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Ever been called the Sexiest Man Alive? Adam Noah Levine, also known as Adam Levine and the lead singer of Maroon 5, a pop rock band, was recently awarded the Sexiest Man Alive of 2013 award by the People’s Magazine. Born on 18th March, 1979, this Californian boy has made a huge name for himself. People are rarely born with the talent he seems to have. He has a voice which makes a person want to let their emotions out. He credits his mom for his voice as she directed him towards musical journey. His interest in music started around the age of 10 when he began playing the guitar. According to him music was an outlet for feelings. He started out in 1995 with his own garage band called “Kara’s Flowers”. The band gained recognition in 1997 by Tommy Allen. After the failure of their first album “The Fourth World”, the band decided to split. Adam decided to continue his studies and left for New York. However, he had bigger plans. He dropped out of the college and re-united with his old band mates and experimented with various genre and opted for a complete makeover for the band. Hence, Maroon 5 came into place.

Adam wrote various songs about his ex-girlfriend Jane, which were put in his debut album “Songs about Jane”. This album was the much-needed opportunity for Maroon 5. Apart from being a hit, the album was also called the 10th bestselling album of 2004.

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Adam Levine has a net worth of $35 Million. He earns about $6 Million per season as one of the three celebrity hosts of The Voice. Their debut album ‘Songs about Jane’ sold 2.7 million copies in the US. Since then, the debut album “Songs about Jane” the band has sold over 27 million singles worldwide. As of 2013, the song “Hands all over me” ranks as one of the five best-selling digital singles of all time with sales of over 13.8 million copies. Maroon 5 has sold over 30 million albums worldwide, including 10 million in the United States alone. The band has also sold over 30 million digital singles.

Annual Salary 2012 – $13,000,000

Annual Salary 2013 – $21,000,000

His tours itself earn him $7,000,000.

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Adam is the proud owner of a magnificent mansion costing $5 Million. The house is completely furnished by Mark Haddawy. This mansion is spread over 6500 square feet and has one master bedroom, one living room, one dining area and two bathrooms. When Adam purchased this villa it had four bedrooms but during the refurbishing the four bedrooms were broken down to make one master bedroom. The house has a beautiful swimming pool situated on the outdoor of the mansion. The kitchen has all the modern amenities and has a stainless steel finish. The terrace gives a mind blowing view of the Santa Monica Mountains and Los Angeles city.

adam hollywood house


This handsome looking guy is also the proud owner of a 6540 square feet villa in Beverly Hills. He purchased this mansion at $4.85 Million and calls this villa “Benedict House”. This property sits in the Center of a 3.75 acre estate. It has six bedrooms, one massive living room, a huge dining area, seven bathrooms and a cook’s kitchen. The garage has space to hold six cars and there is also a children’s room in the house (Guess who is planning for a family?). The house offers a very beautiful view of the Californian hills and the city.

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Boys just love their cars. Adam owns a rare black Porsche 956 which was launched in 1952. At that time the car costed around $3500, however, it costs about $1, 75,000 today. The car has a retractable roof and a 1488cc air-cooled petrol engine. Adam has managed to maintain a 50 year old car pretty well. This car can reach 100km/hour in 14.5 seconds and has a high speed of about 175km/hr.

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The car comes with a 4.6 litre, twin turbo V8 engine, which has a 7-speed auto transmission. It has an amazing stable performance. It has excellent features like 10 airbags, blind-spot, ESP and anti-lock braking. This car is fuel efficient and Adam sure loves this car.

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Adam Levine sure has good taste in vintage race, his love for cars led him to buy a Ferrari 365 GTC. The Ferrari 365 GTC was one of the most advanced sports cars in the world at the time of its launch during the seventies decade and was blessed with an enviable combination of high speed and fast pickup. The GTC can reach a top speed of 245 km/hour and can touch a speed of 100 km/hour after start in 7.2 seconds.

Black Ferari



Teens Battle Cancer

Adam makes it a point to contribute towards charities. He has donated a sum of $40,000 towards Teen Battle Cancer. He is of the opinion that cancer is not only a physical disease but a psychological and emotional one too.

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Naked for a Good Cause

In a bid to spread awareness of testicular cancer, Adam Levine bared it all – technically not all- in front of the camera. Of course there is a strategically placed hand covering the privates but that single picture has raised a lot of eyebrows, and in turn awareness too!

adam naked

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