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Net Worth: $40 million

Profession: Author and television host

ina garten

Ina Garten is a famous American author, was born in the year 1948, on 2nd February. Ina Garten full name was Ina Rosenberg Garten. She was born in the hospitals of Brooklyn City of New York. But she had grown up in Stamford in Connecticut. Ina Garten’s father was Charles H. Rosenberg, who was a surgeon specialist in otolaryngology.

Early life

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Ina Garten’s mother was Florence. Florence and Charles Rosenberg had two children, amongst them one was Ina Garten. Ina Garten proved to be the very sincere and brilliants student in school times. She was greatly influenced by science subjects and always uses to apply science techniques on most of the things she tries to do, which also includes experimentation with her food recipes. Ina Garten from the start only had a great interest in the workings of the kitchen but her mother always tried to keep her strictly away from the kitchen and motivated Garten to give her full concentration towards his school projects and subjects. Ina Garten is a very fun loving and happy human, which shows that she has more resembling qualities of his father rather than her mother. At the age of 15 when she was travelling to visit her brother at Dartmouth College, she met her future life partner, Jeffrey Garten. She was so impressed with Jeffrey Garten’s personality and talks, that she starting having letter chats with him and afterwards started dating him. She made many plans for future but was unable to stick to them.



Garten first went to Syracuse University (after completion of her high school) for studying the course of fashion designing but then switched her choice to economics but in the year 1968 on 22nd December in Stamford, she postponed her studies and got married with his fiancé Jeffrey Garten. They both soon shifted to Fort Bragg in North Carolina. Her husband after some time went out for four years for completing military tour during the period of Vietnam War, and during this time she devoted her time in improving her cooking skills, she also got her pilots license too. Afterwards when her husband came back from that military tour, they went to Paris and France for enjoying their vacations there. This trip proved to be very motivating one in relation to her cooking skills, she got so impressed with the different ingredients, that on returning she started cultivating his abilities and skills of cooking and started referring different famous cookbooks like Mastering The Art of French Cooking etc. She gradually became nearly perfect and carved her skills beautifully when they shifted to Washington D.C. in the year 1972. In Washington D.C., Garten started working in the White House, she also completed her MBA and along with that she was also taking business courses from the George Washington University. Her husband Jeffrey Garten was appointed as a government aide of low level and he also completed his graduation from there. Garten was soon appointed as a Budget analyst in the Office of Management and Budget, who provides details regarding the nuclear plants for Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter and fully discloses the nuclear policies and expenditure done on it. Due to high pressure of work in the Washington, his mind again got diverted towards the cooking to feel a little better and relaxed. Cooking became her favorite pass time and power booster. She used to keep weekly dinner parties at her homes and used to make special dishes on these days. She also started the buying and selling activity of homes and the profit earned from that helped her to buy the food store, barefoot Contessa.

Barefoot Contessa Store


Ina Garten left her government job as a budget analyst in the year 1978. She did that because she purchased a food specialty store, “Barefoot Contessa” of 37 m2 or we can say of 400 sq. foot. Barefoot Contessa was situated on the Westhampton Beach, New York.  After purchasing that store she quickly moved to New York and took the ownership and management of that store, but she did not ever tried to change the store’s name because this store was named in tribute to his original owner inspired by the 1954 film starring Ava Gardener. She gradually expanded that store in just one year, across the street and then keeps on extending its location and area covered. Garten in the year 1985 shifted her store to a new vacated premise of Dean  & DeLuca, gourmet shop in the flourishing village, Loan Island of East Hampton and thereafter her store was covering the total area of 280 m2 which was earlier 37 m2 or 3000 sq. foot which was earlier 400 sq. foot.



Nicks is a very rich personality. She leads a very lavish and luxurious lifestyle. Her profession has made a lot of money for her. The estimated net worth of Nicks is said to be $40 million. She has received a lot of appreciation in his work. She owns a beautiful and huge house in Manhattan. The house is very beautiful and is equipped with almost all the facilities. She has earned a lot of money through her television shows and books. Her books are very popular and almost all her books have made a great market.


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