Tim McGraw Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth –  $60 million


Actor, Song-writer, Singer

Louisiana born  singer Tim McGraw  would  have never  even dreamt that one day he would be eventually taking over Garth Brooks’ position as the most popular male singer in  the  genre of country music. Yet that’s exactly what he did, thanks to a string of multi-platinum albums, a high-profile marriage to fellow superstar Faith Hill, and Brooks’ own inevitable decline. The 46 -year old singer is now a multi talented millionaire. He is also the eighth best  selling artist in the world at present. Known for his trademark Cowboy hat, the singer turned millionaire is now the hottest property to be grabbed in the music industry.

Privy life

Tim is basically a Scot-Irish.His father was a former Baseball player who played for the Jacksonville Suns.During his college period, he learned to play guitar, and would frequently perform and sing for tips.He attended the Florida Community College at Jacksonville and later dropped out to pursue a career in music and headed to Nashville.

While performing a tour in 1996, an already engaged Tim met Faith Hill, and broke up his engagement with his fiancée,Scott Hendricks and married Hill.The couple have three children.


Being a part of the local band in Nashville,he first came to fame in 1990 when he  managed to send a copy of his demo to Curb Records through his father who knew some people in the label. After playing his tape in front of the executives, Tim was handed a recording contract. His first album in 1992 , “Welcome to the Club”, “Memory Lane” and “Two Steppin Mind”, got him  nationwide attention and mixed reviews.

1994 saw him bring out his second album, ‘Not a second too soon’ which fared better than the first album.It topped the billboard 200 an brought him a profit of $6 million.  For a red hot talent like Tim, didn’t take long  to craft the third album. In 1995, “All I want ” was released to another commercial success. It sold over 2 million copies and climbed up to number 5 on Billboard Hot 200 chart.

His good fortune continued as he progressed on with albums like, ‘A place in the sun’, ‘Set This Circus Down’, ‘Live like you’re dying’,2002 saw him create a session musician band called, ‘Tim and The Dance hall Doctors’. Along with his wife, Faith Hill, he went on to release 7 more albums,all of it catapulting his ratings sky high.

His acting career began in 1997 with ‘The Jeff Fox worthy Show’ .Tim introduced himself to the acting world in 2004 when he appeared as an overbearing father of a running back on high school football drama “Friday Night Lights”. He scored a leading role in 2006 feature film “Flicka” but took a small role in 2007’s “The Kingdom”. He also played Sandra Bullock’s husband in award-winning film “The Blind Side” and his song “Southern Voice” was used at the closing credits. Another big screen role came in 2010 when he played husband  to Gwyneth Paltrow in the movie “Country Strong”.

He received positive acclaim for his roles in movies and that has contributed stupendously to his acting career,thus leaving options wide open for Tim along with singing and penning lyrics.

Tim,the moolah maker

With every opportunity well utilized and oodles of talent,it isn’t surprising to say that the singer-actor is one of the best in the business today. His money came in from all the ventures to stepped into;acting, singing and song writing.Tim McGraw has sold 40 million units and released ten studio albums. He has had twenty-one #1 country singles  and this can be called rightly as the string that pushed him to the million dollar club.




With his wife giving him the much needed support, Tim has raked in more than just a tidy sum.The couple owns a bunch of lavish properties including their 6,430 square feet “Nashville mansion” worth $2,550,000 and a “County farm” in Tennessee, USA.  He also owns a County farm in Tennessee, which was previously owned by “Hank Williams Sr.” Tim bought the property in 2001, after paying a hefty amount, estimated in millions.

Now the man owns islands! what more do you possibly thinking of splurging your money on? He owns an island called Goat Cay on the Bahamian strip. Coming to his car collection, Tim owns  a Jeep Wrangler.Equipped with a commanding engine developing high ranges of power and torque, Jeep Wrangler delivers incredible performance. Next up he owns a dodge Charger  and got the engine tweaked to crank up its output to a peak mean rating of 652HP by super car alteration specialist Hennessey.

His main source of money came mainly from his chart busters. With Curb Records being the music label, His greatest album was  ‘Set the Circus Down’ which sold 108,000 copies that fetched him the bulk of the money.Tim and Hill also feature in the Top 17 richest celeb couples with a $135 million between them.  Richie Rich!


Tim has been active in giving back to the community. He was involved in helping  the hurricane hit parts of Mississippi and the Andre Agassi Charity Foundation.He is also a member of the American Red cross.


Tim won the ‘Academy of Country music’ awards in 1998 and 1999 followed by the Best Male artiste in 2002 followed by three Grammy’s 2001 and 2005. People’s choice awards in plenty followed from 1998 to 2003.

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