Tony Horton Net Worth Money and More

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Net worth: $ 10 Million

Profession: Fitness experts, exercise instructor, stand-up comedian  and an author. 


The actual name of Tony Horton is Anthony Sawyer Horton, Jr. He was born on 5th July 1958. Westerly, Rhode Island in United States is the birth place of Tony Horton. His permanent residence is in Santa Monica, which is located in California. He has started his career in year 1981. He is a multi talented personality. He has many professions like fitness expert, exercise instructor, stand up comedian and an author. His physical personality is also very impressive. His height is 5ft 11 inches. He is indulged in many fitness programs. His most famous and well known program is Boot camp style P90X home fitness program. His advertisements are quite frequent on American television. After his birth, he was raised in Trumbull, Connecticut. He completed his graduation from University of Rhode Island. In his university he became the member Phi Kappa Psi organisation. After his graduation he decided to become an actor and so he moved to Los Angeles. He struggled a lot to become an actor and he ended up as a stand-up comedian. He started the comedian job to earn some money for his survival. He was a fitness lover and so he took fitness as his profession. He joined World Gym to work out. This Gym is located in Venice, California. He worked with many famous professionals body builders like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno. He worked out to enhance his flexibility, speed, and balance. After sometime he met Mark Sisson who introduced the concept of interval training to him. Mark Sisson is the Former tri-athlete and Ironman competitor. In year 1980 he established himself in the profession of fitness. He became a personal trainer. He named his fitness centre as ASH fitness. ASH stands for the initials of his name. He opened his centre in Santa Monica.  He got many famous celebrities as his clients like Billy Idol, Tom Petty, Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks and Bruce Springsteen. He has also trained many well known Grammy winners like Ewan McGregor and Usher Raymond.


His Home Fitness Programs


In year 1998 he instigated two home fitness programs named Great Body Guaranteed and Power 90 in Home Boot Camp. These were his early fitness programs. Both the programs were basically for cardiovascular and strength training. In year 2001 he got quite successful because of his programs named P90X. This was a very famous program which includes powerful cardiovascular exercises along with strength and weight based training moves. This program has a 90 day schedule. He has trained many WWE superstars like John Cena, Hunter Hearst Helmsley and David Batista.

His program distribution

Go Go Gala 2009

His fitness programs are quite popular and so many well known celebrities have tried his programs. His fitness schemes have given remarkable results to many people and so these programs have become a big reason for his success. All his programs are marketed by a company named Beach-body. He sells his programs by mail order. His programs have associated nutritional supplements and gear.

Motivational Quotes by Tony Horton

Tony Horton is the very professional trainer. He motivates his clients by his quotes. Here is the list of some quotes written by Tony Horton.

  • Show up every day
  • You want to be a better soccer player? Football player? Basketball player? You want to perform everywhere better, do this!
  • Most workouts would be done by now, not ours, not done! You want guns? you got to work hard
  • Do your best and forget the rest
  • I’m pushing my own personal pause button
  • Just let the weight of your head do the work. Mine weighs about 600lbs. And not a damn thing in it.
  • Your steering wheel shouldn’t move unless you are driving a clown car or something




He is a very rich personality. His leads a very luxurious and lavish lifestyle. His profession has made a lot of money for him. His estimated net worth is said to be $10 million. He is considered to be the highest paid fitness trainer. He has performed quite well in his career. He earns around $3 million in a single year. He owns many properties and expensive assets. He is a multi talented personality. He has more than one profession. He has earned a lot of money through his professions. He makes a lot of money through his fitness programs. His fitness programs also have many associated supplements and these associated supplements are also very famous. . The blueprint of his program was stored in DVDs. It is said that Tony Horton sold more than 20 million of the copies of his program named P90X. With a single program he also sells other stuff like shakes and bars. He earned around $2.4 billion by selling his home based fitness programs.


His fitness videos

He has released many home based fitness videos. All his videos gained a lot of popularity. He even worked in two films named The Gymnast and Last Action Hero. In year 2007 he released an exercise series and named it as 10 Minute Trainer. He released many other exercise videos like P90X, Tony and the Folks, Tony and the Kids, Power half hour, power 90, and Great Body Guaranteed.

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