Barclay brothers Net Worth, Money AND More

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Net Worth : $3.8 Billion.

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Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay, the Barclay twins has an estimated net worth of $3.8 Billion as of March 2014.

Life & Career


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David and Frederick Barclay were born in Hammersmith, London on 27 October 1934 to a travelling salesman. They are twins, born within the difference of ten minutes between each other. They have eight other siblings. Their father died when the brothers were only twelve years old. Because of this, they had to leave school and started working in the account department at the General Electric Company. The brothers have also worked as painters and decorators. Brothers started operating a candy shop in the 50s, however the business collapsed because of Frederick’s bankruptcy. Meanwhile, David was working as a Director for an Estate firm called Hill-gate Estate Agents. Later, Frederick started a family business of replacing Zoe on the Hill-gate board in 1968. His bankruptcy was discharged after David stepped in and paid all his debts. After which the brothers united and they re-developed old houses in London and converted them into big hotels. During 1968 – 1970 the billionaire twin brothers took huge loans from Crown Agents, a government body which helped in developing businesses in countries like Britain. From the loans availed by them, the twin brothers invested a part of money into Gesplan Hotels. Since 1960 s, Barclay brothers invested into various big businesses including casinos,breweries and retail business. They acquired Ellerman brewery and shipping group for 45 Million pounds. However they made huge profit and sold the previously purchased brewery section for 240 Million pounds. They further invested the profit gained after selling the brewery in Ritz Hotel situated in London. The twin brothers also invested another 370 Million pounds on a Bermuda-based shipping company entitled “Gotaas Larsen”. Apart from these, they stepped into automobile sector and invested more than 200 Million pounds on a Automotive Financial Group.
The twin brothers stepped into retail industry in the year 2002 after purchasing a retail company called Little-woods based in Liverpool from its owner for 750 Million Pounds. The twin brothers monopolized the United Kingdom’s home shopping market after merging their previously acquired Shop Direct retail firm into Little-woods. The merger formed a new name as Little-woods Shop Direct Home Shopping Limited with over 200 shops across the United Kingdom. However,they sold 120 shops out of 200 to Associated British Foods and leased the remaining stores to Marks and Spencer.
The billionaire glen acquired the website called, which is a collection of four websites targeting female users. This website was a joint venture between Hollinger International and the Boots Group in 1999. However, the twin brothers sold the same website for 22 Million pounds in the year 2006.
Billionaire twin brothers entered into the media industry in the year 1992 post purchasing the European newspaper. Three years later, they purchased another tabloid giant called “The Scotsman” in 1995. Brothers owned this publication for over a decade with an intention to raise their capital and later sold it for 160 million pounds to Johnston Press. Barclay brothers  bought the Telegraph Media Group in the year 2004 which includes “The Spectator”, The Daily Telegraph” and “the Sunday Telegraph”. In 2012, the Barclay brothers won a legal battle with Irish developer named Paddy Mckillen over claiming the control of the London based hotel group known as Meybourne, which operates five star hotels located in London like the Berkeley, the Connaught and the Claridge.




Sir David Barclay got married to Zoe Newton who was initially a grammar teacher in St john the Baptist School. They got married in the year 1955. After marriage David’s wife started working as a model in spite of standing only 4’11 inches tall.
Sir Fredrick Barclay got married to Hiroko Asada, a Japanese residing in London. They got married in mid 1970’s. Sir Fredrick is not a biological father, however they have a son from his wife’s previous marriage.



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Sir David Barclay and Sir Fredrick Barclay earn their tremendously huge wealth from investing their hard earned money into several commercially successful business sectors. They have  invested over 1000 million pound in hotel and media industry. They have a combined net worth of over $ 3.8 Billion.

The billionaires owns mock-Gothic Classical castle on Brecqhou, designed by Quinlan Terry, this huge castle features 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms and has 3 foot tall granite walls with gold leaf ceiling, battlements, two swimming pools a helicopter pad, a gym and a spa. In total they spend over 60 million pounds to build this Gothic castle. The island is located at a remote place and only those who travel by boat or yacht can read the castle. The castle is currently worth over 90 million pounds.


Identical twins also invested a huge sum of 2.3 million pounds and purchased channel islands Brecqhou island in 1993. where the Gothic castle is built. The island is located in the west of Sark and in the spread of over 200 acres.

Billionaire brothers loves to cruse in luxury cars like, BMW, Rolls Royce which has combined worth of over $200,000.Not only this, the rich brother owns a yacht as well as a helicopter with combined worth of over $300,000.

Apart from spending their wealth in living life luxuriously, both the brothers are closely associated with several charitable organizations aiming at the betterment of women and children.


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