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Net Worth : $100 Million

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Steve Harvey also known as Broderick Steven Harvey is an American actor, comedian, television personality and entertainer. In 2013 Steve Harvey has an estimated worth of $100 million. He is considered to be one of the richest comedians of all time. He has just a few big titles under his credit which helped him earn millions throughout his entire career. His beginning as a coal miner’s son is very far from the luxurious life he is living today.
Harvey was born on 17th January 1957, in Welch, West Virginia. He graduated from Glenville High School in Ohio. Before his glory days, he has worked as a carpet cleaner, a mailman, insurance salesman and a boxer.


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Steve’s comedy career began in middle 80s, when he performed at several nigh clubs doing stand up comedy. In the 90’s he put his first foot forward and participated in Johnnie Walker national Comedy Search contest and came in second place. In spite of not winning the competition he came to the lime light and got noticed as was selected as the host of “showtime at The Apollo”.Afterwards, he got a starring role on the ABC show Me and the Boys in 1994. He also produced and co-wrote his own television series “The Steve Harvey Show” which ran from 1996 to 2002. In 1997, Harvey continued his work in stand-up comedy, touring as one of the Kings of Comedy, The comedy act would later be put together into a film by Spike Lee called The Original Kings of Comedy. DVD sales of The Original Kings of Comedy and Don’t Trip, He Ain’t Through With Me Yet increased Harvey’s popularity. Harvey also appeared in movies such as “The Fighting Temptations”, “You got Served”, voiced Buzz the Fly in “Racing Stripes” to name a few. He started hosting “Family Feud a classic American game show in 2010 and He also improved the ratings in 2012 it became the second highest rated show in syndication.Harvey continues to host the show till date. Harvey currently  host of a weekday-morning radio program, “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” since 2000 and “Steve Harvey” TV series, out of the five new talk shows to premiere during the 2012-13 television season, “Steve Harvey” ranks second and averaged 1.987 million viewers.  Apart from this Harvey appeared in TV series such as  “Me and the boys”, ” Me and the boys”, ” The proud family”, “My wife and kids” in his kitty. In 2012, Harvey performed his final stand-up act at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, ending a 27-year career as a stand-up comedian.


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Steve Harvey enjoys every bit of what he has earned over the years raising from rags to riches. He is renting a $22000 a month penthouse in Chicago. Steve Harvey’s Annual salary is estimated to be $85,000,000 which means Harvey earns over $354166 per day, $44270 per hour and $12 per second. Apart from His game show “Family Feud” and Radio show “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” Harvey became a relationship advice expert and wrote several books and columns on relationship. He also managed to fetch $5 million publishing deal for his book ” Act like a lady, Think like a Man”. Later the book turned into a film debuting at number 1 grossing over $100 million worldwide. Steve Harvey owned a Plano Mansion in taxes,it is 3.25 acres in size and it too can house seven cars in its garage. The house has five bedrooms, two half baths as well as five bathrooms. He later sold the house for $3.5 million. Currently he owns a five-story Atlanta mansion, with lush gold-trimmed velvet furniture, floor-to-ceiling artwork and a man cave that occupies the entire first floor, featuring a full bar, indoor golf course, walk-in humidor and movie theater which is worth over $4million. Harvey loves to cruse in his $450000 Maybach and prefer taking his Ford F150 truck worth $100000 on cruse daily. Apart from hosting and doing films and writing books, Harvey earns a fortune from his multi-million clothing line under his banner.


Harvey made headlines in 2009 due to derogatory comments made to him by fellow stand-up Katt Williams. The feud, which had been made public by Williams in years prior, came to a head during a joint performance on New Year’s Eve in Detroit, during which Williams used his stage time to launch into a tirade about Harvey, as well as other comics like Jamie Foxx. Harvey issued several bewildered statements to the press in which he confessed to have no understanding as to why he was being attacked by Williams.
In 2011 on his radio show, Harvey called Cornel West and Tavis Smiley, “Uncle Toms” because of their criticism of President Barack Obama.


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Steve Harvey has been married three time, he has four biological children, all from his first marriage, including twin daughters. Of the two previous divorces (Harvey is currently married) the drama and subsequent settlement was the most scrutinized with former wife and the mother of Steve’s children, Mary Lee Harvey. Mary Lee’s case was ultimately settled out of court, where it was expected that the ex-wife received somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 million dollars. In 2007 Harvey married Marjorie Bridges-Woods and is living a happy married life.


Quote:Failure is a great teacher, and I think when you make mistakes and you recover from them and you treat them as valuable learning experiences, then you’ve got something to share

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