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NET WORTH: $ 9.5 Million


Hardwell is a famous DJ and Music producer from Netherlands. According to the DJ magazine’s poll, Hardwell is currently ranked as the #1 DJ in the world. His videos on youtube have about 70 Million views! He is recognized for his live sets in DJ events such as ‘Tomorrow land’. He is widely known for his version of ‘Show me love versus Be’. It became quite popular. He is the founder of Revealed Recording. He founded it in 2011. He began Hardwell on air in 2011, his radio show. After 4 compilation albums and a documentary film, Hardwell is all set release his first studio album.



Hardwell was born on 7 January 1988. He was born in Breda, Netherlands. His real name is Robbert van de Corput. He began to learn piano when he was 4 years old. He signed his first deal at an age of thirteen! When he was fourteen, he used to go to respectable clubs in Netherlands. No, not to party but to play there. He had to take his parents along as he was too young. He then completed his studies in a music school. He joined a Rock academy but soon was asked to leave as he already knew everything.  He then started working in the studio. He has been inspired by fellow-native DJ Tiesto. He regards him as an inspiration and as a mentor.



Hardwell hit the lime light in 2006 when he released his version of ‘Summer Jam’. In 2007, he collaborated with the techno act ‘Scooter’ and with DJ Greatski. He featured on the track, ‘Never knew love’. He gained a mainstream recognition after releasing his version of ‘Show me love v/s be’. It’s mash up of the song,Show me love’ by Robin S. In 2010, he founded the Revealed Recordings. Soon after, he released ‘Hardwell presents Revealed’, a compilation album which featured some of the best tracks of the year. In 2011, he started his own radio show, Hardwell on air. The show was quite a success. It was broadcasted on radio stations across the world. He collaborated with Tiesto In the single ‘Zero 76’. The single was a big heat and peaked at the charts across the globe. It charted at #1 on Beatport. ‘Encoded’ and ‘cobra’ were a few hits released by Hardwell . He was ranked at #24 on DJ Magazines list of 100 Top DJs. Hardwell then released ‘Spaceman’. Spaceman was an instant hit and became a favorite among party lovers. He then performed at Tomorrow land. The performance’s video has about 21 Million hits on Youtube. He is the most watched DJ on Youtube. His live sets are quite a hit among the fans. MTV cited him as the EM artist to watch in 2012. In DJ magazine’s poll, he was cited as #6 DJ in the world. He then started the ‘Hardwell presents Revealed: Canadian Bus tour’ along with DJs Nicky Romero, Denis Koyu, and Alesso. He then began the ‘Go Hardwell or Go home’ tour in America.H broke all records when 80 Million people watched his live set on YouTube. He then began the ‘I am Hardwell’ tour. The tour was very successful. In ADE, Hardwell launched the world premiere of his documentary film, ‘I am Hardwell’.


Hardwell has a net worth of $ 9.5 Million. The major source of income for him is his tours and compilations. He was ranked at #1 in the DJ Magazine’s poll. Hardwell has been involved in music at an age of 4 when he first started playing piano. He became the youngest DJ in 25 years to be ranked at #1 in the DJ Magazine’s Top DJ Poll. He is currently working on a debut album which is slated to be released in 2014.


“As a little kid when I started off as a DJ, I couldn’t even dream about that. I think it’s the biggest achievement you can get in the whole DJ scene.”

“I think you can hear it in my tracks. What I like about trance is that it’s so euphoric. It really connects people; it gives people goosebumps. However with Hardwell, I’ve changed it; I took the elements and the energy, but my style is different.”

“As long as my fans appreciate what I’m doing and love my work, that’s the only thing that counts for me. Without my fans I wouldn’t be sitting here and doing this interview. It’s not really a competition. You can’t compare Armin to me, or to Skrillex. We’re all totally different and we’re all good friends.”

“I was 12 years old when I discovered dance music and 14 years old when I signed my first record deal, which is quite a long time ago already (laughs). I had to bring my parents with me to every gig because I wasn’t allowed to enter the club or DJ at the club without them because I was too young.”

“I was DJing live at a gig when I played the organ sample from ‘Be’ for the first time, and I don’t know, I just decided to mash it up with ‘Show Me Love’. When I was done I sent it to Luke, and for some reason after that the track got picked up and every major DJ was playing that bootleg.”


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