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NET WORTH- $ 12 million



Arthur Steven Lange popularly known as Artie Lange is a famous comedian, an American actor, a radio personality and an author of two famous books. He is very well known for his tenure and his comedy series. He is very renowned personality for his sports and entertainment radio show ‘The Artie Lange Show’. He was born on October 11, 1967 at Livingston in New Jersey, United States of America. He is recognized for his various types of comedy like Observational comedy, improvisational comedy etc.

Early life

early life

He was born in Livingston but was raised in Union Township. His mother Judy was a house wife and was of Italian descent. His father Arthur Lange was of American descent and a contractor by profession. He did his schooling from Union high school and was very fond of baseball in his school times. He always dreamed of becoming a successful baseball player but when he grew up he developed a passion for making people laugh which motivated him to take up this career as a comedian. He always spent his leisure time assisting his father in work. His father got injured after an accident and his mother had to work to earn for the family. He also worked as a longshoreman at port to support his family.



In the early 1990s he left his job of longshoreman and started playing a role in a restaurant in New Jersey. He first performed as a comedian at 19 years of age. After sometime he was taken by William Morris Agency. In May 1995 he got a golden opportunity to shoot his television show MADTv in Los Angeles. This was a comedy show which was picked by Fox network. The second season of Lange’s show MADTv was again released in the year 1996. In the successive year 1982 he got connected to the show The Howard Stern Show. After it he came in the good books of all in terms of radio and E network shows. In the year 2008 Lange embarked on a comedy show named ‘Operation Mith’ with united Service Organisations. The main aim of this show was to entertain the troops of U.S. that were posted in Afghanistan. He had a team of comedians which include Jim Florentine, Nick Dipaolo and Dave Attell. He also played a lead role in the film Beer League in 2006. After this he also became popular for his autobiography “Too fat to fish” in the year 2008. This book tells about Lange’s life and his journey from his childhood to his USO trip. This book was notified as the best in the New York Times bestseller list. He released his second book ‘Crash and Burn’ in 2013. In this book he has revealed many stories related to his life like his suicide attempt and addiction to drugs. He has made appearances in various films like Rescue me, Old School and mystery Man too. In the year 2012 he played the role of a truck driver in ‘Louie’. And in the year 2013 his work was titled as ‘Califronication’.

Personal life

personal life

Lange was raised as a catholic and is of Italian, German and American Indian descent. In the year started dating his girlfriend named Dana Cironi. Their relationship did not last too long and he announced the breakup in the year 2006. His favourite band is ‘The Who’. He regards George Carlin as the best comedian ever. He has also admitted to be an addict of drugs like heroin. In the year 2010 he had also attempted suicide. He later announced his engagement with his long time girlfriend Adrienne on July 15, 2013.

Famous Quotes

some of his known quotes are listed below:

Don’t do drugs to be cool, do’em because you hate yourself.

Howard’s unbelievably nutty, politically incorrect style is probably the single biggest influence on me.

It’s a life of five-card draw and you what? When God asked me –I’m fine with the card I got. I’m gonna play this.

Success facts

success facts

He is the most popular comedian among the masses and currently the host of “The Artie Lange Show”. This show has created a large fan base and has become very famous. His well-known show ’The Howard Stern Show’  was so much liked that it continued for almost a long time i.e. five years. His two books ‘Too Fat to Fish’ and ‘Crash and Burn’ were ranked high in the list of New York Times bestseller. He has also produced his own concert named ‘The Whiskey Talkin’. He won an award for his short film ‘Gameday’ which was written and produced by him. Another landmark in his life was when he sold out his performance at Carnegie Hall for New York comedy Festival in a short span of three hours.



He is a renowned and famous comedian who is noted to have a net worth of around twelve million dollars. He has an annual salary of two million dollars. In his famous shoe MADTv he earned about 10 thousand dollars every week. His famous show The Norm show made him earn 35 thousand dollars per week. He had done his greatest deal for making two club experiences which paid him 1,40,000 dollars for two shows.









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