Jenna Jameson Net Worth, Money and More

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NET WORTH: $10 Million

PROFESSION: Entrepreneur and Pornographic Actress

This is no ordinary “porn star” that we are talking about. She is fondly referred to as The Queen of Porn. She is also the most famous adult entertainment performer. Jameson has worked as a stripper and glamour model as well. She has won around 20 awards for adult videos. Jameson is also a part of the X-Rate Critics Organization and Adult Video News Halls of Fame, which is no easy feat!


Jenna Jameson, real name Jenna Marie Massoli, was born in Las Vegas to parents Laurence Henry Massoli and Judith Brooke Hunt. She has an elder brother named Tony. Jameson won quite a few beauty pageants and had even enrolled in ballet classes all throughout her childhood.

Jenna had a very painful teenage. She was gang raped by four boys after a football game at Fromberg High School. Her first boyfriend, Jack, gave all the first tattoos especially the two hearts on her right buttock.


Jameson tried to be a showgirl like her mother but could not manage to do so. Her boyfriend encouraged her to go for various auditions and through a series of circumstances, she started dancing at a strip club, using a fake identification card. “Jennasis was her first of the three stage names. In 1991, she started participating in nude photography, where she was the subject of art.

Jameson has a history of substance abuse as well. She consumed cocaine, LSD and the like, in high school. She sometimes did it with her brother, who was a heroin addict, and sometimes even her father. She stopped having food and lost a lot of weight. When she was dropped at her father’s place, the old man couldn’t even recognize her. At this time, she weighed around 35 kilograms.

Jameson states that her boyfriend, Jack, was the reason of her entering into the infamous pornography industry. Her first movie itself got her noticed and she quickly appeared in several other films too, owing to the initial recognition her work got her.

Jameson made a lot of tough career choices. One of them was getting breast implantation done, in the year 1994. This was followed by a chin implant as well. In Up and Cummers 11, she did her first heterosexual scene. Wicked Pictures was probably one of the best things that happened to her, for her career. The signing contract gave Jenna $6,000 individually for eight movies. This set won a lot of AVN awards.

By the year 2001, Jenna was practically floating in cash! She used to earn $60,000 a day and around $8,000 per night for dancing in the strip club. Jenna hosts the show Jenna’s American Sex Star on Playboy’s TV. In 2007, because of some personal reason, she got her implants removed. She stated that she was done with appearing on the camera. Her retirement was later on confirmed in 2008.

In 2013, Jenna returned to the industry as a webcam model. In the 2014 XBIZ Awards, she was the master of ceremonies!

Apart from her work as an adult entertainer, she write her autobiography titled “How To Make Love Like A Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale“. It was published in 2004 and was an instant bestseller. The book has even been translated into German and Spanish. From autobiography, she went to writing erotic novels! Sugar, the first novel, published in 2013.

Jenna is an entrepreneur. This skill has been shown by her attitude and intelligence. She formed ClubJenna, an Internet pornographic company in 2000. It provides more than just the superficial pictures and videos. One can find a lot of the website, things related to relationships and the like. Jenna believes in merchandising herself. It is a publicity tactic that gets her a lot of money and attention. It makes her a star!

Jenna has had two husbands till date. Brad Armstrong (1996-2001) and Jay Grdina (2003-2006)


– Rolls Royce Phantom

-Porsche Cayenne

– Los Angeles Home sold at $1.8 Million


– Her sun sign is Aries.

– She trained to be a dancer for over fifteen years.

– She is the first porn star to have a statue in Madame Tussauds, Las Vegas.

– She got the name ‘Jameson’ from a brand of liquor.

– When she was two years old, her mother was diagnosed with skin cancer.

– Her husband’s name is tattooed on her right hand’s ring finger.


– ” I’ll be out having a good time and stick my gum on the side of my cup- I know, it’s a horrible habit- and people will steal the cup.”

– “I am very driven by fame and success; I like to succeed at everything I do.”

– “I’m like the girl next door. I just have a bad streak.”

– “I always wanted to be a professional dancer, I’d always wanted to be a ballerina. I trained for 13 years but it never came to be.”

– “My definition of courage is never letting anyone define you.”

– “I try my hardest to push the point that I am a feminist.”

– “The first thing that out of my mouth is always right.”

– “When you’re fearful, you stumble.”

– “Oh well, when I was younger I was known for breaking hearts. I am the kind of person that falls passionately in love but then a couple of months down the line, I fall out of love.”

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