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Net Worth: $75 billion

PROFESSION: Rapper, Entrepreneur and actor



Ludacris is the American Rapper, Entrepreneur and actor. His real name is Christopher Brian Bridges, but he is well known by his stage name Ludacris.


Ludacris as a kid

Ludacris as a kid

Ludacris was born on September 11th 1977 in Champaign , Illinois. He attended to EmersonMiddle School in Oak Park, Chicago. His father Wayne Brian Bridges and mother Roberta Shields. Ludacris is half African and half American. He was graduated in 1995 from BenekarHigh School in Atlanta, Georgia. Ludacris completed his management studies in music from GeorgiaStateUniversity.


Ludacris started rapping at the age of 9 .He wrote his first rap song at the age of 9. He was also part of an amateur group of rappers for three years. He served as an Intern and then as A DJ at Atlanta’s Hot 97.5 radio channel, which is now at frequency of 107.9. Ludacris first collaborated with Timbaland on the track “Phat Rabbit” which was the hit in many countries.

In 1998 Ludicrous released his debut album “Incognegro”.


Albums released by Ludacris:

Album                                                                        Year    

Incognegro                                                              1999

Back for the First Time                                      2000

Word of Mouf                                                          2001

Chicken-n-Beer                                                       2003

The Red Light District                                          2004

Release therapy                                                     2006

Theater of the Mind                                             2008

Battle of the Sexes                                                  2010

Ludaversal                                                                 2014

TheRedLightDistrictLudacris prereleasetherapy images (6)                                                                                                                                           

Through his albums he reached to the top list of one of the USA’s number one artists and singers.

As an Actor

download (1) images (7)

Ludacris began his acting career through a short minor played by him in the movie Wash (2001). Later he got the opportunity to act as a leading actor in the movie 2 Fast 2 Furious (2001). After this he started acting in the movies also and side by side concentrating on his music career as Rapper. He got positive acclaims from people for his acting skills. He became the ever replacing sequel main role actor for the film Fast and Furious and the succeeding sequels.

 images (8)

List movies acted by Ludacris:

Movie                                        Year

The Wash                                2001

2 Fast 2 Furious                     2003

Lil’ Pump                                     2003

Crash                                           2005

Hustle & Flow                        2005

American Hustle                    2007

Fred Claus                                2007

Rock N Rolla                            2008

Max Payne                                  2008

Ball Don’t lie                                2009

Gamer                                             2009

Fast Five                                           2011

No Strings Attached                   2011

New Year’s Eve                            2011

Fast & Furious 6                           2013


  • He also gave his voice as narrator for the movie The Heart of The Game (2006). He also appeared as a guest in few movies. He also produced main sound track for the movie Breakaway (2011). He also acted in some episodes of the Television Series like Law and Order: Special victims Unit, The Simpsons, Being Mary Jane.                   

Ludacris Net Worth

     Ludacris owns a 10,000 sq foot house located at South of Atlanta. This mansion is worth $3 million which features tennis and basket ball courts swimming pool and a private lake.

Eminem's new homes in Detroit

ludacris House in South Atlanta

ludacris House in South Atlanta

Ludacris_HH_PICS3 (1) Ludacris_HH_PICS3 Ludacris_HH_PICS1

He owns a estate at Hollywod Hills which is of worth $879,000 and occupies 6000 sq foot of land.

  • Ludacris is also the co-founder and manager of Disturbing tha Peace Recordings, with the distributors  Def Jam recordings.  He also has the Head phones of his own line. He also invests through his real estate business.

ludacris-headphonesimages (5)

  • He is also the owner of Conjure Cognac liquor . He also released his own line of head phones name d Soul Ludacris manufactured by Soul electronics.

Ludacris is the owner of the Conjure Cognac liquor company


  • He also endorses for puma shoe brand and has appeared in few advertisements of the puma brand. Later as Puma released a cycle X Luda puma ,cycle sneaker with ludacris image on the heel and his DTP (Disturbing Tha Peace)logo on back side of the sneaker.

img_103264_83e3ef81bf87e7ea25cdbf2b8dcd49ddimages (9)

  • Ludacris was also the spokesperson and also the commercial artist for promoting Pepsi products through the ads featuring ludacris rapping skill in the ad video. Later in 2002 ludacris was pulled out of  pepsi brand endorsement because of some controversies.

pepsi_ludacris   image  

Cars Owned  by Ludacris:

Ludacris owns a blue Bentley GT which is worth $200,000 .

Blue Bentley GT

Blue Bentley GT

He owns a silver gray 1993 Acura Legend which is one of the famous luxury cars .

Ludacris Acura Legend  

Ludacris even owns one of the unique cars Chrysler ME Four-twelve which is worth $38,000 .

Ludacris Chrysler me412

Ludacris Chrysler me412

 Ludacris purchased the car which was featured in the film  fast 2 furious in which he acted . Well it’s a racing car named Dodge Ram pick up car which has a special painting on it by Louis Vuitton.      


Ludacris owns Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe which is worth $450,000. The Phantom car is associated with the Royal family of UK. Its performance is magnificent and with great hi-tech sound system of 26 speakers .


Range Rover:


He purchased Range Rover in 2013 . This car has also got great features like other luxury cars .

Mc Laren 12C:


download (3)

He also have the super deep colored MC Laren 12C.

Ferrari 458 italia:

66098 download (4)

Ferrari FF:

ferrari FF

ferrari FF

ludacris owns a private jet plane.

download (5) private-jet-plane-2

Awards Won!

Ludacris is one of the 3 times Grammy Award winner as a Rapper and as actor. He was also nominated 17 times for Grammy Awards.

Winner of Best Rap Song and Best Rap Album n 2006

Winner of Best Rap Song and Best Rap Album in 2006

  • He also won nine BET Awards (black Entertainment Television Awards) out of 12 nominations. For which he was nominated as Best Male hip Hop Rapper, viewer’s choice, best collaboration.
download (7)

at BET wards 2005


  • He won 3 MTV video music awards out of 10 nominations.    

    at MTV awards 2002

    at MTV awards 2002

  • He won a Screen Actors Guild Awards out of two nominations. He was nominated for the title Outstanding Cast of Motion picture for the film Crash and Hustle & Flow in 2005.


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