Azim Premji:Net Worth, Money and More

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Net worth: $15.6 Billion


Azim Premji is a well known Business magnate from India. He was born on 24th July 1945. He has achieved great heights in his career. He is currently the chairman of a leading company known as Wipro. This company needs no further introduction as it has proved to be the best Software Company in the world. Azim Premji is serving for this company for a very long time. It has been more than 40 years of his guidance and approach that this company has made a mark with its growth. He is a known philanthropist also and serving his valuable time for the betterment and good cause of someone.



Azim premji is an alumni from a very renowned Stanford University which is in USA. In this University he studied Software Engineering. An incident after the death of his father he came back for his father’s company which was “Western Indian Products” and dropped the college. This company had a this mentioned name before and was developing and dealing in limited fields including oil manufacturing. Young minds have better ideas and approach so did Azim Premji had. He broadened the horizon and made a great start in other fields like hydraulic cylinders, toiletries and many more including lighting product. A new start was already taken and now was the time to change the name to the better one. So, in mid 80’s with the change in name to Wipro the company opened itself in the field of IT. Its collaboration with Sentinel made it to start manufacturing microcomputers and many small software products. The whole idea shifted to the software products where earlier it was something else.



Azim Premji is a Gujarati Muslim and was born in Karachi which now a part of Pakistan. He was from a wealthy and a known family. As his grandfather was known as the Rice King of Burma in those days, today Azim Premji is known to be the Technology King of India. Azim Premji is married to Yasmeen, they have two beautiful children, Rishad and Tariq. They also are serving for this company as Rishad is the Chief Strategy officer of IT business in Wipro. Under his guidance Wipro has grown the most and by this he was called as the Greatest Entrepreneur by one of the famous Business Week.



Has anyone ever imagined of a man being so rich in wealth and property that he can have whatever he wants, prefer to live simple life with less luxuries. Azim Premji is one of the examples of what mentioned earlier. His net worth is $15.6 Billion as mentioned by Forbes. In the list of the wealthiest people from India he is at the 4th position. If we talk about the world’s richest people list, he is at the 61 position. Being so richest he is very down to earth. He lives in the famous city Bangalore which is known as the technology hub. He resides in a simple house. If we talk about the property he has, Azim Premji has 75% Wipro and according to a survey he is voted to be the most powerful men. He is less fond of cars and enjoys his simplicity as he uses Toyota Corolla which is best at its comfort. Having of about $1 Billion in his personal account he has managed to invest in fair way. Can anyone imagine of putting his or her personal fund to charity but Azim Premji did for a great cause. Mr. Premji has invested millions from his investments for the welfare of the people.



He has list of Achievements which he has achieved through his hard work and passion. Some people say that he is workaholic He had that zeal to achieve something as we can see the success of Wipro. He has set a milestone for the young generation, people should get inspired from the way he carried his work from hundred to billion’s today.

In the year 2000: He was awarded by Manipal Institute with honorary doctorate.

In the year 2005: He was awarded with the Padma Bhushan by the President of India at Rashtrapati Bhawan.

In the year 2006: He was honored by National Institute of Industrial Engineering with Lakshya Business Visionary award.

In the year 2008: He was awarded with the honorary doctorate at the convocation event of AMU (Aligarh Muslim University).

In the year 2009: As everyone knows that he is a philanthropist too and for which he has been honored with doctorate by Wesleyan University as he did an outstanding work through his charity.


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In the year 2010 he is the first from Indian Millionaires and Billionaires to donate a sum of $2 billion to charity. He has donated quarter of his money for the welfare of the people from the rural areas and contributing for their education. He has a foundation by his name which has established itself in a way that it has covered most of the areas where there is need of education and development. The areas include Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka where the Azim Premji foundation is setup. He says “Charity is through heart and something which is not done forcefully”.


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