Jimmy Buffett Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth : $ 400 million



Jimmy buffet was born on December 25, 1946 in Pascagoula, Mississippi. His origin is from Mobile, Alabama, U.S. his birth name was James William Buffet. He is an American songwriter, author, actor and businessman. He is famous for his music and songs are really out of the world. One can easily dance on the beats of the songs James Buffet. He often portrays an “island escapism” while he sings the song. He works with Coral Reef Band, with which he has recorded a number of hit songs throughout his life. Including “Margaritaville” which is ranked number 234th on the Recording Industry Association of America’s list of “Songs of the Century”. Another song by him “Come Monday” is also very famous. Apart from his music career, he is also a best-selling writer. The two restaurants are named after his songs “Cheeseburger in Paradise” and “Margaritaville”. He owns the Margaritaville Café restaurant chain which was named after his song and developed the “Cheeseburger in Paradise” restaurant along with OSI Restaurant Partners.

Personal Life


His mother is Marry Lorraine and father is James Delaney Buffet. He attended the St. Ignatius School where he played the musical instrument, Trombone, in the school band. He later shifted to Alabama. He was graduated from McGill Institute for boys in the year 1964. He recived the Bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi in the year 1969. He started palying Guitar at a very early age during the education life. After his graduation he worked as a correspondent for Billboard magazine in Nashville. He was married to a beautiful lady Margie Washichek in the year 1969. They soon get divorced and James married to second lady, Jane from her he got two daughters Savannah Jane and Sarah Delaney. Not only this he adopted a son, Cameron Marley and live in Sag Harbor, New York. They almost got separated in the year 1980s abut reconciled in the year 1991. His father died in 2003 after the few months his mother also died in September 2003.


Music Career


He began his music career in Nashville, Tennessee in the late 1960s as a country artist. He recorded his very first album in the year 1970, the Folk rock down to Earth. Buffet was found busking for tourists in New Orleans. He later moved on to the place, Key West where he established the easy-going beach persona. Juster after this he combined country, folk and pop music together and mixed them with coastal and tropical lyrical themes for “gulf and western” now he visits regularly to the Carribean and islands of Saint Barts to get the inspiration for the songs and the story and the characters for his books as he is a good writer too. His third album luckily was released in the year 1973 called A White Coat and a Pink Crustacean. In the year 1974, Living & Dying in ¾ Time and A1A was released and Havana Daydream in the year 1976. The breakthrough performance can be seen in Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes which was released in the year 1977. His last album Huckleberry Finn on Mark Twain: Words & Music was released in the year 2011.



He wrote two number1 best seller books, Tales from Margaritaville and Where Is Joe Merchant? Which was the number 1 bestselling book in the fiction list of The New York Times Best Seller. Later his book, A Pirate Looks At Fifty goes on to number 1 on the New York Times Best Seller non-fiction book, published in the year 1998. He is one of the eight aumhors who reached number 1 on both the fiction and non-fiction list of writings. The other seven authors who are on the number 1 list are Ernest Hemingway, John Steinbeck, William Styron, Irving Wallace, Dr. Seuss, Mitch Albom and Glenn Beck. He wrote two children books also along with his daughter, The Jolly Mon and Trouble Dolls. Noit only this, he also wrote a novel, A Salty Piece of Land, which was published in the year 2004. The reached on the nu,ber 1 point on New York Times list as soon as it released.

Films and Television


In the year 2006, for the film, Hoot, he not only wrote the soundtrack, but also co-produced and produced. The book was directed Wil Shriner and based on the book by Carl Hiaasen. In addition to this he made various cameo appearances in Repo Man, Cobb, Hoot, Congo and From the Earth to the Moon. Not only had this he made the guest appearance in Hawaii Five-0 on CBS in 2011.



Jimmy Buffet net worth is $400 Million. He owns a home in St Barts, a Caribbean island. He spends part of the summer travelling about the East Coast on his sailboat. James Buffett is an avid pilot. His plane is Dassault Falcon 900 which he uses for his concert tour and travelling worldwide. He is a very personality, he recently buys a $1.3 million dollar third property in a ritzy Palm Beach, Florida neighborhood. His new house is close to the beach and is very rich with 4 bedrooms and is spread in 3,100 square foot. This house is used by him as a guesthouse.

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