actor has been under the scanner several time due to his flirting nature with his female fans.
Shemar Moore is also rumored of being gay.



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1) Image Award (1998) as Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Drama Series for ” The Young and the Restless”.
2) Image Award (1999) as Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Drama Series for “The Young and the Restless”.
3) Image Award(2000) as Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Drama Series for “The Young and the Restless”.
4) Daytime Emmy(2000) as Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for “The Young and the Restless”.
5) Image Award (2001) as Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Drama Series for “The Young and the Restless”.
6) Image Award (2002) as Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Drama Series for “The Young and the Restless”.
7) Image Award (2005)as Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Drama Series for “The Young and the Restless”.
8) Image Awards (2006) as Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Drama Series for “The Young and the Restless”.

Quote:I admire Brad Pitt, honestly, just because of how he started and the obstacles he had to overcome to have the career that he’s had.

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