Aubrey Drake Graham Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth: $35 Million

Career/Profession: Rapper, Songwriter, Singer

Aubrey Drake Graham, who is always entitled as Drake, is a Canadian recording artist, songwriter and rapper. He was born on 24th October 1986 in Toronto, Ontario. He is often tagged as the new and current versions of Fresh Prince. His rapper attitude and talent made him renowned and helped him hold an eminent position in the musical world. He is well known and got fame after playing a physically disabled character in ‘Degrassi’ as Jimmy Brooks.


Personal Life:

Drake is the son of famous drummer Dennis Graham, who previously used to work with Jerry Lee Lewis. He got this talent from his uncle Teenie Hodges, who was an unbeatable musician of his time. He belongs to a mixed community where his father is an African American and his mother is a white Jewish Canadian. He was brought up by his mother in Toronto since his parents got divorced when he was five years old. He had completed his elementary schooling from Forest Hill Public School and done higher schooling from Forest Hill Collegiate Institute, where he pursued an advanced course on acting. He used to spend his vacations with his father in Memphis. He started writing lyrics of songs since he was ten years old.

Career Twists and Turns:

Drake took a start as a small screen actor who played some small and some lead characters in various TV series such as Degrassi, Soul food, Conviction, Best Friend’s Actor, The Borders etc. The popularity and fame he got as an actor encouraged him to try his hands in the music world too. In 2006, his first mixtape ‘Room’ for Improvement was released. It was made available through his official website and MySpace page. In 2007, he returned with another independent mixtape ‘Comeback Season’ which was an appreciable work. He did his first song with Lil Wayne which was a remake of an old song ‘Man of the Year’.  In the same year he was entitled as the first unsigned Rapper in Canada when his first single ‘Replacement Girl’ was peaking at 21 on Hip-Hop Singles. In 2008 he came up with an album ‘Heartbeat Drake’ which gained a buzz for the artist. In 2009, he along with his mentor Lil Wayne and some members of Young Money released ‘So Far Gone’. He apart from being rapper has also written many songs for Jazz Cartier, Bishop Brigante and Dr. Dre.


Success Achieved:

Drake got a great privilege to work with various renowned personalities like Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Little Brother, Kanya West, Robin Thicke, Mary J. Blige, and Jamie Foxx. According to Hip-Hop Management, he achieved this success without even signing any record label. In 2009, his unauthorized album The Girls love Drake was on sale for iTunes. He joined hands with Young Money Entertainment and released two of the hit singles i.e. ‘Best I Ever Had’ and ‘Every Girl’ which topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart at positions 3 and 10. After Nelly Furtado, he was the next artist to get his records in the top ten lists in 2001 and that was in the same week. In 2009, he finally signed a contract with Cash Money who was among the biggest bidders ever and they released the album ‘Thank Me Later’.  The album sold about 447,000 copies in a single week. He made this album after collaborating with Alicia Keyz, Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj. The biggest achievement of Drake was during the release of ‘So Far Gone’ where he got 2000 downloads in just two hours after the release.  There were about 5, 00,000 copies and got gold certification from the RIAA in United States. He became the highest-earning rapper with about $10 million in 2010 and again listed with about $11 million in 2011 on the Forbes List of Hip-Hop Kings. Drake is always amongst one of the richest guys in the world. His persistent performance being rapper helped him to achieve this success.


Quoted Words:

  • Rappers aren’t the really rich ones. We all have nice houses with studios and cars, but you need a piece of someone’s business to be super wealthy.
  • I don’t measure my success anymore by the Grammys. I can’t because I’ll just end up crushed.
  • I try to really capitalize off of what other rappers really can’t do. There are opportunities that rappers I love simply can’t get, because… You know… I don’t have the tattoos; I have a different image.
  • I’m cool with Jay-Z. Jay-Z is genuinely my friend.

Marital Status:

Drake once dated Keshia Chante and after having relationship for some time they both broke up. This broke up was the reason for the release of song ‘Deceiving’ which was referring to her mother. He also made a remix version of his old song ‘Fallen’ by adding Keshia Keshia at the end. In 2009, there were some rumors about Rihanna and Drake. Drake was also linked up with Nicki Minaj and there were rumors on twitter that they both got married and they decided to keep this as a secret. He is still single.

Awards and Achievements:

2002:  Won Young Artist Award

2010:  Won Juno Award for ‘Rap Recording of the Year’

2011:  Won Muchmusic video Award for ‘Find Your Love’

2012:  Won Muchmusic video Award for ‘The Motto’

2013:  Won Muchmusic video Award for ‘Started from the Bottom’, Won Grammy Award        for ‘Take Care’ and Won BET Hip-Hop Award for ‘Take Care’.


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