Mikhail Prokhorov- Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth : $10.9 billion



Mikhail Dmitrievitch Prokhorov was born on 3 May 1965 in Moscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union. His citizenship is Russia. He is a Russian billionaire, politician and owner of the American basketball team the Brooklyn Nets. He was graduated from Moscow Finance Institute after that, he started working in the financial sector and later on he went on to become one of Russia’s leading industrialists, owning major stakes in multinational corporations in the precious metal sectors. He ran a company, Norilsk Nickel which became the world’s largest producer of nickel and palladium not only is this, and he is the former chairman of Polyus Gold which is Russia’s largest gold producer. In the year 2011, he left all this and entered into politics and announced that he would run as an independent candidate in the 2012 Russian presidential election. In the year 2014, it was estimated by Forbes that his wealth is $10.9 billion.

Early Life


He was born to Tamara and Dmitri Prokhorov and has an elder sister, Irina. His grandmother was a Jewish microbiologist who made vaccines at the time of World War II and moved Tamar to a safe place. His grandparents were wealthy farmers and his father was trained as a lawyer and handled International relationships for the Soviet Committee of Physical Culture and Sport. His parents died of heart disease. Mikhail then live alone with his divorced sister and her daughter in a flat. In the year 1989, he was graduated from the Moscow Finance Institute and later worked in a management position at the International Bank for Economic Cooperation. After this, he served as head of Management Board of the MFK Bank and the United Export Import Bank. In the year 2009, he offered to buy controlling sets of National Basketball Association and half of a project to build a new arena in Brooklyn. In the year 2010, the NBA approved the sale of the Nets to Prokhorov making an 80%stake. Later on he became the first non-North American team owner in the NBA in history. He is a very talented person and knows very well how to make money. In the year 2012, when stands to elect as a president, he made large number of promises like to build roads railroad tracks and increase the Russian standard of living and make it higher than United States. He is a very smart man of the era.

Awards and honors


In the year 2006 he received the Order of Friendship for his contribution to growth of Russia’s economic potential. In the year 2011, he was awarded with the French Legion of Honour



Mikhail Prokhorov is a very rich personality. He is the rich billionaire of the era. His net worth is $10.9 billion. He owns a very grand mansion called Moscow house which is located few blocks away from Kremlin, Moscow. This home has large gym with skiing simulator, a indoor swimming pool and beautiful guest room. This sprawling villa is worth $530 million. This luxurious villa has all the comforts and is very peaceful and quiet. Apart from his mansion, he owns a palladium Yacht which is 96 meters in length and was launched in the year 2010. It is powered by 2MTU 575 L70 Diesel engines. It is built from steel and composite and is totally an innovative style. He also owns a solemar yacht which is 61.5 meters long and has an average speed of 13 knots. It has all the water sports facilities on board, from surfboards to water scooters, multiple Nautica’s and wave runners.  Talking about Mikhail islands he has north island which is a beautiful small gigantic island of the Seychelles chain. This beautiful island offers mountain biking, custom made gourmets, scuba diving, kayaking, deep sea fishing etc. not only is this, he owns a private jet, Gulfstream 550 which has a range of 6,750 nm. He also owns a Falcon 900 which is a medium sized corporate jet aircraft which has a fair range of 7,400 km. talking about his hobbies, he likes to do snow skiing at his holiday destinations and play basketball. Actually he played basketball in his teenage days and later he purchased a CSKA Moscow basketball team and converted them into world beaters. He also likes football, boxing and night clubbing. He is a regular visitor of elite nightclubs in New York and Moscow. His gateways are Ibiza which is a good place for parties.

Apart from these, he likes to spend his money in good causes like Cultural Initiatives Foundation whose purpose of the foundation is encouragement of cultural awareness and activity as the most important element in enhancing all aspects of life. Snob is a Russian language, general interest magazine where he spend $150 million which is more of patriotic service then business. Mikhail Prokhorov funds is another one in the list which focusses on several projects like Initiatives in arts, science and education, development of mass media. A very interesting to know is he  as a set of 2 solid gold replicas of Violin which looks like fusion of 2 violin’s merged together. Talking about the brands that he wears is Pierre kunz which is a red gold Tourbillon watch worth $138,000. He owns a Soho club and spend most of his Friday nights there only.

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