Ted Turner Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth: $ 2 Billion


Who hasn’t watched a breaking news on CNN, or who doesn’t switch to CNN cable news once in a day. Yes almost every English news channel viewer flips through the daily broadcasting of the news to CNN, and the credit of which goes to none other than the philanthropist Ted Turner. Given the Birth name of Robert Edward, Ted is an American media mogul. In addition to be a founder of the CNN channel news he is also a founder of WTBs which is a pioneer concept of superstation in the industry of cable television.

To be a consummate at the field of charity he made an exemplary charity to the United Nations of $ 1 billion, in effect of which the United Nations created a United Nations Foundation which is a public platform for charity, this platform widens the support that united nation received for such business tycoons. The business and the empire that Ted effectively functions with today is a hierarchical property that he inherited, after the suicide of his father, at the age of 24. Ted was the heir to his father business of billboard which was worth 1 million dollars, in 1963 and converted it to a 7.63 million dollars business in the current business scenario.

Ted who was born on 19th November 1938 at Cincinnati, Ohio, United States completed his education from the McCallie School. He is also an Alma matter, an expelled student to be precise, of the Brown University. He is indeed a media tycoon known for the foundations of few of the world’s wealthiest business units like TBS, CNN Atlanta Braves, and WCCW.


His present net worth is 2 billion dollars which is an after effect of his work and organizations that are leading the world’s business markets in their own forums. The United Nations foundations also has him as one of the board of directors. Teed was not only a tycoon but also a talk of the town where he was nicknamed as “Captain Outrageous” and “The Mouth of the South”. His empire also includes a massive ownership of lands in United States which are used to re-popularize American bison meat. An animated series called “Captain Planet and the Planeteers” was one of his creations which was an animation based on environment themes.

In his early education times he had studied in a boys schools after which he joined the brown university where he an active member of the kappa sigma fraternity and also the vice president of the debating union of the brown university. The reason for him being expelled at the university was that he brought a female student of the university to the boys’ dormitory. Initially ted planned to do a major in classics but due to disagreement on the same with his father he agreed and changed his major’s subjects to Economics.

Ted had been a part of his family business after returning from the university. He joined as a general manager at his father’s business, but due to unprecedented death of his father he was offered the post of the chief executive and the president at one of his ancestral enterprise “Tuner advertising Company”. When Turner joined the Young Republicans, according to one of the books, It Ain’t As Easy As it Looks which is a biography by Porter Bibb, Turner said that “he felt at ease among these budding conservatives and was merely following in Ed Turner’s far-right footsteps”.


Living a life of a normal human being and not just a business tycoon ted married not once but thrice, but all his marriage were in vain. He is a divorce thrice with Judy Nye, Jane Shirley Smith and the last women of his married life Jane Fonda. Turner has five children from these three marriages.

One of the major deals that tuner carried out was signing of Technology broadcasting system at $50,000 which was later renamed as turner broadcasting system both to be TBS which strengthen the Superstation TBS. Turner does a humanitarian act. He is person who loves to show kindness towards the welfare of humanity. Keeping up his virtues towards the society he created the turner foundation in 1990 that majorly focuses on the grants and protection of the environment. Not only this, but with the help and an act towards environment Ted also created Captain planet the same year which is said to be a favorite superhero of the environment and also there were two TV series that features Captain Planet as the main character.

To add money and to his worth turner along with a Russian journalist founded the Moscow Independent Broadcasting Corporation which operated at the sixth frequency of the televisions of Russia. The duo also founded the TV-6 which is a Russian channel which was later sold to a private group including Boris Berezovsky.


The Tedd Turners association merged with the Time Warner with turner as the chairman and with which on 1st January Time Warner the name after the collaboration of the turner and Warner Company purchased AOL. At this time Turner had appointed Gerald Levin as the CEO and he continued with an important position in the company of a vice chairman. This way ted not only has a net worth of 2 million dollars but he has acquired a name and place in the hearts of the people by his good work and also by establishing a global enterprise for his organization and a platform to work for, for a number of employees.

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