Ashley Olsen Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth $ 150 million

Ashley Olsen is the fraternal twin of Mary Kate Olsen. The twins are popularly known as the Olsen Twins. They are American actresses and fashion designers. The twins debuted on the show “Full House” where they played the role of Michelle Tanner. At very early age of 6 the twins began starring in TV shows, video projects and films. They joined the list of wealthy women in the entertainment world at an early age through their company Dual star.

Early Life
baby ashley olsen
The twins were born in Sherman Oaks, California to David “Dave” Olsen and Jarnette (Jamie).Even though they almost look similar they are not identical twins but fraternal twins. They have a younger sister Elizabeth, an actress and an older brother Trent. They also have a half brother named Jake and a Half sister, Courtney Taylor. Their father belongs to Norwegian.
At the age of six months the twins were cast in the role of Michelle Tanner on the ABC sitcom Full House. They shared the role as the show has to comply with the child labour laws. Olsen continued to play the role of Michelle till the conclusion of the show.

Career & Wealth
ashley olsen career
In the year 1993 the Olsens established the company Dualstar .The dualstar produced the twins next movies like Double, Double, Toil and Trouble and the 1994’s How the West was Fun. A series of music videos came by the name of The Adventures of Mary Kate & Ashley in 90’s.
They made their feature film debut in the year 1995 with the film It Takes Two .The same year they launched another video series ‘”you’re invited to Mary Kate & Ashley’s…In the year 1998, the twins appeared in an episode of “All My children”. They returned to small screen in the year 1998 with another ABC sitcom Two of a Kind co starring Christopher Sieber.Though the series continued for about only one season but the show aired in reruns for several years.In early 2004, Mary Ashley had a cameo voice role in an episode of the TV series Simpsons.
Apart from acting Olsen sisters have become great force in girl marketing with dolls bearing their name, computer games and a separate cloth line of Wal- mar. They started their own beauty line for small girls, Mary Kate & Ashley: Real Fashion for Real Girls .This all generated about 1 $ billion
Olsen sisters did a great cause by announcing maternal leave for all those who are sewing their cloth line in Bangladesh thus getting show of appreciation from everyone .The Olsen sisters were highly praised by the National Labour Committee who organized the pledge.
Mary Kate and Ashley planned to join New York University in 2004 to complete their education .The very same year they launched their second feature film .They also became full owners of Dualstar buying the remaining share.

Ashley Olsen Estates & Homes

Morton Square
morton square
Mary Kate and Olsen bought this house when they were in New York for college but they never unpacked the things.

Ashley Olsen Hobbies
Ashley is mostly seen with her yoga mat wherever she goes as she practices yoga daily.

She loves playing golf

Ashley Olsen Autos & Cars

GMC Yukon
gmc yukon
AS Yukon can seat almost nine persons it is very spacious

Toyota Prius
toyota prius
Ashley was seen filling gas in her car as she set for a drive in the city.

Mercedes Benz G500
mercedez benz g 500
She owns a black colour Mercedes Benz G500.The designer was seen riding this heavy vehicle many times.

Ashley Olsen Holiday Destinations

Vacation in Maui, Hawaii
olsen enjoying holidays
Olsen was seen enjoying on the Hawaii beaches .Hawaii county is one of the seven counties in United States that share the same name as that of the state in which it is located .Because of the serenity and beautiful surrounding Hawaii is very popular tourist destination spot.

ashley with boyfriend
Olsen was seen with Justin Bartha, the Hangover star at St. Bart’s .They were enjoying as they soaked under the sun.
Saint Barthelemy officially the territorial collectivity of Saint Barthelemy is an overseas collectivity of France. The collectivity is one of the four territories among the Leeward Islands in the north eastern Caribbean that comprises
The French West Indies, along with the Saint Martin Guadelope.It is a volcanic island fully encircled with shallow reefs.

Ashley Olsen Cause

Free Arts NYC
free arts nyc
This organisation is for children to look into their lives and express themselves .It provides undeserved children and families with a unique combination of educational arts and mentoring programs that help them to nurture the self-confidence and resiliency needed to realize their fullest potential.

Skid Row Housing Trust

The organisation aims to eradicate poverty , illness and addiction .It provide permanent supporting houses to erstwhile homeless people in Los Angeles area.

Toy Mountain Campaign
toy mountain
This organisation aims to provide free toys to toddlers who can’t afford to buy them and make their Christmas a merry Christmas .It asks people to donate unwrapped toys and distribute them among poor children. Anyone can be a part of this organisation by donating a toy.

The Art of Elysium
the art of elysium
The Art of Elysium is dedicated to elevating the lives of the artists and hospital youth. When artists share their time with the children fighting against various diseases there is a mutual exchange of hope and appreciation

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