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Net Worth: $80 Million

Profession: Songwriter, rapper, producer


timbaland early

Though many people know him by the name Timbaland, this is not his actual name, but this is his stage name. Timothy Zachery Mosley is the real name of this super star. He is a well known song writer, record producer and a magnificent rapper. He was born on 10th March in the year 1971 in Virginia Beach in Virginia. He has done his graduation from Salem High School in Virginia. He has a younger brother, Sebastian.


timbaland career

Timbaland was sure from his childhood that he wants a career in music and when he was very young he started as a disc jockey working at a local station which is situate in Atlanta. While his days as a DJ he was popularly known as, “DJ Timmy Tim” as well as “DJ Tim”. He made his early hip hop backing tracks using a keyboard of Casio. He did a long time association with Magoo, a famous rapper, when he was still pursuing his studies in high school. He has also worked with production group, S.B.I when he was young. He has also learnt to use his left hand as a DJ as he was shot when he was just 15 years old which had him paralyzed. Missy Elliott was impressed by his work and he worked with him after hearing his material.



Timbaland started his actual career he coveted for in the year 1994 as a record producer. He initially produced songs strictly for the R&B acts. He made a breakthrough in this stram in the year 1996 when he produced Ginuwine’s debut album which was titled, “Ginuwine….The Bachelor” and  his another album which made him a mainstream producer was “One In A Million” which was Aaliyah’s somophore album. The floodgates for his career opened since that album and from that time till date he has been a very prolific producer and rapper.  Then in the year 1997 he produced an album for his old friend, Missy Eliott which was titled as “Supa Dupa Fly”. In the same year he even released his own album titled, “Welcome to our World” with Magoo. He has worked for many artist like Xscape, Playa, Total and Nicole. He has also remixed for “You Make me Wanna” which was a super hit of Usher. During the years from 2003 to 2005 he also made some contributions to the album “Southern Hummingbird”, which is the debut album of Tweet. During the same period he also produced songs for Pastor Troy and Lil’ Kim. Timbaland with Scott Storch has also for the debut album of Justin Timberlake titled, Justified. During the period from 2006 to 2007 he started his new label called as Mosley Music Group. He has also given vocals for very famous super hit songs like “Sexy Ladies”, “Chop Me Up”, “Sexy Back”, “What Goes Around Comes Around, “My Love”, “Wait A Minute”, “Ice Box” and many more. He also worked for many famous artists in the later years like Maddona, Ashlee Simpsons, Keri Hilson, Lindsay Lohan, Chris Cornell, Busta Rhymes etc. In the year 2013 he gave another single for his 4th album titled,”Textbook Timbo” which is known as “Know Bout Me”.



There is no doubt that Timabaland is a successful record producer and a rapper and his net worth is estimated to be around 80 million US dollars. The credits to all the wealth he owns goes to his passion and zeal towards music. He is ranked among the richest artist in the world and he like to live a comfy and deluxe lifestyle. You can see this superstar driving around in his plush silver colored Rolls Royce Phantom which he bought in $500,000. He also own a private recording studio in Virginia which he has named Thomas Crown Studio. He bought a mansion for himself in Miami in the year 2004 which has a net worth of around 3,475,000 US dollar. This house was built during the 1990’s and this lavish house encompasses seven deluxe bedrooms, tennis court, six bathrooms, a big outdoor swimming pool, patio and three fireplaces. This rich and posh house is built on a total land of 1.5 acres. He has also bought a condo in Miami for 2.625 million US dollar in the year 2006 which has a current worth of 5.5 Million US dollar. This smart and rich condo is made on a land of around 3,979 square foot.


timbaland awards

Timbaland has won many awards for his outstanding work in the field of music. He has been nominated for many awards and has bagged many awards for himself. He has won three “Grammy Awards” and was nominated 15 times for this award. He has also received the “MTV Australia Awards” and has been nominated for “MTV Europe Music Awards”, “MTV Video Music Awards”. He has also won “People’s Choice Award” and four “Teen Choice Awards”. He has received the “American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers Award”, “BET Hip Hop Awards” and “Vibe Awards”.



  • Greatness can never be over because you can lay it down for a minute.
  • I been through some junk. It ain’t all been peaches and cream.
  • An artist doesn’t make you bigger than life – being that person that can break artists can make you bigger than life.


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