Vince McMohan Net Worth Money and More

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NET WORTH: $1,099,371,120


Vince McMahon’s net worth

Wrestling promoter of America, announcer, commentator, professional wrestler, the world famous Vince McMahon, who was born on 24 August, 1945 in North Carolina. He is also famous as Vincent Kennedy. He is graduated from Fishburne Military Institute.  He has achieved a lot of milestones in his life such as McMahon is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a brand named WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). WWE is a company which was earlier owned by McMahon’s father. He is also at the position of Chairman of Stamford. He has won world championship not only once but twice. McMahon is known as a character playing a ring master. 1999 Royal Rumble, this is also won by McMahon. There are a number of awards and titles which are under his name. Vince McMahon started working in his father’s organization in 1971. At the initial level he was given a small responsibility to endorse a little wrestling show. In that show Vince did very well and thus he received more protuberant roles in the company. After his father expired, he and his wife, Linda, took responsibility of that organization i.e. WWE. But he always wished to become a wrestler yet he was not given permission from his father. He was supposed to suppress his desires and was kept away from wrestling. Then he became a salesman and used to travel from place to place. His managerial skills were too great that he was he was given the event of promotion of his father’s organization, WWE Federation and he did it so well. Soon in 1969, he made his first debut film and it was so successful that gave him fame and he was recognized as a capable individual. Vince McMahon shaped his father’s organization as “Rock and Wrestling Connection”.


Moreover, being a wrestler he is also a film producer. He supported wrestling more than anyone else with $1.2 billion as a projected net worth. Due to this, he was a member of Billionaires Club which was organized in the collaboration of WWE Network in 2014. Along with a professional wrestler, occasionally also he has won many championships like ECW World, WWF and Royal Rumble 1999 Championship.

Current Net worth

Currently Vince McMahon has a probable net value of $1,099,371,120. But subsequently his price has shrank by a value of $163,657,281 dated 4 July 2014 but still he is the one and only leading and prominent wrestler in the world of specialized wrestling. Some titles of the stars like the “Rock”, “Undertaker” etc. has been created under the World Championship of WWE by Vince McMahon. McMahon’s net value increases as he also possesses shares worth 39,722,641 of WWE. 36,915,261 shares are governed by him directly and also 2,807,380 shares via a trust. Along with shares in the market of wrestling he has voting power of WWE and which is 80.9%. All this quadruples the net price of Vince McMahon. He spread out his money other than wrestling world also. His wife, Linda who is his Committee’s financial disclosure states that their family paid every bill from the shares that were taken from Apple. So, McMahon’s net worth was outstanding and he has earned a lot of money that he has targeted to municipal bonds for investing in the private verge funds.


Till the end of 20th October 2011, his family has earned an amount of $8.2 million to $29.9 million with all the interests along with dividends. All this happened in the period of 12 month only. This amount of money has reached to this extent because of the dividends that came from out sources like WWE pays to shareholders of WWE. They owns a number of bungalows in many different location which includes a mansion worth $40 million in Greenwich in Connecticut which is nearby to the headquarters of WWE’s corporate in Stamford and it is a drive of nearly 30 minutes from headquarters , a vacation home of $20 million and in Manhattan, he has a penthouse worth $12 million. Moreover, Vince also has a yacht which is called usually as “Sexy Bitch” and is a 47- foot long yacht. McMohan has proved himself with terms of net worth is major consistency of money and financial status.

Although McMahon is so wealthy, sometimes things were not in his favor as when Linda decided to have a seat at a Connecticut Council, she was unsuccessful and has spent around $50 million. Seeing all this figures and after calculating the amount which he lost, we can comfortably say that the Vince McMahon has a net value of no less than $150 million. This price is coming from the world which is outside of his wrestling world, or stakes in the WWE. His shares always smash on the highest peak of around $24 million in 1999, so adding all his savings from wrestling and from shares he had, roughly his family owns $1 billion now.  Approximately half of the shares of WWE are owned by Vince and that figure is around 57% of WWE’s share of common stock’s Class A. It contributes to nearly $39.9 million to his value. Till the March 2014, the amount which WWE is making transactions is $30.09 per share that makes McMahon’s stake assets $1.288 million.


Vince has been a great source of inspiration for all the people who want to make a career in wrestling and make a big name

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