10 Most Expensive Gifts The Queen Of England Received

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Christmas is just around the corner and giving gifts is at its highest peak. Even though most of us cannot afford to buy really expensive gifts to give our loved ones, we all can dream and dream we shall. So to feel all royalty and fancy, we searched the vast internet for the most expensive gifts ever given to none other than, Queen Elizabeth II – the most royal of them all.

The Queen’s most expensive gifts mostly are jewels, diamonds and the likes. These riches are the Queen’s collection of personal gifts and all of it belong solely to her. You can still see her wear these precious jewel gifts along with the other many gems she has. So what are we waiting for? Let’s start listing these stunning pieces of jewelry!

10. Vladimir Tiara 

First in the list is the Vladimir Tiara which was originally bought by Queen Mary back in 1921. It also known as the Diamond and Pearl Tiara. Queen Mary kept the Tiara for herself for many years until she eventually gave it as a gift to Queen Elizabeth II. 

9. Festoon Necklace  

Next is the Festoon Necklace which was originally made for King George IV. He asked for a necklace to be made out of more than a hundred and fifty diamonds, which came from the diamonds he already had. The picture above was the final product and it weighs a hundred and seventy carats! The King eventually gave it to the Queen of England as a present.

8. Burmese Ruby Tiara  

Garrad and Co presented the Burmese Ruby Tiara to the Queen in 1973. The Tiara is made up of rubies, gold, silver and diamonds. It has ninety six diamonds in total. The Burmese people believed that rubies have the ability to protect the wearer from illness and death. 

7. The King George IV State Diadem

This crown goes all the way back to 1820. The Royal goldsmiths namely, Rundell, Bridge, and Rundell made the crown specifically for the coronation of King George IV. After some time, The Diadam was given to Queen Elizabeth II, and remains in her possession to date.

6. Queen Mother’s Necklace

This stunning piece of jewelry initially belonged to Queen Victoria. Over time, it was also given to Queen Elizabeth II as a present. The weight of the said jewel still remains unknown, but it is noted to have about forty five large diamonds in it!

5. Prince Albert Sapphire Brooch  

Small as it may seem, this beautiful brooch is among the most prized pieces in the Queen’s collection. The Prince Albert Sapphire Brooch was given to her by the Queen Mother but was initially from Queen Victoria. Weighing around twenty five carats, the brooch is worth about four million pounds, however, many argue that it is worth more than that.

4. Queen Anne and Caroline Pearl Necklaces

The necklaces originally belonged to Queen Anne and Queen Caroline. When combined, the necklaces are worth more than four million pounds. As time went by, the two Queens began wearing more extravagant and larger jewelries to cornations and events. So the two necklaces were given as gifts to Queen Elizabeth II in 1947.

3. Collet Necklace and Earrings 

The Collet Necklace and Earrings were initially made for Queen Victoria in 1858 from the diamonds in her collection. She wore it many times throughout her reign and she was often seen wearing it in her portraits and paintings. The necklace alone has about thirty diamonds and it weighs more than twenty two carats. It was eventually handed down to Queen Elizabeth II as a present and she still keeps them to this day. 

2. Russian Kokoshnik Tiara  

This absolutely stunning piece of treasure used to belong to Princess Alexandra of Wales in 1888. Lady Salisbury gave it to the Princess and even personally watched over the making of the Tiara. The finished product is made up of sixty platinum bars and almost five hundred diamonds. Many say that each diamond weighs more than three carats already. The jewel remained in the hands of the Princess until it was presented to Queen Elizabeth II as a gift.  Up to date, it is still considered as one of the most magnificent gifts ever given to the Queen of England. 

1. Cullinan III and IV  

The Cullinan III and IV stones are considered as one of the most treasured riches in the whole world, with a price amounting up to fifty million pounds when combined. The Cullinan Diamond was found in South Africa and was given as a present to Edward VII. Queen Mary gave Queen Elizabeth II two Cullinans which was made into a brooch.

 Sure is nice to be a Queen, don’t you think? Let us know what you think about these treasures by commenting below. 

Happy holidays, everybody! Happy gift-shopping too. 🙂

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