Alisher Usmanov, Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth : $18.6 Billion


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Alisher Usmanov, a Russian Investor and Russia’s richest man has an estimated net worth of $18.6 million as of March 2014 according to Forbes.


Life & Career

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Alisher was born in Russia to a state prosecutor. Alisher initially planned to make his career as a diplomat. To peruse his career he moved to Moscow and graduated from Moscow state Institute of International relations.Apart from this Alisher has studied banking from Academy of Finance in 1997. Alisher Usmanov has a net worth of over $18 billion. Alisher has invested his wealth in several big companies. He owns a 60% economic stake in a company called USM. The company primarily focus on mining industries, media and telecommunications. Apart from the company as an individual investor Alisher owns stake in various steel, iron, ore, internet and media companies. He is also the co owner of a company called Metalloinvest, which he opened along with his partner Vasiliy Anisimov. All his investments into metal industries are looked after from this company. Metalloinvest had acquisitions of several mining businesses in Russia including Ural Steel Mills, Oskol Elektrometallurgical plant and ferrous scrap enterprise to name a few. Alisher has worked as a Deputy General Director of Inter cross from 1990 to 1998. Apart from mining industries, Alisher had invested $100 million in Apple, along side Apple, he has his stake in Facebook, twitter, Zynga, and ZocDoc to name a few. Alisher is also a co-owner of Russia’s largest mobile network provider called “Megafon”. Since 2006, Alisher began investing in media. Alisher bought a Russian newspaper called Kommersant from Boris Berezovsky for $200 million. apart from this he also owns a 50% stake in Russian sports channel called 7TV for $25 million. He also invested in a Russian music channel MUZ-TV for $300 million. he owns 51% in Dyspney Russia and 100% stake in uTV channels and MUZ TV. From mining and media industries, Alisher moved into sports acquiring 15% stake in English football team called Arsenal Football Club. He along with his partner owned 15% stake in football team for $150 million. Later in 1980 Alisher got into the beef with the law and got convicted for multiple offences of fraud and extortion for which he was give eight years imprisonment. According to Forbes Alisher Usmanov is the richest man in Russia and 35th richest man in the world. Alisher ranks at number 97 in donation givers list as he has donated over $120 million in charity to several organisations. There was a controversy sparked after a report that Alisher had paid his Public relation officers to remove negative aspects of Alisher uploaded on Wikipedia. The PR firm accepted it, howver said that they have done that own their own and Alisher did not asked them to do so. they also said that the information was removed in expectation of the stock market listing of Megafon.

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Alisher Usmanov who is a Muslim got married to Irina Viner, who belongs to a Jewish family in 1992. His wife is a gymnastics coach. The couple together has no children, however his wife has a son who is currently a real estate investor.



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Alisher Usmanov owns a mansion located in Surrey England. The mansion was built in the year 1524. the mansion is in spread of 300 acres of land and is one of the most well known and famous house of the country. The mansion was initially given to Sir Richard Weston in exchange for bringing Lord Buckingham to death. Alisher bought the mansion for $10 million. The home serves as a secondary home of the billionaire. The home features six bed rooms, 7 bathrooms, an outdoor pool, and various expensive artifacts and vast garden. The home is currently worth over $50 million.

The billionaire bought his Victorian Beech wood Mansion for a whooping price tag of $77 million in 2008. The mansion includes a underground swimming pool, a sauna spa, a gym, few changing rooms beneath the pool, guests and staff cottages, car garage, a squash court and many other luxurious facilities. the home is worth over $50 million.

Russian oligarch owns a super yacht Dilbar. at the time of building the yacht he took environmental elements into conservation. He named his yacht after his mother. Renowned yacht architect Lurssen built Alisher’s yacht in 2008. Dilbar yacht is the world’s first yacht to be built with particle filters on the main engine exhaust. Dilbar is a super luxury yacht that can accommodate nine guests in its nine guest suites and 48 other crew members. The yacht features a pool, Jacuzzi, two helipads and two master bedrooms. The yacht is worth $263 million.
Apart from spending his wealth on luxury, Alisher Usmanov is also the co- founder of Art and sports charity foundation. His foundation is one of the key backers of 2018 Russian Football world cup bid. He is the third commercial partner of the Russian Foot ball world cup. Apart from this his organisation helps i organizing sports,cultural and art events and promote education and scientific and social programs.
Apart from this Alisher is the founder member of The international charity fund for the future of Fencing. The charity focus on to facilitate the international population of fencing and raise it to a higher level worldwide.
He is also closely associated with Specialized Endowment fund to support Veterans Fencing. the foundation has collected over $15,000,000.
Alisher Usmanov has made a total donation of over $250 million.


Quote : I have been very fortunate to be successful in business, and I believe that it is right that people who have this type of wealth should give something back into Society.

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