Adam Deacon Net worth, Money and More

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Net Worth: $ 4 million

Career/Profession: Actor, Director, Writer, Rapper

Adam Deacon as the name itself creates an image of a versatile personality. He is a multitalented character who has become a youth icon in the present scenario. He is endowed with an acting, writing and directing skills. Along with these skills he has pursued his career as a qualified and artistic rapper. His full name is Adam Steven Deacon whose net worth is about $4 million.

Difficult survival after leaving home:

Adam Steven was born on 4th march, 1983 in Hackney, London. He was brought up by his English mother as his father left his family when he was two years old and they started their lives in Stoke Newington. Till today he got no information about his father. Since childhood he was passionate about acting. So at twelve he started his career as an actor. He joined the coaching classes at Ana Scher Theatre. At an age of 18 he left his home and lived in a hostel. He started doing various odd jobs on weekends for paying fees for his Summer preparatory school.


Slow start:

His career beginning was not so amazing, but later on it took a smooth ride. He began his career in acting as an actor by making few guest appearances in many shows starting with ‘Ali G Indahouse’, Shooters and ‘The Bill’ from Bill’s New Frock production. In 2004, he also played a role in the ITV series wall of silence. But he was still waiting for the real fame and popularity. He worked with Y touring Theatre Company at a very early age and went on several tours such as Cracked by Nicola Baldwin.

Major breakthrough by Kidulthood:

His career was at a slow pace as he was only appearing as a guest role, but his major breakthrough came up when he starred a leading role in the Kidulthood. It was an urban-drama movie where he worked against Ami Ameen.  It basically portrayed youth society in London. He was selected by Bafta Winner Noel Clarke for this leading role. He also worked as a co-star with Noel Clarke in West 10 LDN, which is similar to Kidulthood like program. He also cast in MTV show called Dubplate drama as Bones. He also worked with Noel on many other projects such as Adulthood sequel along with Tamsin Egerton and Emma Roberts. He also acted in Channel 4 horror show Dead Set.


Arunahood made him a rising star:

His net worth saw a rising graph when he signed up himself for Anuvahood in 2011. He was very frustrated with the speed of his career and he couldn’t take it anymore. So he planned for Anuvahood. He worked as a co-producer, co-writer and actor too in this movie.  He was funded $500,000 by Revolver Entertainment for its production. The performance of Adam in this movie entitled him with The New Face of Youth Cinema by Time Out Magazine. It was a mixture of authenticity and silly jokes. This demonstrated the street life of people in London with all its ethnicity and diversities. It also portrayed the violence and hardships around the city with comedy mixture too. Deacon performed this role very well as he belonged to this background and lived that world. He played a role of Kay, who a jerk was spending his time roaming here and there and wasting his time on unnecessary activities. This movie was being described as ‘a pulls-no punches’. This movie grossed over 500k in its opening week and rated number 1 at the London Box Office. It became highest grossed comedy movie in 2011 and most successful urban movie in British history. He came under the list of 30 British rising stars.


Biggest achievement:

The popularity and fame he got in 2011 is because of his work in Arunahood. This work was appreciated and applauded all over the world. He also won a Bafta Winning Award for his performance in it after Noel Clarke. He appeared as the rising star that season. He was supported by his best friend Michael Vu in writing and producing Arunahood.  He was very amazed and surprised by the support he got from the viewers. This award boosted his skills.


Diverse roles in various fields:

He also appeared in various supporting roles in several films such as Bonded by Blood, Shank, Everywhere and Nowhere, Jack Falls and Payback Season. He had also made a guest appearance in Victim in 2012. He also worked as a host in Music of Black Origin Awards with Miquita Oliver on November 2012 and there he came up as a stand-up comedian. He also tried his hands on music videos like ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ by Bashy and ‘Chip Diddy Chip’ by the Chipmunks. His music directing capabilities were presented by two sound tracks in Adulthood i.e. Adamhood and On It o8. In 2012 he came up with Outside Bet and Comedown. He also presented himself in Before I Die as Ambulance Driver and Hard Night Out as drummer by the Professor Green. He also worked on Bizness Woman by Plan B as beatboxer in 2006. He also believes in charity and so he became the brand ambassador of The Prince Trust.


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