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Net Worth: $28 million

Career/Profession: American Football Player

Barry Sanders is a famous American football runner who spent his whole career serving Detroit Lions for the period of 1989-1998. He was amongst the list of the top runners in the NFL history. He was selected for Pro-Bowl for about ten times and also nominated himself in the All-Pro Selection for six times. He was entitled with various awards such as Offensive Player of the Year and MVP Awards. He has a net worth of $ 28 million. He took retirement from this professional career, but the images of his running back are still occupying space in the minds of his fans.


 In School:

Barry was born in Wichita, Kansas, where he had completed his schooling from Wichita North High School. He joined the local team of his school, but not as a runner. He took that position in the fourth game. He earned various state awards for his amazing performance, rushing 1,417 yards. Till the span of seven games his average was 10.2 yards. His performance captured the eyes of various recruiters of the football league and due to this he was offered a scholarship from Emporia State and Oklahoma State.


In College:

Barry chose to be a part of Oklahoma State Cowboys in 1986 till 1988. Initially in the first two years he assisted Thurman Thomas. In late 1987 he got the chance to show his performance with a score of 600 yards and 8 touchdowns. In 1988, he came up with a sparkling performance with an average of 7.6 yards per carry and 200 yards in each game. For the team he was considered as their kickoff returner. He had set a record for 37 touchdowns, 2 touchdowns in 11 consecutive plays etc. He was also awarded with Heisman Trophy for its outstanding performance. He was lucky enough to play with the teams coach Mike Gundy, starting quarterback. After this he planned to leave the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

His personality is the biggest concern of another player:

In the 1989 draft Barry Sander was selected by the Detroit Lions in the 3rd pic. The whole credit goes to Wayne Fontes. Wayne Fontes selected him in the draft instead of other Sanders. Wayne gave him the position of former best runner player Billy Sims and Sanders considered it as the tribute. Barry was very good in his kicks, which solidly hit their target. Other members of the team were concerned about his personality as his height was 5’8’’ and weight was 91 kg but this weight helped him to have high acceleration and low center of mass accumulated. His on field behavior was quite different from other players. He never celebrates his victory on the field instead his hand over the ball to the coach and moved out after wishing his team mates.


The success achieved by the Detroit Lions:

In 1988, Barrie due to the disputes was not able to attend his rookie training camp. He rushed for 18 yards during his ordinary season and also scored several touchdowns. He also won the title of Rookie of the Year Award. Barry was their best runner whose running back ability led the Detroit Lions to make playoff for five times in 1990s. When the team won NFC Central Division award he was the part of its squad in 1991 and 1993. In his reign team won 12 regular games in the season. In 1994, he ran for 1,883 yards with an average of 5.7 yards per game. His total score was 283 receiving yards for the season. In this season he was called as NFL’s Offensive Player of the year. In 1995 and 1996 this blast performance of Barry continued defeating every other team in the battle.


Fortunate enough in 1997:

Barry was fortunate enough to get selected in 2000 rushing yards clubs in 1997. This season proved to be one of the great seasons in his career. The game started with a blast where he scored 53 yards in 25 carries. This gave his name nominated for the NFL record. He achieved 2000 yards after O.J Simpson. In four consecutive years he rushed for 1500 yards in the first five seasons. In the end Barry shared NFL Most Valuable Player Award with Brett Favre, Green Bay Quarter Back.  The season ended giving him the fame and popularity which is still continuing.

Disappointments later on followed by success:

Instead of so many achievements and success Barry was unable to take his team to the Super Bowl. In 1991, they came very close to the Super Bowl, but unable to make it. They defeated the Dallas Cowboys with 12-4 record. They also captured the NFL Championship after defeating the Cleveland Browns, but lost the game from the Washington Redskins. But, his stars appeared to shine when he received the Pro Bowl status in all the 10 seasons and also selected for All-Pro Bowl Selection for eight times. He also received an NFL MVP award in 1997 and most offensive player of the year in 1994 and 1997.


His contracts, assets and endorsements:

Barry Sanders is very professional and particular about his work. He always pursued with his decision after making all the formalities. For ex he signed a six year contract with the Detroit Lions in 1997 worth $35.4 million and also in 1989 he signed a five year contract worth $9.5 million. When he took retirement, he left $20.9 million on his table as his contract was still incomplete. When we talk about his endorsement, it is endless. He put down millions of dollars in various endorsements. He had signed an endorsement deal with Nike which made him to achieve larger profit.



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