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Net Worth : $ 900 million



Aneel Bhusri wasborn in the year 1965. He is a rich multi billionaire of the era. He is 48 years of age. His source of wealth is mainly through business software and he is a self-made person. His citizenship is of United States, he resides in San Francisco, CA. he is a happily married man with one child.

Early Life


Talking about his life, for over 20 years, Aneel has been an entrepreneur, product innovator and investor in the enterprise IT market.  He started his technology career in the early 1990s at PeopleSoft. Not only is this, he served as the Vice Chairman and Consultant at PeopleSoft Inc. since 2004. From the period June 1998 to January 1999he served as the Senior Vice President of Product strategy, business development and marketing. Aneel Bhusri is really a hard-working man and made him at such a high position through software work. He is a brilliant minded business person and never steps back in hard times. He still have this zeal to earn more though he already have a vast account.



Mr. Aneel Bhusri Co-founded Workday, Inc. in the year 2005. About Workday, Inc, he has been the Chairman since 2012 and it’s Co Chief Executive Officer since September 2009. He is a very business minded person and is a partner of Greylock Partners, Greylock XII L.P. in the year 1999, Aneel joined Greylock and specializes in the sector of enterprise infrastructure, enterprise software, services, Cleantech and storage and has focused on investments in enterprise-focused companies. He was the Chief vision officer of the Workday Inc. and talking about Peoplesoft, he was responsible for all developing, guiding the product strategy, corporate and product marketing. Also the other areas, such as new product development, vertical market initiatives and the corporate expansion also.

WORKDAY (NASDAQ:WDAY) CEO Aneel Bhusri sold 62, 500 shares on the open market in a transaction on March 20th. It was shocking to know that, the stock was sold at $102.39 which has a total value of $6,399,375. Aneel no directly owns 440,252 shares of the Company’s stock which is approximately $45,077,402. The company’s market Cap is now $17.546 billion. Aneel Bhusri is connected to 125 board members in 14 different organizations across 13 different industries. Bhusri served as an associate at Norwest Venture Partners and spent several years in Morgan Stanley’s corporate finance organization. Not only is this, he served as the Chairman of Dorbo, Inc.

Other Ventures


Taking about his other works than Workday Inc. is that he served as the Chairman of OutlookSoft Corporation from the year 2005 till date. Other ventures include Cape Clear Software, where he served as the Chairman and same position is for PolyServe Inc. not only is this, he served as the Chairman of Data Domain, Inc. since the year 2007. Not only the Chairman position he holds, he is also the Director and its Lead Investor. Also, he served as the Director of Tech Museum of Innovation, Illuminator Inc. Cape Clear, Symhoniq Continuous, Inc., data Robotics, Pure Storage Inc., Pertigo,, Software Development Forum, Above All Software, Inc.,Tidemark Systems, Inc. the story is not over yet, Aneel Bhusri is the Durector of Okta, Inc. since the year 2011. From the year 1999, Aneelm Bhusri serves as the director of PeopleSoft and above all he is also rhe director od Sumo Logic, Inc., serves a member ofAdvisory Board at Northern Light Venture Capital. He is a man of business as can be easily imagined from the words written above. One can easily admire his high standards are the reason of the positions he is holding in so many companies and the shares in the market that are continuously rising up in this era.

Aneel Bhusri also serves as the Director of Syniverse Brience LLC since the year 2000. For the period April 1999 to May 2004, he serves as the Director of Corio Inc. . Apart from all these, Aneel Bhusri served on the boards of Perfigo, Inc., SeeBeyond Technology Corp., HelloAsia, Inc., Vantive, and Guru Worldwide, Inc. Talking about some of his achievements and awards, in the year 2009 and 2008 Aneel Bhusri sir was named to the Forbes Midas List and to the AlwaysOn Top 100 List of VCs in the year 2009. Aneel Bhusri is a much known personality all over the world.



His main source of wealth is a business software and trough Workday Inc. Aneel Bhusri is a very rich multi billionaire of the era and received a lot of appreciation and achievements throughout his life. Aneel Bhusri this year was counted into the ranks of the world’s billionaires after being a perennial member of Forbe’s Midas List of venture capitalists. Aneel Bhusri is a very sharp minded billionaire and cofounded Workday with fellow billionaire David Duffield who is the former CEO and founder of PeopleSoft. Not only is this, Aneel Bhusri is the vice chairman of PeopleSoft. Aneel joined the Greylock in the year 1999. The story is not over yet, he grabbed big returns in the year 2007 when storage software outfit Polyserve sold to Hewlett-Packard for $200 million and OutlookSoft was acquired by SAP. He took backup device maker Data Domain public in the same year, 2007, just before it was sold to EMC got $2.4 billion in the year 2009. Talking more about his investments, he invested at Greylock include Cloudera and Pure Storage. Talking about his interests, he likes movies. Tennis, non-fiction books and the Boston RedSox.

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