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Net worth -$ 32 billion
Occupation- Entrepreneur


Stefan Persson is a Swedish business magnet, chairman and former Chief executive officer of Hennes and Mauritz. This company was initially started by his father in 1947, but later it was taken by his son; Stefan. Stefan was the only one who took this company at great height, today Hennes and Mauritz is largest apparel store of Europe. He is the 16th richest man of earth.

Stefan Persson was born on 4th October’1947 in Bjurholm. He was born to a Swedish family. He father (Erling Persson) was also an entrepreneur and he started H&M in 1947, his mother was Margit Persson who was a housewife.
Stefan did his graduation from University of Stockholm, and currently living in Stockholm with his wife and children.

Stefan Persson’s full name is carl Stefan Erling Persson, he is the chairman and the main shareholder of Hennes and Mauritz. This company was originally founded by his father Erling Persson in 1947, initially his father founded the first Hennes store in Vasteras in 1947, then later on he bought the clothing retailer Mauritz in 1965 resulting in Hennes and Mauritz which went public in 1974.Stefan took the reins of the company from his father in 1982 and served as its manager until 1998. Stefan was the only one who is majorly responsible for turning his Swedish fashion company onto international market’s peak. He led the company to a drastic exponential growth. Stefan also owns a substantial stake in the Swedish technology company, Hexagon AB.


Today H&M is the Europe’s largest apparel and fashion store employing about 76,000 people in over 22,000 stores spread across 37 countries. The sales of the company reached nearly more than $16 billion. In early 2000, H&M shares were considered by some financial analyst to be the world’s most highly valued stock in the retail sector. The reason he has been able to transform a small Swedish company into multi-billion dollar enterprise and make himself one of Richey rich is by quite a margin. He also serves as board member of Stockholm school of entrepreneurship, Electrolux and INGKA holding BV
According to Forbes survey of 2013, it reported that Stefan net worth was $28 billion making him 12th richest man on earth. Again in 2014 according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Persson net worth was around $32 billion making him 19th richest man of the world.

Stefan is also one of the founders of mentor Foundation, a non-profit organization that combats against drug abuse among young people. Respected people like queen of Sweden and queen Noor of Jordan are also the trustees of the organization. As the chairman of H&M, Stefan is known to run the company quite frugally.
In year 2000, Stefan achieved the international award (U.S) national retail federation

Personal life:
Stefan Persson married to Carolyn Denise Persson. They met each other while attending college at University of Stockholm. They have three children. After his retirement his eldest son, Karl Johan Persson took over as president and CEO of H&M.
stefan family

Stefan Persson likes to play tennis, golf and downhill skiing in his leisure time.
Wealth and Assets:
Money may not buy you happiness, but as Stefan Persson, the Swedish billionaire owner of fashion giant H&M is discovering – it can buy you an awful lot of property. Apart from his extravagant lifestyle, this Swedish billionaire has affinity amount of property. His one particular ostentatious symbol of immense wealth is the English village Linkenholt near Hampshire, which is owned entirely by him. He has two mansions and one whole village.
• He owns a royal and beautiful mansion suited in Stockholm in most populated area in Scandinavia. He lives in this mansion with his wife and three children. His Stockholm mansion is counted as one of most expensive and royal mansions of the world.
• Stefan another mansion is also one of most lavish mansion, situated in Wiltshire; it is ceremonial country in the south west England. This massive mansion is spread in 8,500 sq. foot of area it worth $15 million. Stefan uses this mansion for the hosts his partridge and pheasant shoots. This mansion is actually located near Rams bury, as he also owns Rams bury microbrewery.
stefan mansion
• In 2009, Stefan bought a whole village with approx. 40 inhabitants. This estate is spread across 2,000 acres of land which contains one cricket ground, 21 cottage leased to villagers and 15,00 acres of farmland. He bought this village in $40 million and it is located near Hampshire.
stefan mansion 2

Famous quotes:
• “I am pretty speechless at the moment, to be honest. I have not even had much time to think about it. These kinds of things are always so unrealistic when you think about it. You just don’t think about it much until it actually happens. So, now I guess I will have the next few days to think about this and enjoy it.”
• “I had a bit of an up and down year last year. I spent some time away from poker. But this year has been really good for me and I have done really well.”
• “I was really shattered afterwards … To get there is such an unbelievable result. But I was shattered for weeks. You go so deep, and then.”
• “In our industry, being first in a market is not everything. Customer loyalty is. And loyalty is not won by being first. It is won by being best.”

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